Listen to Ex-Boyfriends New Song, "Situation!"

Ripexbf_3 lead pipe?

You may not be familiar with gay San Francisco trio (imagine that!) Ex-Boyfriends, but you should definitely take a listen to the lead single (called "Situation") for their upcoming album, In With.

The band, made up of Colin Daly, Chris Ohnesorge (both post-band and post-man breakup) and Peter Harb, have been playing together since 2003. They signed to Absolutely Kosher Records early on and released their debut album Dear John. Critics (as well as themselves) have compared the sound to The Cars and The Cure.

In With comes out November 20, and, I have to say, I'm a much bigger fan of the album's "Situation" than I am of their main Dear John tracks (which you can hear on their MySpace page). Don't let the men get you down, boys!


Star Trek Casting Call: Boldly Go Where No Fan Has Gone Before

Has anyone ever told you that  you look weird exotic?


Do you have any unique facial  characteristics?


Are you willing to make sacrifices  for the sake of art?


-- thelinster from

If so, and you live near Burbank,  CA, this is your chance to explore strange new worlds — like the set  of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie. Open casting call is this Saturday,  November 10, 2:30–5 p.m., at 3108 Magnolia Blvd., across from Pinocchio's  Restaurant.

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Tony-winning Duo to Write Musical Ugly Betty


-- Adam Lubitow from

In an interview in the current issue of Instinct Magazine film composer Marc Shaiman (best known for his musical scores to quirky films like The Addams Family, Down With Love, and the brilliant music and lyrics for South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut) and his partner, lyricist Scott Wittman announce that they've been signed to write the long-rumored musical episode of ABC's Ugly Betty for the end of this season. The pair previously won the Tony Award for Best Score for writing the music and lyrics for the musical Hairspray.

This announcement further solidifies Betty's title as "The Gayest Show On TV". As Shaiman himself says in the interview:

"It's great we're talking to a gay magazine, because where else can you say 'How much gayer can it get on TV?' Only with c*cksucking on TV could it get any gayer."

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NewNowNext Noise Video Blog! Celine Dion, Amy Winehouse and More!


It's that time again! We've got another fantastic edition of our weekly video blog, NewNowNext Noise, for you! This week John Polly and myself discuss object of worldwide gay affection, Celine Dion's, new album, Taking Chances! We do love her, but how can we not have a little fun with this French-Canadian nutter?

And the second half is after the jump! We have our picks for happy and sad moments in pop culture this week...They involve Amy Winehouse, The Spice Girls, Project Runway and "White Oprah." Don't miss!

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Beyonce to Collaborate with Freemasons on Her Next Album!


I’m still shocked Beyonce’s B’Day didn’t sell as well as her label had wanted. I loved that album - and B marketed the hell out of it...come on, a video for every track?

Must have been the alleged alligator abuse...Anyway, Beyonce is looking ahead to her next LP, and she and her peeps have decided to go with less R&B, more dance for her new sound. In fact, she’s supposedly working with dance duo The Freemasons.

The guys have remixed both Beyonce’s “Déjà vu” (actually, I think leading with that track may have been B’Day’s mistake) and her duet with Shakira, “Beautiful Liar.” Watch the compilation video below to hear Freemasons’ remix of “Beatuiful Liar” – no wonder this got B’s attention...


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Michelle Williams Lands Mammoth Role


-- globalgrrl from

Earlier this week, the linster blogged about the Mad Money of  Katie Holmes, and now fellow Dawson's Creek alum Michelle Williams is getting her own headlines. Williams will star in Mammoth, the first English-language  feature by Lukas Moodysson (Show Me Love, Together). 

The Swedish director describes Williams as relaying "intelligence, poise and presence in every character she plays," and I wholeheartedly agree. I'm happy to see her making  news for something besides her recent split with Heath Ledger, and not only because it gives me a chance to post pictures of her looking ridiculously adorable —  though that is a decided bonus.

No, the main reason I'm happy about this news is that I admire both director and star. I've been watching Williams' career ever since DickIf These Walls Could Talk 2 and Me Without You proved that she was  headed for life after Capeside (I was a devoted if slightly embarrassed Creek fan, but really, not for the acting chops).

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There's Something About Miriam to Show on Fox Reality!


And that “something” is: She’s a man, baby!

So, someone might be able to argue that shows like this don’t do anything for the transgender community, but that’s not going to stop me from watching (actually I’ve already seen clips online; the show originally came out in 2004). And now, the controversial UK reality series is coming to America, courtesy of the Fox Reality Channel.

So There's Something About Miriam (originally titled Find Me a Man) follows (just) six men, as they pursue Miriam while vacationing in Ibiza, Spain - and none of the men know Miriam was born male. Miriam's a 21-year old Mexican model, and the boys are none the wiser until she confesses her secret on the show’s (incredibly drawn-out) finale.

The prize included 10,000 pounds and a week-long vacation on a luxury yacht. What, Miriam wasn’t enough? Maybe that was extra incentive for the winner if he was turned off by the idea of dating a M2F...?

The guys were all into Miriam before the news...but a group of them filed a lawsuit against the show after it ended. (They settled for an undisclosed amount.)

American Music Awards Nominees Are Out! Justin, Daughtry and Beyonce Are in the Lead!


Will there be any surprises at this year's American Music Awards? Not so sure - I feel like it would be hard to top this year's VMAs in pure-entertainment value. But, of course I'll be watching - look who's going to be there: The show already confirmed that Daughtry, Celine Dion, Fergie and Rihanna as performers for the night. Amazing!

The committee announced its 2007 nominees yesterday as well; Beyonce, J.T., Daughtry and Linkin Park all earned the most (three nominations each).

Jimmy Kimmel will host the ceremony, which will air November 18...and I actually didn't know this: The AMAs get their nominees based on record sales, and then they narrow thise down based on national sampling. Hmm...

Check the for the full-list of nominees...after the jump!

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LOGO Hits Up Gaylaxicon Sci-Fi Convention in Atlanta!


-- by Marc Leonard, Sr. VP of Multi-Platform programming at Logo

It’s no secret that there are legions of big, homo sci-fi/fantasy/horror and gaming fans out there. And as evidence, this past weekend saw the 19th annual Gaylaxicon—the three-day international LGBT sci-fi, fantasy, horror and gaming convention—take over the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel in downtown Atlanta. Hundreds of gays were on hand to meet up (and dress up!) for panels, dances, films, live music, and gaming.

Some of the queer and queer-friendly celebs appearing as guests this year included David Gerrold, a veteran sci-fi writer whose initial claim to fame was scribing the famous “Trouble With Tribbles” episode of Star Trek. (John and Joan Cusack will star in an already buzzworthy film based on Gerrold's book about his own adopted son, called The Martian Child.)


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Soul Man: An Interview with Ari Gold

Ari Gold is hot. And his new album is cool. Ya dig?

NYC-based pop/R&B singer Ari Gold is no stranger to most of us gays. The out-and-proud performer has been working hard for years, getting his upbeat soulful tunes out to the masses the hard way—by performing in nightclubs and Pride events and always showing up to lend his support and killer talents for good gay causes.

Right now, he’s got a really personal cause he’s pushing: His new album, Transport Systems, which you can listen to, as it's now streaming on LogoOnline, and which you can order from his own website, The animated video for his new single, “Where the Music Takes You” is currently playing on Logo as well (where his video for “Wave of You” was voted among the top three Ultimate Sexy Videos of all time, besting the likes of Xtina, Janet, Britney and Kylie, even!).

Transport Systems becomes officially available tomorrow (on Oct. 2nd), so now seems like a good time to chat up the foxy performer about his new musical product, his dedication to tackling tough queer-relevant topics in his tunes, and how his family feels about their big gay pop star son. And yes, we get a little dish about Diana Ross, Beyonce and emo-rocker Chris Carabba, too.

Read the full-on Q&A with Gold after the jump. And watch “Where the Music Takes You” right here...

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Jake Gyllenhaal Hard at Work on His Own Album?


A little Jake recap? Lover graced the cover of the most recent issue of Interview magazine (check out pictures from the Interview photo shoot - I prefer my Jake intellectual and brooding, but outdoors-y works too.) And not quite as recently, Jake jumped on stage with Rufus Wainwright at one of the singer's NYC concerts to perform the spoken word portion of Rufus's "Between My Legs." But could this have only been the beginning of Jake's "singing" career?

A Jake Gyllenhaal blog says that in the Interview article, Jake discusses his plans to release an album; apparently, the "CD will feature several covers of acoustic hits from the Civil War era." no Jake vocals? Actually, I don't think I could picture that - but could it still be true?

The article isn't online, but if you go to, you can hear David Fincher (who directed Jake in Zodiac) interviewing Jake; they compare their relationship to balsamic vinaigrette.

"Umbrella" Lives! Thanks Tegan & Sara!

And you thought you'd heard the last of Rihanna's "Umbrella"? Ha! Leave it to those indie rock twin titans, Tegan and Sara, to serve up a version of this year's monster hit that actually makes us love all parties involved all over again. (Via Spinner)

This version (the sound's a bit wonky at times, but whatevs!) makes me want make out with somebody, as I crash my car during a rainstorm--just so long as someone is filming it. Preferably David Lynch or David Fincher. Okay, I'm making no sense but... Thanks T&S for sexing up this played-out nugget.

Meanwhile, in the "great minds think alike" category, the awesome Dorothy Snarker over at AfterEllen also just posted this. And she amped it up a notch by also posting the Mandy Moore cover of "Umbrella." (And she included the real video for Rihanna's original, too. What? No Lil' Mama?)

All these months later, it looks like it's still the rainy season, y'all.

Gay All-Stars To Dazzle Brooklyn! Lesbians, too!

Gay All-Stars Galore! Jonny McGovern, Margaret Cho & Adam Joseph bring queer 'tude to Brooklyn.

Here’s a quickie: If you’re in New York this weekend--Brooklyn, specifically--there are cute events on Saturday and Sunday to woo you.

On Saturday, September 29th, the winsome women of are hosting a shindig at the Park Slope grrrl bar Cattyshack. It's an early affair; they'll be kicking it from about 3pm to 5:30pm. You can meet AfterEllen's Sarah, Lori and Karman (and no doubt a slew of other fab females). Plus, there's a great roof patio at Cattyshack, and it's supposed to be 75 and sunny in the Slope, so... Yay! Bloody Mary's under the Brooklyn sun, anyone?

If you’re up for a sassy night out on Sunday (September 30th) you can head to Williamsburg and catch some of your favorite gay artistes and media darlings performing, signing and shaking their money-makers (as if!) at The D-List All-Star Concert!

Jonny McGovern, Ms. Cho, Adam Joseph and the other "dazzling" kids rockin' the D-List on Sunday after the jump! Some video, too!

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Buzz Bits: New Track from Ashanti, Jared Leto Loves Curry and Sex and J.Lo Pregnant?


Ashanti has a new single!

30 Seconds to Mars’s Jared Leto told Sienna Miller to try his proven weight-loss strategy: a strict diet of curry powder and lots and lots of sex.

Rosie wouldn’t appear on Oprah to promote her new book, Celebrity Detox. As expected, she wrote a haiku about it on her Web site, calling Oprah a "force of nature."

J. Lo might be preg-o after all!

The new album from The Stars, In Our Bedroom After the War, is streaming online now.

Britney’s Bad, Bad Day: First her lawyer, then her manager…but it looks like she'll have shared custody of her boys.

Gays Taught Reba McEntire How to Sing!

Reba shines. And she's shining her love on the gays...

Country music legend/TV star Reba McEntire is pretty fabulous. She's an iconic singer, a Broadway star, a sitcom queen, and remember when she starred in that crazy snakes-on-the-plains comedy/thriller Tremors way back? She can do anything!

Tomorrow, her new album Duets comes out, and already her confab with Kelly Clarkson on Clarkson's hit "Because of You" is currently #2 on the Country charts. (And the video is super-glam dramatic amazingness. Basically, it's Reba and Kelly in drag. Reba's glittery eye-shadow is not playin'...) Go ladies!

And it turns out that Ms. M is more than ready to give props to her gay pals, the gays who taught her how to sing back in the day, and she just can't grasp why gay folks aren't allowed to marry. People are people, y'all! And looks like Reba's even got a little crush on Justin Timberlake (um... who doesn't?) And besides, how many drag queens from Tampa to Tulsa have to perform "Fancy" until we make Reba a big ol' gay icon already?

Anyway, after the jump there's a Q&A she did to spread her love to the gay media types...

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Daily Buzz Bits: Can Jodie Rock the Box Office, Tori & Dean on Broadway and Prince Suing YouTube?


Jodie Foster’s Brave One will compete for the Box Office Crown this weekend with Dragon Wars and Mr. Woodcock. Take ‘em down, Jodie!

Check GLAAD’s official statement in response to Ja Rule’s homo-hatred.

Prince plans to sue YouTube, eBay and Pirate Bay to put an end to bootlegging. Well, if anyone could do it...

O.J. Simpson should not be pushing it...a Las Vegas casino hotel break-in?

One could definitely argue they shouldn't have a reality show, so could Tori and Dean really pull off Chicago on Broadway?

There are rumors Jessica Simpson is going to have her stylist's, Ken Paves, baby. I know they’re BBFs, but...

Genre's New Editor Unveils Fit New Look!


New Editor, Neal Boulton + Men's Fitness-esque makeover = Lots and lots of male-model crotch shots for Genre! Who wouldn't love that?

Well, apparently the Genre staff. When Window Media appointed Neal Boulton (formerly of Men's Fitness) as new Genre EIC, a chunk of the (admittedly very small) crew bailed. Scandalous!

For some reason, I feel like Neal, who succeeded former-EIC Christopher Ciompi, couldn't care less (I have no basis for it, but ya know)...and he certainly did his thing for the October issue of Genre. It's a gay Men's Fitness!

You know you want to see a picture from the  What Your Man's Underwear Says About Him...after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Rachael Ray's Cooking Contest, Stuart Townsend's Battle in Seattle and Beckham's Calendar Shots!


Rachael Ray is launching a So You Think You Can Cook? contest...the winner gets to be on Rachael’s show – for one day.

Even though it’s kind of funny that he has a calendar, David Beckham has some pretty hot photos to choose from.

Onetime ABC pilot, Quarterlife, is turning into a what-looks-like super-pretentious Myspace series.

The Fab Five will begin their fifth and final season October 2 with a pageant hosted by Susan Lucci. 

Check out this review of Irish-actor/Charlize Theron’s-husband, Stewart Tounsend’s, writing and directing debut, Battle in Seattle.

Ja Rule Is Sooooo Not a Fan of Gays on TV

Gay-TV hating rapper Ja Rule with his bud, Brokeback Mountain's producer James Schamus.

Remember rapper Ja Rule? He's got a new album dropping soon, so he's been doing interviews and pr to promote it, like any performer does. And nabbing all kinds of notice in the last 24 hours are comments he made in a web interview with Complex Magazine, in which he randomly goes off on how gays in the media are contributing to the "f**king up" of America. Huh?

The exchange begins with the reporter asking Ja Rule about the upcoming September 25th Congressional hearing examining the lyrical content and imagery of African-American women in hip-hop.

And Ja goes off:

There's a f***ing black kid right now about to get 25 years for having a fight with some white kids over hanging the nooses over the white tree, lets get to that. Let's get into sh*t like that, because that's what's tearing up America, not me calling a woman a b*tch or a hoe on my rap songs.

And if it is, then we need to go step to Paramount, and f****ng MGM, and all of these other motherf**kers that's making all of these movies and we need to go step to MTV and Viacom, and lets talk about all these f***ing shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can't watch this sh*t. Dating shows that's showing two guys or two girls in mid afternoon. Let's talk about sh*t like that! If that's not f***ing up America, I don't know what is.

Okaaaayyy... I don't know where this comes from, and yes, issues of racism and hate-based violence against African-Americans is abominable, but... Where's this anti-gay rant come from? And does he really think his sexist lyrics are harmless? Mercy me...

I'm just going to send you to blogger Jasmyne Cannick, who offers up a pretty extensive analysis of all of this, from her point-of-view as a gay African-American woman. Simply put, she calls him out succinctly.

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Daily Buzz Bits: Hayden Dumps Stephen, Britney Gives MTV More and James Blunt's Online!


Tyra’s acting insane again – this time recounting her cat-walking from L.A. to NYC. You know this was her idea.

Even though Britney bombed (as everyone knows), she got people watching: VMA ratings were up 23 percent from last year.

Marc Jacobs’  boyfriend, Jason Preston, came to an event wearing a dead mouse as a brooch. And Marc approved?

Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere and Laguna Beach’s Stephen Coletti broke up. Thank you.

James Blunt’s album, All the Lost Souls, is streaming on Vh1.

Daily Buzz Bits: J. Hud in Sex in the City, a New Tron Movie and Another Madonna Track!


Even though the arcade game was more successful than the ‘80s Disney movie, they’re making a new Tron movie.

In Rosie’s memoir, Celebrity Detox, she points out that Barbara Walters is nearly twice her age and should retire.

Jennifer Hudson will play SJP’s assistant in the Sex and the City movie.

Vh1 will air a special tonight looking back at Brit’s “most-shocking year ever.” Well, they should have plenty of material.

Madonna’s new song, “Candy Shop,” leaked...She's got Turkish Delight!

CBS is fighting the FCC’s hefty fine for Nipplegate.

Daily Buzz Bits: Kelly Rowland's Back At It, Rufus Does Opera and Tommy Lee Dishes on the VMA Brawl!


The first trailer for the Iron Man movie, starring Robert Downey Jr. as the iconic Marvel super hero, is online!

Hot Hot Heat’s new album, Happines Ltd., is streaming on their Myspace.

Tommy Lee spoke out on his VMAs tiff with Kid Rock – who earned himself a misdemeanor battery charge.

The Met commissioned Rufus Wainwright to write an opera. But he promises he’s not leaving the pop world!

So it turns out Little V Hudgens did take those intimate self-portraits for a fellow Disney star…but not Zac!

Jonny Fairplay from Survivor and bisexual America’s Next Top Model contestant Michelle Deighton announced they’re pregnant.

Kelly Rowland is recording some new tracks for a planned re-release of her only somewhat unsuccessful Ms. Kelly.

Mya & JoJo Pitch In to Raise $$$ for Homeless Gay Youth!

Mya and JoJo are gonna teach you something about a great cause at next week's SKOOL'D party in NYC.

On Friday, I posted about Wilson Cruz's cool PSA urging you to clue in and help with the cause of gay homeless youth, which is a major problem in our community. And now, more news...

It turns out that Grammy winning R&B-singer Mya is going to be pitching in at a big, sassy fundraiser in NYC for the Ali Forney Center, which is a killer organization that provides housing, resources, job and educational help for homeless queer youth. The event is called Skool'd and will take place on Wednesday, September 19th at Sol. Mark your calendars!

Also turning it out that night for the good cause will be another young pop starlet JoJo (as in "Too Little Too Late" and "America's Got Talent"). Turns out that the Boston-raised teen is also eager to help raise awareness and cash to help get gay kids off the streets and into safe housing and educational/vocational programs.

Queer kids make up about 40% of all of the homeless youth on the streets, and they're usually the most at-risk when it comes to violence, prostitution and drug abuse. And think about how you felt when you had to summon up the courage to come out... What if your family had kicked you to the curb?


More about Mya, JoJo and Skool'd after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Jay-Z's New Ventures, Patrick Wolf's Digi EP and Vanessa Hudgen's Picture Woes


Patrick Wolf’s digital EP will hit the spot (eh?) in late September – it will include songs from all three of his albums and, perhaps, a few from his upcoming one.

Jay-Z plans to open another 40/40 club in Las Vegas…and he hinted at wedding plans with B. That hasn’t happened yet?

Keira Knightley will play the Duchess of Devonshire in an upcoming movie based on Amanda Foreman’s biography. The Duchess was apparently into three-ways with her husband and best friend…

Ouch – even though Disney can’t “fire” High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens, she probably hasn’t heard the last of those birthday-suit pics.

But hey, Natalie Portman’s supposedly going nude in her upcoming movie with Wes Anderson.

Arjan Writes is featuring a club-banger by gay hip-hop artist, Kingdom. "Dance it off, Homegirl!"

Wilson Cruz Speaks Out for Homeless Gay Youth!

Wilson Cruz may be one of the best gays alive. Yes, he’s a totally cute actor who pops up in lots of great gay-themed shows and films (Logo’s fun Rick & Steve and Noah’s Arc, movies like Party Monster, All Over Me...), including his breakout role as Ricky, the gay teen on My So-Called Life with Claire Danes. Remember that holiday episode where it was revealed that Ricky was living on the street after he was kicked out of this family’s house for being gay? It was pretty major.

And it was apparently a scenario Cruz knows well, as the same thing happened to him as a youth. Which is maybe why the gifted actor is also such a tireless activist for queer causes, and it always willing to reach out and help gay teens.

Watch the above video and see Cruz make a pitch to raise awareness about homelessness among LGBT youth. The clip is sponsored by Tylenol PM, and it seeks to clue us all in to this massive problem. And if you go to the Tylenol PM site, it will lead you to two amazing organizations—the Ali Forney Center in New York City, and the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center—which provide housing and resources to homeless queer kids. Both are awesome organizations. Think about donating some money to them... Just a few bucks can really help provide a safe place to live for someone who’s been kicked to the street by their family.

Well done, Wilson!

Daily Buzz Bits: J.Lo's Video, Sherri Shepherd's on The View and Lily Gets the Boot!


An official report on Miss Allen’s most-recent antics: She was politely asked to leave the GQ magazine party after heckling Madonna. Classy lad-aaay!

Check out these new Brothers and Sisters Season 2 promo shots!

Sherri Shepherd will be on the fifth member of The View crew. The show delayed the announcement to let Whoopi get her footing.

J Lo says child labor is not cool in her “Do It Well” video.

Matrix co-creator Larry Wachowski underwent gender re-assignment surgery…and is now Lana Wachowski.

Mould & Morel Bring their Burly Blow-Off to NYC!

263x360_blowoffflyer72 240x360_blowoffbobrich
Watch out! It's gonna blow! (Right) Bob Mould and Richard Morel are bringing bald, butch dance/rock tunes to NYC. Sir, yessir!

Summer’s over. Ready to party like it’s fall yet? Gay fans of great rock and indie-flavored dance music have a reason to celebrate this weekend in New York as the DC-based music moguls Bob Mould (the seminal out rocker behind such legendary alty bands as Husker Du and Sugar) and DJ/producer Richard Morel (who’s been mixing up the Pet Shop Boys, The Killers, Yoko Ono, Cyndi Lauper, Deep Dish, New Order and others for eons) are bringing their successful BlowOff party to town.

This Saturday night (September 8th) at Highline Ballroom, Mould and Morel will host this full-on musical smackdown/dance party featuring their meaty signature mix of indie rock, electro and house. The press info promises “fun for all, from alternative music-loving boys (girls welcome!) and burly beer-drankin’ men and leather daddies, to loads of chunky hunks" (like those featured in BlowOff’s smokin’ signature artwork).

What’s not to like, eh?

To celebrate, we lobbed 5 questions at the manly musical tag-teamers to find out more about this mosh-tastic shindig. And yes, if you’re like me you’re like, “Why is prog-rock legend Bob Mould throwing big gay dance parties? Huh?”

Read on and find out, kids...

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Daily Buzz Bits: Rosie on Whoopi, Jude Law Arrested and LC's a Model!


Reality TV has been nothin' but kind to L.C. - she went from Laguna star, to fashion designer and now - to Marc Jacobs runway model.

When will celebrities learn that the paps press charges? Jude Law turned himself over to the police after hitting a photographer.

Rosie O had this to say about her View replacement: "Whoopi was good."

A study shows that a music star these days has a much higher risk of death than the average person.

And check here for the latest lineup for New York's CMJ in October.

Speaking of New York - Fashion Week has begun! Check out the coverage.

Daily Buzz Bits: KT's new video, Britney on the VMA's, Beth & Gossip Take the U.S.A.!!!

KT "holds on" in her hot new clip, Beth is gonna hit the road, and Brit is gonna get back to her VMA roots.

Wanna see K.T. Tunstall’s new video “Hold On” from her forthcoming new disc Drastic Fantastic. Yes you do!!! (Go here for Quicktime, here for Windows Media.) And she’s totally butching it up, and serving up honkytonk twang, breakdance chic and fashionista hotness! All at once!

The Gossip are gonna tour the U.S. this fall! As in, November. It’s like an early Thanksgiving present!

And Britney is gonna perform “Gimme More” at the VMA’s this coming weekend after all. And spooky magician guy Criss Angel is involved? Aw, sure... Why not?


Kelly Clarkson has a “theater tour” of major cities planned for this fall. Bring on them pop/rock gals, please!

Those little media-beloved lads in the Klaxons just scored the U.K.’s covered rock award, the Mercury Prize. Meaning they beat out folks like Amy Winehouse, Arctic Monkeys, Dizzee Rascal, etc.

And Devendra Banhart kicked off his North American tour this past weekend. I mention this just as an excuse to post the photo below. Go, Lady!

Devendra Banhart: "Why this old thing? I just threw it on..."

Ari Gold "Tranports" NYC Tonight


Attention New Yorkers: Pop singer and out, gay superstar Ari Gold is hitting the stage at Joe's Pub tonight for the official release party for his brand spanking new album Transport Systems.

The super-successful performer new release gets officially unveiled tonight, and you can come join the fun as Ari performs around 9:30pm. The entire album won't actually be available until October 2nd... But you can hear the first single "Where the Music Takes You" now on his MySpace page.

Gold himself stopped by Logo-land last week and gave us a great interview about his new music, his life, who he's dating (or not dating) and all of that, and the full interview will be posted closer to his album release. But for now, you can read a bit of dish right here after the jump. Yes, Gold talks about his tradition of singing full-on love songs about guys in his music, being out, and--gasp!--"butt-sex." I'm not playing!

In space, no one can hear you get fierce. Except Ari, when he's wearing that helmet and mic thingy...

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Gina Gershon Is Releasing an Album!

Gina sure likes that cat! And that cat like pink feather boas! Joy!

Yes, Cristal Connors is singing! That's not news to any of you who saw Prey for Rock N Roll, but if ya didn't know, the world's foxiest actress, beloved by men and women all over (I think even gay men are hot for Gina Gershon, she's just that awesome) can indeed sing and she's releasing an album to prove it. And it comes out next Tuesday!

The album is called In Search of Cleo and you can download it via Gershon's hot little MySpace page. (FYI: Cleo just happens to be the name of Gershon's cat.) And evidently, there's a stage production of In Search of Cleo in the works, too. She's working on it while shooting a movie in Canada right now, according to her website. I think she oughtta work it all up into a one-woman stage production with music in which Gershon tells her tales of life in Hollywood. Bound and Showgirls must be ample fodder for crazy stories, right?

I like the way Gershon sounds... Kind of like Marianne Faithfull, but softer. Kind of folky and twangy and worldly wise. And she rocks a sort of mellow gold, country-ish, honkytonk thing, too. But more urban and sensitive, too. Oh, just give her a listen and you'll see...

Here’s a totally hot, grainy “in the studio” video with Gershon cranking out a twangy tune that tells “the story of my life,” as she puts it. And she plays the comb!

You can watch another music video after the jump to get an idea.

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Video Lunch: Mando Diao – “The Wildfire (If It Was True)”

Since it’s a big holiday/travel weekend beginning today, here’s a cute video from those plucky Swedish lads of Mando Diao. This single’s called “The Wildfire (If It Was True)” and it features a rollicking road trop across what appears to be the great American West. Yee-haw!

These boys have been making music together since 1996-ish when they were wee little things. And they’ve put out three albums since 2002. Their latest, Ode to Ochrasy, has gotten them lots of attention and they’ve rocked out at Coachella and the Live Earth show in Hamburg earlier this summer. Generally, they perform about 150 gigs a year. Yep, they stay busy. They even manage to keep a spiffy photoblog.

This pic (from their photoblog) was taken of Mando Diao's guys (that's frontman Gustaf, right) while on the road in San Francisco. Who doesn't love dinosaurs?

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Daily Buzz Bits: Ne-Yo on Britney, Meryl's "Mamma," and Dolly's Broadway Date

Ne-Yo tells tales on Britney, Meryl takes her "Mamma" out in Greece, and Dolly's hitting Broadway--in two years.


Ne-Yo sounds off about the songs he wrote for Britney, then sold to Pussycat Doll Nicole for her solo debut. That’s why they call it the music business, okay?

Work is underway in sunny Greece on the Meryl Streep-led movie version of the Broadway musical Mamma Mia! It costars Christine Baranski and Julie Walters as the best gal-pals, and Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgård and Colin Firth as her former lovers who might just be her grown daughter’s daddy. Fun, fun, fun!

That big 9 to 5 stage musical that Dolly Parton’s been hard at work at? It’s headed to Broadway in 2009. Hurrah, Dora Lee!




Oh, yeah... Ellen DeGeneres picked a new DJ for the new season of her show. It’s L.A.’s Ted Stryker (no, he’s not a porn star) who’s other day job is working at KROQ. Busy!

So if you’re Amy Winehouse and your life is sort of a mess, what would help sort things out? Getting pregnant!!??? Word has it she wants to have a kid.

Fashion vs. Showbiz: Elton John is gonna play for Dior’s 60th anniversary bash in Paris; and Chloe Sevigny’s debuting a line of her own at NYC’s Fashion Week. Oh, the glamour of it all...

And in L.A., you can buy a creamsicle from the ice cream man and then belt out a tune, too? Yep, it’s karaoke on your local ice cream truck!!! Which is either genius, or really annoying...


Daily Buzz Bits: Dawson on Ugly Betty, Amy Winehouse Boycott and New From the Shins!


Dawson’s still getting work, apparently! James Van Der Beek will appear in Ugly Betty.

Amy Winehouse’s in-laws are asking fans to boycott her music until she sobers up. Like that’s going to happen…

Don’t mess with Bobby Kray, Lily Allen.

South Park creators Trey and Matt signed with Comedy Central to continue their series through 2011, which will include $75 million for them. Kick-ass.

Here’s a new Shins music video!

Hmm…I seem to hate him less now that Spencer Pratt refuses to go away…but Laguna Beach’s Jay-Wahl is engaged.

Which Rick & Steve Character Are You? Take the Quiz!


So the Season 1 finale of Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World is tonight...Yes, sadly, West Lahunga's gay gates are closing - at least for a while. But before you watch the thrilling season closer tonight on LOGO, why not find out which Rick & Steve character you are?

This Alter Ego quiz, courtesy of Noah Lusky and his new book, Who's Your TV Alter Ego?, will tell you which little, plastic gay you match up with!

Who's Your Rick & Steve Alter Ego?

I just took it, and - I was afraid of this - I'm Evan: "In constant need of every form of stimulation under the sun, you’re a youthful, brash and bouncy adventurer who’s always the life of the party." Well, it could be worse - at least fag hags want to hang out with me, right?

Daily Buzz Bits: Depeche Mode Solo Project, Harry Potter Musical and Wentworth's Love Interest?


Wenty is dating T.R. Knight’s ex, Luke McFarlane, and by dating, I mean - seen-hanging-out-with…

Check the winners from last night’s Teen Choice Awards.

Dave Gahan, the front-man for Depeche Mode, is coming out with his second solo album, Hourglass.

Lance is having a rough time in New York and can’t dance.

Harry Potter...the musical?

Justice League Movie! Ryan Reynolds as The Flash? Wishful Thinking?


Please let me at least do the voice of The Flash.

There's lots of frantic, uncorroborated buzz floating around the Internet about a new Justice League movie, (You know, the super friends: Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, Green Lantern, etc.) and even though it's all kind of all speculation at this point, I've got to do a little recap.

First off, the movie's definitely happening - there are just certain logistical issues to work out. Mainly whether or not it will be real-time or CGI and the fact that there are already Superman and Batman movies in the works.

I'd be all for CGI - to me, Justice League always had a over-the-top, campy appeal to it. I think it lends itself more to a cartoon than most other comics. Which is good, since Christian Bale (who plays Batman in the new movies and refuses to play the part under a different director) and Brandon Routh (Superman in Brian Singer's movies) are not going to be in it.

More on the movie and Ryan Reynolds after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits:Stephen Colbert Injured in the Line of Duty, New ANTM and Lance-Breakup?


The Killers are planning to release an album by the end of the year of B-sides and compilation tracks.

Who’s ready for another cycle of fierceness? The new cast for America’s Next Top Model is up!

A new Britney Spears song is online! But it’s definitely not “Get Back,” and somehow I think the pole-dancing wouldn’t fit with this one...

Nooo! Lance and Pedro broke up?

The Russian gays love muscle-y, shirtless Pres Putin – is he using his pecs for tolerance?

Stephen Colbert said he didn’t hurt his wrist trying to stop a civil union – and he’ll donate his cast to a military charity.

Melissa Auf Der Mauer's Got the Whole Package - New Album, Comic and Short Film in the Works!


Being the sci-fi dork that I am, the fact that former Hole and Smashing Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur networked at Comic Con to get her new musical project going makes me automatically like her.

But the project the Canadian musician was pitching sounds so cool, I can’t imagine those nerds not wanting in. Well, I should so it sounds cool if you’re into Vikings and time-travel. But who isn’t?

Melissa has recorded her sophomore solo album, called Out of Our Minds, but wants to present it as part of a multi-disciplinary project which includes a short film and a comic book. Today’s marketing is all about multiple platforms, after all.

More on MADM's new too-artsy-for-you package...after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Foxy's Behind Bars, Tyra Drops Her Manager and Marc Jacobs Getting Hitched?


Tyra Banks has dropped her manager, Benny Medina, who she used to tout on ANTM. An exec at TelePictures said Tyra didn’t approve that Benny’s “perc list” was bigger than hers.

FX approved a TV drama by Ryan Murphy called 4 oz. about a married man with two children who realizes he’s a transsexual; Brad Pitt will produce and appear on the show.

Rumors flew that Marc Jacobs is getting married, well "married," to his former-hustler BF, Jason Preston, when Chelsea-residents spotted a rock on his finger.

Amy W officially canceled her fall North American tour due to her health – don’t worry, Amy, take a little "you-time."

Blonde Redhead will open for Interpol (who proclaimed themselves big fans of the trio) during their European tour for the rest of the year.

And the arrests/jailtime stories just keep on comin’…Foxy got sentenced today for violating her probation related to that painful Blackberry incident.

Diane Lane and Chris Evans Star in Upcoming Movie, Fierce People


Last week I got to attend a screening of the movie Fierce People, which stars Diane Lane and Chris Evans. The late-‘70s drama follows a drug-addicted New York mother, Liz Earl (Lane), and her teenaged son, who move to a rural, wealthy suburb to live with the Liz’s sugar daddy when she decides to get her life on track.

The title refers to a tribe in the Amazon called the Ishkanni; the movie parallels the brutal politics of the wealthy community the Earls enter into with the practices of the primitive tribe. Personally, I was most excited to see Chris Evans – since I understood he was taking on a part unlike anything he’d done before – and…he’s Chris Evans.

The film, directed Griffin Dunne, comes out September 14.


Was it fierce? My thoughts on the movie...after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: J.Lo Goes S&M, Janeane Garofalo on 24 and Darren Hayes Arrested?


MTV announced its complete performance lineup for the upcoming VMA Awards – Fall Out Boy, Kanye, Nelly Furtado, Common…just to name a few.

London police supposedly arrested Darren Hayes earlier today for a fight with his waiter.

Elton’s headed for DVD! The singer’s 60th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden will be on Disc 1, and rare and archival performances will be on Disc 2.

The music video for Jennifer Lopez’s new single, “Do It Well,” is underway. And, strangely enough, J.Lo plays leather mama!

Janeane Garofalo is set to join the cast of 24.

Daily Buzz Bits: Pete's in the Slammer, Brooke's Gone Bi and Adam's an Audio-Learner!


Petey got arrested…again. After performing at the V festival Saturday with his band, Babyshambles, London police booked Pete Doherty for suspicion of drug possession. I think we’re beyond “suspicion” at this point?

Richer-than-god author J.K. Rowling is back to familiar territory writing in cafes – she’s supposedly got a detective novel in the works.

Brooke from Real World: Denver (“Don’t you ever talk to me like that – EVER AGAIN!") is apparently bisexual now, according to her MySpace. She seems to be “very close” to Fresh Meat’s EV as well.

In a serious low-blow, Maroon 5’s front-man and all-around skeez Adam Levine said he dumped his tennis-star GF Maria Sharapova because she was too… “quiet.”

Get it, girls! Avril Lavigne, Sheryl Crow and Fiona Apple will perform at the first-ever Girlfrenzy music festival, to be held Oct. 27 in Irvine, California.

Buzz Bits: Mika Loves Ugly Betty, Zac Efron's Big-like Role and Dashboard's New Album!


Unlisted singer Mika reworked his “Big Girl” track for ABC’s Ugly Betty and made a low-budget promo video too – now it’s “Hey, Betty – you are beautiful.”

Warner Bros. is remaking Bruce Lee’s classic from the ‘70s, Enter the Dragon. That’s a tall order…They’re renaming it, Awaken the Dragon.

Zefron will star in New Line’s upcoming romantic movie, Seventeen. The Big-esque movie will involve a 36-year old man transporting into Zac’s body. And while we’re on the subject, High School Musical 2 airs tonight on Disney.

Jordin Sparks, American Idol’s most recent winner, signed with 19Recordings/Jive Records. Her debut will come out in November.

Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional announced an October 2 release for his new album, The Shade of Poison Trees, which will be entirely acoustic.

Check out these pics from the upcoming Batman movie, Dark Knight…they include shots of Maggie Gyllenhaal instead of Katie Holmes (Thank god) and a freaky Heath Ledger as The Joker!

Daily Buzz Bits: Jennifer Aniston's Not That Into You Either, Jake Gyllenhaal for Broadway and My Chemical Romance!


Jakey G could be headed for Broadway in the politically-themed Farragut North.

Radiohead is putting children to work.

The love isn’t dead! My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way has rejoined the band after a six-year hiatus.

George W. Bush’s daughter, Jenna, is engaged to UVA student, Henry Hager.

Remember that book, He’s Just Not That Into You? Well, it’s a movie now – with Jennifer Aniston (probably a good movie for her...), Jennifer Connolly and Drew Barrymore!

Indie Musicians Indulge In Some Dreaded Pop...Guilt By Association!


Don't look at me!

All right, you Indie people, at least you'€™re getting less pretentious. (Although this album cover art makes me think you'€™re not quite ready to...€œ"come out of the Top 40"€ closet.)

I love the idea of this: Engine Room Records recruited a bunch of indie musicians to cover their secret, favorite pop songs for a compilation album called Guilt By Association. The album won'€™t come out until next month, but you can hear a few tracks on the CD'€™s MySpace page right now.

Definitely listen to Petra Haden'€™s (the violinist who used to play with The Decemberists) cover of "€œDon't Stop Believin"€ by Journey. It'€™s hard to compete with The Voice, but I liked Petra'€™s re-working.


More on these secret pop indulgences after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Ellen Doubles It Up, Mandy Moore Covers Rihanna & More!


Fun-sucker Mandy Moore covers "Umbrella" so many. She can not pull off, "ella, ella, ay, ay..."

Kim Kardashian says her booty is real - and attributes her luscious table-top to her ethnicity.

Amy Winehouse is in rehab...and her mother-in-law says she's a coke and heroin addict. Ouch, Mom...

Ellen's Really Big Show will air in November; Ellen Degeneres will host the two-hour variety show in Las Vegas.

Timbaland Reveals Some Deets On Madonna's New Album!


Ditch the leotards, Mo.

I kind of worship Timbaland – but regardless of that, he does give some good quotes. On his collabo with Madonna on her upcoming album, he said Madonna “really cracks the whip.” Nice image. He also said Madonna’s new work would have “no ‘80s disco tracks” and “no purple leotard.”

I loved Confessions On A Dancefloor, but yeah – I’m fine with not seeing Madonna in that sort of outfit ever again...

More on Madge’s upcoming album…after the jump!

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VMA 2007 Nominations Are Out - Beyonce And Justin Take the Lead!


MTV's Tim Kash and Lily are so short! Did they dress alike on purpose?

MTV announced its 2007 VMA nominees yesterday, and the committee’s choices are pretty understandable - although the picks for one category do confuse me.

The big show will take place in the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas next month and will surely feature some A-list, high-budget performances (probably why I'll be watching, as opposed to acceptance speeches). J.T. and Beyonce dominated throughout; they each got seven nominations.

I don’t quite get the Best New Artist nominees, though; Amy Winehouse and Carrie Underwood aren’t “new” anymore, right?

OK, so I actually do really care about who wins...more on nominations after the jump!

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The Musical Greats Meryl, Glenn and Barbra Battle It Out For Sunset Boulevard!


OK, this is my last ABBA-related post (for a while), I promise, but this is a battle of the greats! Well, the greatest has already won when it comes to ABBA. And I'm talking about Meryl as she’ll be playing the lead role of Donna in the upcoming movie version of the Broadway musical, Mamma Mia!

Now this is one of the few Broadway shows I’ve actually seen, and although I couldn’t really go to bat for the plot, the musical numbers are fantastic, thanks to ABBA! So I’m totally excited for the movie.

Meryl’s actually rarely sung on camera, but I hear she’s got a fantastic voice, and she’s not going to stop after Mamma. Apparently, she’s in the running for the upcoming movie version of Sunset Boulevard (the musical), along with Glenn Close and Barbra Streisand.

More on the casting battle...after the jump!

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Vanessa Carlton Hosts Listening Party For Her Upcoming Album, Heroes And Thieves!


Vanessa was ready to see that "1000 Miles" piano get hit by a Nolita cab.

Vanessa Carlton dreamily plays the last few notes of “Hands On Me,” a track from her new album, Heroes and Thieves, on the piano in her Manhattan loft. Her 20-something audience she's invited to this listening party all applaud, but are definitely quieted by the mood of the song.

Then, smiling, Vanessa busts out that immediately-recognizable first snippet from her 2002 mega-hit “1000 Miles,” but she quickly stops and says, “Remember that song? Yup, that was me.”

Vanessa then goes on to describe filming the music video for her album's lead single, “Nolita Fairytale,” in which a cab runs over the piano from her “1000 Miles” video. She shrugs, “But I can play that song too. I like that song.” I still wonder if I was the only one who desperately wanted her to – now I love that song, Vanessa.

“Nolita Fairytale” (you can watch her perform it here) refers to Vanessa’s neighborhood in Manhattan, around the NoHo – Chinatown area. She said long walks in those New York streets inspired most of her third studio album, due Oct. 9, this time with label The Inc.


More on Vanessa's party and her new album...after the jump!

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Scarlett Johansson Scores Yeah Yeah Yeahs For Her New Album!


When Scarlett Johansson says come to a 600-person town in Louisiana, you don't really say no.

So when Scar-Jo wasn’t recording her new album, she was hanging out at Wal-Mart? That’s got to be different from what she’s used to.

But apparently Scarlett Johansson’s been hard at work in the studio in Maurice, Louisiana, of all places (Home of the Turducken!), under the supervision of TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Celebration also went down south to record guest spots on Scarlett’s upcoming album.

I knew Scarlett sang at Coachella, but I never thought she had an album in her. Maybe it’ll be good...? It sounds like she’s in good company, after all. Although, I’m not sure why she went to Maurice, Louisiana (I’m from Louisiana, and I’ve never heard of it); maybe they have the best recording studios.

The Dockside Studio owner, Wish Nails, said, “When I tell you she went to Wal-Mart and Albertsons, she went a lot.”

More on Scarlett's new album and her Louisiana visit...after the jump!

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Simon Cowell Takes On American Idol-Style Movie, Star Struck!


Simon gives the "carry on" to Star Struck, which will, thankfully, include him verbally abusing singing hopefuls.

I really think Simon should just call this American Idol: The Movie and stop comparing it to Fame. What could be better than American Idol: The Movie, anyway?

Simon Cowell took time away from producing X-Factor, America’s Got Talent and American Inventor (and Idol’s starting soon, right?) to take on a movie project, Star Struck. Not too catchy if you ask me, but the premise sounds pretty fool-proof (and pretty familiar): Ten young, aspiring singers enter a reality TV singing competition and crazy drama ensues.

More on the reality-show-turned-movie after the jump!

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Bloggers Call Racism on New Resident Evil Video Game


Zombie racism? All right – that’s a new one.

Well, it’s not really the zombies who are racist in this situation...and does it make you racist if you're only killing zombies of a different ethnicity?

These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves as responsible gamers...Well, actually no. But I myself am a little torn after watching a new zombie-slasher video game trailer that created a stir in the online world.

Kym Platt posted on her blog on that the game was "problematic on so many levels, including the depiction of Black people as inhuman savages, the killing of Black people by a white man in military clothing, and the fact that this video game is marketed to children and young adults. Start them young… fearing, hating, and destroying Black people."

Catch the (violent) trailer here...

More on the Resident Evil series and reactions to the blog post...after the jump...

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Paris Cast In Repo! The Genetic Opera Musical!


Paris will join Alexa Vega in a freaky, futuristic musical - Alexa was the girl from Spy Kids, BTW.

What is it with Paris Hilton and the horror genre? Does that say something?

First House of Wax as her film debut, and now the movie version of Repo! The Genetic Opera, about a futuristic plague?

Wait – and this one is a musical...and director Darren Lynn Bousman still claims Paris was the best candidate of the 30 actresses who auditioned?


Who is she playing? Does she get stabbed? After the jump…

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Kelly Osbourne Goes (Not So) Matronly For Her New Role in Chicago!


Whoa! I don't know what to think!

This picture came out yesterday to promote Kelly Osbourne's new role as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago...and I must agree with many commentators that she looks quite airbrushed (or else that's one tight corset).

I've only seen the Chicago movie, but why did she have to look thinner to play Mama Morton? I kind of like the picture, though...maybe Kelly could totally rock it.

More on Kelly's previous work, and is she right for the part? After the jump...

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The Other Boleyn Girl Promo Pics!


I’ve missed you, Natalie! So this is what you’ve been doing.

This picture for the upcoming movie and current novel, The Other Boleyn Girl, just came out, and I’m really hoping this movie is good, because, to me, it has an all-star cast. I’m not the Number 1 Scar-Jo fan, but there’s something about her that fascinates me, and I have complete love and devotion for both Nat and Eric Bana.

This pic is also the new cover for the novel on which the movie is based, written by Philippa Gregory. Natalie and Scarlett will be playing Anne and Mary Boleyn, respectively, and Eric will take on the Henry VIII role.


More on the scheming sisters...and a gay character! After the jump...

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Mya Shows Her Love For the NYC Gays at Club Therapy!


Mya basks in a little homo-worship.

R&B singer Mya showed her gay fans some love last night, stopping by club Therapy in Hell’s Kitchen to chat on stage with Next magazine Managing Editor Keo Nozari and have a few cocktails with the gays. What could be better?

But guys, I have to tell you - I’m such a dork. I really love Mya, and I got so nervous when I actually met her...Sitting six inches away from her - she is so unbelievably beautiful, first off, and it didn’t help that guys were staring me down, clearly asking, “Who the f*ck is this guy talking to Mya for so long?”

But she was actually so nice to me and very chill and soft-spoken, so I loved getting to talk with her.

And even though she was just there to chat and hang, the crowd wasn't letting her leave without one little song. Mya asked the gays what they wanted to hear, and, (I was a little surprised) "Ghetto Superstar" won out. Check the clip!

I would have chosen "Lady Marmalade," but that's cool! The gays really ate this one up.

On-stage with Keo, Mya discussed Liberation, her fourth studio album, this time with Motown. Mya wrote or co-wrote every track on the CD and called it her most personal and vulnerable album to date.

She also chatted about modeling for Heatherette, enjoying the single life and her roles in her upcoming movies (including Metrosexual, which she called a male version of Sex and the City and Cover, about HIV in women trying to get into the entertainment industry).


More on my talk with Mya and her new album...after the jump!

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Oh God I'm Gay! Audio Podcast


Hey guys, LOGO's weekly audio podcast Oh God I'm Gay has launched - and for the spiritual among us, you have to check it out!

Host Alicia Ross discusses her own experiences as well as LGBT-relevant social issues. She also introduces a variety of community and spiritual leaders, including Larry Grimaldi, the co-producer and director of the documentary Camp Out, and Tom Kam, a former priest for the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Take a listen here!

Heroes Has A Spin-Off And A Video Game In The Works!


It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Heroes just won't quit...and the second season hasn't even started yet.

NBC recently announced that not only will Heroes be made into a video game, it will also have its own spin-off. There's also the Heroes graphic novels, mobile game and 360 Web site on the way. Milk that success!

The video game, led by game-maker Ubisoft, will add depth to the cast members' storylines, but will remain apart from actual plot of the show. Heroes writers said they wrote the series' script all along with a video game tie-in in mind.

More Heroes buzz, including the spin-off and the next season...after the jump!

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Tyra's Got A New Man, A New City And A Renewed Contract!


It's about time Tyra snagged a (straight) man fierce enough for her!

It’s the good life for Tyra…Well, not that she doesn’t work 24-7, keeping girls' panties off of toilet seats and such, but its looks like her TV career, as well as her cash flow, are pretty squared away.

The CW’s president confirmed they were renewing America’s Next Top Model (their Number 1 show, not surprisingly) through 2009-2010. That means they’ll be on at least Cycle 15 before the contract’s up! And who says they’ll stop there?

I hope she’s not tired of that gig yet!

ANTM will also for sure move from Cali. to NYC for the next season. I’m cool with that, but I never knew what was behind the decision. However! I read today Tyra has a new man who’s New York-based, so theories are flying Tyra just wanted to be closer to her guy.

More on Tyra and the next season of ANTM after the jump!

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Backstreet's Back (Again) - All Right!


Of course we need another Backstreet Boys album!

Oh, hell yes. The Backstreet Boys are staging a comeback - with or without you, Kevin!

First the Spice Girls and now Backstreet? Ah, my childhood's coming back - I feel like listening to "I Want It That Way" (I should say, the BSB have only been inactive for two years - why do I think of them as ancient history?).

The now four-member BSB plan to release an album October 30 through Jive Records. The first single, "Inconsolable," will officially hit the radio August 27.

OK, I should say I was happy about this - but then I actually heard "Inconsolable." I think it totally blows...

Well anyway, what have the guys been up to? After the jump...

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Exclusive M.I.A. Interview! On Jamaican "Boyz," New Music, Old Love & Gays!

M.I.A. sees her new album, KALA, out next month. And she visited MTV earlier this week. And we nabbed an interview!

On Monday, I had a chance to grab a quickie ten-minute chat with M.I.A., the international rapper/singer/hot mama and just all-around supercool music artist, who combines crazy beats, political messages and irresistible goofy/jerky/fierce dance moves as she cranks out music that’s as colorful as an acid-trippy rainbow. Her work has been described as having elements of “grime, hip-hop, ragga, dancehall, electro and baile funk.” And it’s always energetic and loopy fun stuff.

She burst onto the public awareness in 2005 with her debut album Arular (hot on the heels of one of the best bootleg mixtapes ever, Piracy Funds Terrorism) and suddenly was on the lips of every savvy musicphile on the planet. She dated her collaborator Diplo, then split and she’s performed all over the place, been in magazines and basically become a representative of a contemporary, strong unique, genre-busting female artist.


Born in London and raised in Sri Lanka, she faced visa issues while working on her second album, Kala (due on August 21st), and wasn’t able to enter the U.S. until recently. Her family history is turbulent, having grown up in war zones and London projects. You can read more on all of this in press clips on her site, or on Wikipedia.

But the main deal is that she’s had two videos released recently—for “Bird Flu” and “Boyz,” both shot in far-flung locales (India and Jamaica) and both utilizing the residents of those place as their stars. She describes this process in our superbrief chat, as well as discussing gay boys, her love life, being a female in the music biz, and how she stealthily tricked the men in homophobic Jamaica into dancing and singing about “Boyz.” (Watch the video after the jump!)

“Please excuse me,” she laughed when we sat down. She’d just gotten her make up done for an MTV photo shoot. “I just had these big eyelashes put on and I can barely see you!” She speaks in a dry but lilting London accent, and she was rocking these crazy colorfully patterned tights, heels, and a big purple “Darfur” T-shirt cinched at the waist with a wide belt. She’s gorgeous! And chatty—and super nice. And here she is...

Looking fresh on the set of the "Boyz" shoot in Jamaica. Holla!

Read the full-on,lengthy Q&A after the jump!

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Nikki Blonsky Has Another Movie And An Album On The Way!


Nikki gets back to her roots as a former Cold Stone employee.

As much as I enjoyed her in Hairspray, I'm so happy to know Nikki Blonsky won't always be known as Tracy Turnblad.

Although that was definitely the Great Neck, Long Island native's breakout role (and she's been nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance), she already has new work beyond Hairspray on her agenda. And she's only 18!

Supposedly, Nikki will begin filming for a new movie as soon as Hairspray promotions are done. Wow - when did she even have time to audition? Also, this role won't involve any singing or dancing, so it does look she's saying goodbye to Tracy, at least for now.

But that voice couldn't go to waste forever - Nikki said she also has an album coming out and still hopes to do Broadway someday since that's always been her dream.


Good morning, New York!

Zachary Quinto Will Play Mr. Spock in New Star Trek Movie!


Zach will make pointy ears and relentless logic look very appealing.

Oh, Zachary Quinto – you’re so dreamy. I’ll just look at these pictures for a while...Oh, and these ones of you making out with a guy when you played Tori Spelling’s gay BF too.

Anyway!…In actual ZQ news, the Heroes star has officially been cast to play Mr. Spock in the upcoming Star Trek movie! Yup, they’re making a Star Trek XI – and this one’s a prequel, featuring a re-cast Original Series in Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura and so on (well, only Kirk and Spock are confirmed to be in it right now).

J.J. Abrams, who created Lost and directed Mission Impossible: III, will direct the movie; it's scheduled to come out December 25, 2008 as of now.


More buzz for the Trekkers, such as myself, after the jump!

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"Cruising" Brings Killer Leather Queens Back! For Better or Worse...

Al Pacino goes undercover as a 1980 gay to catch a gay killer. But watch out for the gays! And Al's gay dancing...

Back in 1980, gays were free and easy. There was no AIDS, and NYC was a big horny playground where men would wear their teensiest Daisy Dukes and mustaches and party without a care in the world. That is, until a serial killer starting chopping them up! EEEK!

Yep, therein lies the premise of the controversial 1980 Al Pacino movie, Cruising, in which Al goes undercover as a "gay" (and yes, as a gay into leather) to find the killer terrorizing the homo community. Of course, as all cinema fans know, the result was a laughably bad, stereotyped-filled, somewhat offensive look at the gay scene. Gays are victims! They're killers! They're swishy and pervy! Now, I could debate on all of those things (on boths sides, most likely), but having it played out in ineptly onscreen ain't cute.

All that said, I've never seen the film and I'm dying to. So I'm excited to find out that Cruising is getting a theatrical re-release on September 7th here in NYC (in Chelsea, naturally). And it's coming out finally on DVD on September 18th. Frankly, I'm gonna go fetch a harness, strap it on, and go watch it in person. I love bad cinema and I'm eager to see what the fuss is all about.

Ummm... Will Al pass for gay with that old lady hairdo? And where's his mustache for gay's sake?

More CRUISING and photos after the jump!

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Presidential Dems Debate! YouTubers Sound Off! Anderson Cooper Looks Good!

ASK? TELL? The Dems gathered last night in Charleston, SC for the big CNN/YouTube Debates. Was your question on air?

Last night’s Presidential Debate was a step in the right direction. Allowing real people to make video questions that then got aired was a cool move toward getting the general populace more engaged in the Presidential campaign. And having Anderson Cooper on hand, working to call the candidates to account and keeping things moving was a nice touch, too. Nice work, Coopie!

And any debate that features lesbians from Brooklyn works for me! And a pro-gay African-American minister from North Carolina, too? Now that’s the America I like to see...

Of course, not all folks were fans. Kevin Naff of the NY Blade (who's becoming quite the rabble-rousing gay crank; and frankly, we can always use more of those stirring things up...) was not amused at the tone. And he did point out that YouTube is being celebrated by Presidential candidates even while it faces lawsuits (including one from Logo's parent company, MTV Networks and Viacom) for copyright infringement. Hmmmm...

You can judge for yourself how it all went. CNN has tons of video to keep you busy. And so does YouTube, naturally.

More on the debate, including video links, after the jump!

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Laguna Is Dunzo...It's All About Newport Now!


Sorry Laguna fans, but the party's over....Don't feel bad for Talan, though; he's dating a Pussycat Doll.

I always found something so strangely fascinating and endlessly entertaining about Laguna Beach...and I know I just lost everyone's respect.

Ah, well. That show was amazing and everyone knows it. I also really liked Season 3 with its new cast, even though it led to a serious ratings slump - which may have played into the decision to move the chronicles of bored, rich teenagers from Laguna to Newport.

MTV just announced Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County will premiere on August 15 with a cast from Newport High School to replace the Laguna kids.

Changes in the next season after the jump! Everyone's doing it - come on...

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Jake Gyllenhaal Tops AfterElton's HOT 100!!!

Jake oughtta be smilin'... He's the man most beloved and lusted-after by all of the gays!!!

Who’s the fairest of them all? Who’s the hunk that gets us funky? Who do gay men really loooooooove? Dither no more with such queries. Those media-obsessed gays over at AfterElton have whipped up a man-jammed rundown of the Hottest 100 Men as chosen by their readers and staff, so yes, the world can finally know who gays lust after most of all!

#1 is no big gay shocker. Jakey rules! Yep, the men who love men love Brokeback cowboy Jake Gyllenhaal more than any other male in the whole wide world. I’m down with that... Jake’s sweet, talented, always good to his gay fans and got a savvy sense of humor. What’s not to like? And he bent over and took it in a pup tent on the big screen! Surely that’s worth some kudos, eh?

Rounding out the top five are #2 flame-worthy hottie Chris Evans, studly double agent Daniel Craig is #3, Queer As Folk alum Gale Harold is #4 and movie/TV/Broadway star Taye Diggs is in at #5.

Jake G. and Chris Evans: Our #1 and #2 men...

A buff spy and a gay TV veteran take number 3 & 4: Daniel Craig and Gale Harold.

Taye Diggs is soaking up your love in the #5 spot.

Hot gays show up on the list, too. Dr. Who’s John Barrowman is #10, Robert Gant is #14, and Wilson Cruz is #72 to name just a few.

Gays like Wilson Cruz and Robert Gant made the Hot 100. And so did newshound Anderson Cooper, who even piped in a response to getting your votes. Awwww... Sweet!

And even those who don’t like to publicly comment on their private lives still got nods. Anderson Cooper ranked as #34, and even sent in this comment to AfterElton when he heard he made the list: "I'm flattered to be on the list. Clearly, they have not seen my pale skinny chicken legs. It's nice to know there is a market for pale, skinny, grey-haired people."

Oh, Coop. You’re so coy...

Check out the entire Hot 100 list... It’s fun and full of smokin’ pics. And then let ’em know who you love, and who got left out!

J. Lo and Marc Anthony Are Going To Tour Together!


J. Lo and M....Ant seem to keep it quite professional.

I'm kind of sad I'm so bored by J. Lo and Marc as a couple - they never do anything interesting. Maybe she's learned her lesson from Bennifer?

But I actually thought this was cool - the couple's planning on touring together! "Jennifer has never toured," Anthony told Billboard. "I've toured all my life. This is where I can step in and say, 'Oh, my God, this could be fun,' and introduce her to that world."

The combined tour is supposed to happen sometime this year. That sounds like a relationship kiss of death to me, for some reason - maybe I just don't have faith in Hollywood couples. I also think doing a movie together (once they're already together) only spells trouble as well, as these two are doing. But what do I know? They've lasted this long.

But what have the two been up to career-wise since there's not much to gossip on? After the jump...

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Daily Buzz Bits: Introducing Kate Nash, Harry Potter Review & More!

You'll be jumping too when you hear Kate Nash's killer tunes. Hurrah! And the NY Times dissects the new Harry Potter. Can you take it?

Ready for this summer’s next big Brit female pop star? Move over, Lily Allen. Back up, Ms. Winehouse... Here comes Kate Nash. And she’s got a song called “D*ckhead.” Har! Disconap explains it all...

Michiko Kakutani reviews the new Harry Potter book for the NY Times. Kakutani says it ends the series “with good old-fashioned closure: a big-screen, heart-racing, bone-chilling confrontation and an epilogue that clearly lays out people’s fates."


Gays got nominated for Emmys today... And I’m not just talking about Project Runway, y’all...

Fab fey singer Patrick Wolf has leaked some details about his next album, fyi...

You can watch Naomi Campbell’s new Dunkin’ Donuts ad online (which was directed by Zach Braff, randomly). Watch out for flying stilettos!

Maggie Gyllenhaal takes over the role formerly played by Katie Holmes in the next Batman flick. I like Mags because she’s whip-smart, and a sexy mama. Later, Mrs. Cruise.

And cuz who can ever get enough of Kelly Clarkson? She’s yakking it up w/MTV. Keep on keepin' on, Kel!

Next Harry Potter Movie Casting Buzz! Joseph Fiennes, Naomi Watts and Stuart Townsend!


Joseph and Naomi will most likely join the witch and wizard brigade, but don't tell anyone.

Ohhh…the Harry Potter excitement just won’t stop! What am I going to do with myself when it’s all over? My Deathly Hallows pre-order is set to come this Saturday, and I’ve been doing my best to avoid reading leaks during my blog-browsing.

Anyway, let’s talk about the next Harry Potter movie! Yes, yes, Order of the Phoenix was fantastic, but I’m already onto obsessing about the next one. And today I read about three major castings for the Half-Blood Prince installment!

Naomi Watts, Stuart Townsend and Joseph Fiennes have (supposedly) been cast for the sixth movie. But who could they be playing?


I only put Stuart by himself because, to me, he could be one of the most beautiful humans on the planet. But only for that reason.

And now I'm going to seriously dork out speculating who these three might be playing after the jump (so, not for the faint of heart)...

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Steven Spielberg Will Direct Upcoming TinTin Movie...But Not The Racist One.


TinTin's a bit more of an icon in Europe than he is here, but he'll be on the big screen soon enough.

I’m a huge TinTin fan. I know the comics are often considered kid’s books, but I don’t just love them because of nostalgia. I still think they’re great now - I’ve even been TinTin for Halloween, since he's a fellow redhead.

I also think TinTin was gay, but that’s another story.

I couldn’t really defend the original comics Herge wrote in the 1930s through the '70s, though, as I’ve never read them. I’m only a fan of the ‘90s cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon, which is supposedly a loyal adaptation.

And even though the comic is over 70-years old, the stories of the mystery-solving Belgian reporter are causing controversy today. This week, Borders stores moved one, just one of the 24, TinTin comics out of the children’s section because British groups accused the edition of containing, ''imagery and words of hideous racial prejudice.''


More on TinTin's not-OK depictions of Africa...and the TinTin movies after the jump!

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Get Ready For Another Paris Album And a Paris Cartoon! Is That Hot?


Paris out! And Stan wants in. She's not going away. 

Now that Paris has jail-house cred, she's ready to drop another album. Paris says she's been working, "working,' with Scott Storch, the producer behind her first album who's also worked with Beyonce, X-Tina and 50 Cent.

Does anyone even remember that album? I kind of remember "Stars Are Blind"...

Well if that doesn't work out, Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee signed on to create a cartoon series about Paris (kind of like that Pam Anderson show, Stripperella); no word yet as to how much it will be based on Paris's life or if she'll just voice her animated self.

Paris has a connection with the Smashing Pumpkins? After the jump...

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Nationwide Mercury Awards Nominees Are Out!


Amy or Dizzee could dominate, but is Mercury for the underdogs?

It’s time for The Mercury Awards! The winner will get $40,000 and international bragging rights! Who’s got what it takes to be...The U.K.’s Next Mercury Winner?

Wow, I watch too much reality TV....But anyway, at The Hospital in London today, the Nationwide Mercury Awards gave the shortlist for its 2007 Album of the Year nominees.

The Mercury Prize began in 1992, and each year it awards British and/or Irish musicians with its increasingly relevant prize. Favorites for 2007 are Arctic Monkeys’ Favorite Worst Nightmare, Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black and rapper Dizzee Rascal’s Maths + English.

More on The Mercuries and the full list of nominees after the jump!

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Prince, You Just Give It Away!


What-eva, Sony. I do want I want!

Prince was showing his fans, well anyone, actually, some serious love this Sunday. As you may know, Prince ruffled a few record label exec's feathers by deciding to give away a number of copies of his new album, Planet Earth.

On Sunday, Prince gave nearly three million CDs out with copies of the British newspaper, The Mail. Prince will also give out copies to concert-goers during his 21 London shows next month.

Some retailers have called the act "an insult" to record stores, as it supposedly de-values music to give it out like a leaflet. I love this quote from Paul Quirk, co-chairman of Entertainment Retailers Association, "The Artist formerly known as Prince should know that with behavior like this, he will soon be the Artist Formerly Available in Record Stores."

More on Prince's giveaway controversy after the jump!

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Britney's New Album Has A Confirmed November Release Date!


You think we're just going to take you back, Britney?

The Britney Saga is far too massive for me to tackle in one post, but I have to report that  a Jive rep confirmed her new album’s November release date! I’m excited, but I actually thought Britney would give herself a little bit longer to...lose her baby weight - or at least to let her hair grow back.

But that’s cool; supposedly she’s focusing on the music now, anyway. The confirmation aired on ShowBiz Tonight, written at the bottom of the screen, of all places.

I also read rumors Britney wants to perform at this year’s VMAs, but who knows if that'll happen (she was supposed to perform with True Colors too, but we all know how that turned out).

As of right now, Britney’s first single is called “Get Back” (fitting, I guess); it will come out some time in September, although bits have been floating around online already, so I think we’ll be hearing it before then.

Is Brit really ready for her comeback? And why does Vogue gotta hate on Brit? After the jump...

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Dodd & Kucinich Sign On for Logo/HRC Presidential Forum!

Big heads, big Presidential dreams... Dodd and Kucinich agree to talk the gay talk at the Presidential Forum on Logo on August 9th.

Hey Folks! A bit of a news update. Ya know that Presidential Forum that Logo and the HRC are hosting on August 9th, wherein candidates (Democratic ones, anyway) who are campaigning to be the next President are going to meet and discuss issues relevant to the LGBT world-at-large? Well it’s just announced that Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman Dennis Kucinich have signed on. They'll join Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards at the event.

Nice, right? And yes, there was buzz in the news this past week about Senator Mike Gravel not being included in the affair. And the current word is that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson isn’t responding to his invitation. Of course, he had some of his own gay-related news this week, too. Politics is a tricky business, y’all...

Kucinich buds it up with Stevie Wonder; Dodd makes his day with Clint. What? No one hangs with Kylie Minogue? These guys have their gay work cut out for them...

To get to know more about Dodd or Kucinich you can go their MySpace pages. Dodd has a little video introducing himself, and Kucinich has a music video wherein bits of his speeches are remixed into a little groovin’ number.

Anyway... Just an update! Happy Friday! More to come about this big event on August 9th...

The Show's Stoppin' For Danity Kane - Thanks, Aubrey!


Is self-proclaimed "pretty, pretty Aubrey" too "pretty, pretty sloppy" for the Pussycat Dolls? Just asking.

So a somewhat weathered-looking Aubrey O’Day from Danity Kane got loose-lipped outside of Teddy’s in Hollywood this week. I like where this is going!

Check out her (I’m theorizing) less-than-sober interview with TMZ here, but if you just want to know the highlights, Aubrey says she knows nothing about Danity Kane’s future and has no contact with Diddy. She then does a bad job of denying that the Pussycat Dolls are interested in recruiting her.

God, I hope she’s just doing the Vegas show like Kim Kardashian, because, not to be harsh, I think Aubrey is pretty ridiculous-looking, well, -acting too. Did anyone else see her on Celebrity: Exposed on MTV with Melissa S. from The Next Pussycat Doll?

I thoroughly recommend it: Aubrey is a complete mess and tells her suitors she’s had enough of men being intimidated by her success and rails on one of them for illegally downloading Danity Kane...


The PCD have love for Europe...but not Asia! (Sorry for that one...) New Asia-getting-the-axe rumors after the jump!

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Katharine McPhee's "Love Story" Video Is Here! And An Adam Sandler Movie?


Kat pulls off a pretty difficult look in her video - how many people could rock a beret?

I never had "The McPheever" during American Idol since I missed Katharine's season - but I guess it caught up with me, because, now, she can do no wrong! I just love her for some reason! Maybe stuff like this plays into that.

But I also love Kat's album, even if she wasn't a fan of all of her pop-ier tracks, and now the video for her second single, "Love Story," is out, and Kat looks smokin'!

Check her video here - she's totally leggy and, as usual, I love her voice (even though this wasn't my favorite track of the album). Here's hoping that "Not Ur Girl" is the next single!


More McPheever buzz...including yet another movie role - after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Queen Latifah's Blonde Moment, Michael Moore Goes Gay? And More!!!

Queen Latifah and Charm School's Schatar... Separated at birth? Or maybe the wig store?

WTF? Is Queen Latifah getting her beauty guidance from Charm School’s Schatar? What else explains the whacked-out goldilocks? (Oh, right... It's the Hairspray premiere.)


Might Michael Moore's next muckraking movie be all about the fight for gay rights? Maybe...

Floundering political campaign? Blame those damn “gay sweaters!” Works for McCain...

So, wait... Now Lance Bass and Pedro Andrade are just friends? Like, buds...? Can they at least be “friends with benefits?”

Whoa... The Broadway production of Xanadu gets a big gushy gay rave review from The New York Times big gay theater reviewer! Yay! Gay!

The world’s coolest, hottest-rocking lesbian twin sisters Tegan and Sara have announced their tour dates. Hurry, some are selling out already!

TV hottie Shemar Moore got naked on the beach. A gay beach, y’all... Hmmmm...

"Rick & Steve" Cast Whoops It Up in L.A.!!!

Rick & Steve hit the airwaves last night. Perhaps you celebrated with a party. Or a hot dog. Or a threesome? Best two out of three...?

Last night saw the broadcast premiere of Logo’s new bad-puppets-gone-wild series, Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World (god, that’s long...). And it’s gotten some nice press from folks like Next Magazine and and the Washington Blade and such...

And in West Lahunga... Er, I mean West Hollywood, the totally lovely and foxy new bar and restaurant Eleven played host to Logo’s much anticipated premiere of Rick & Steve and its posse. Yep, pretty much most of the cast and crew attended, including totally fab out superstar Wilson Cruz (who lends his voice talents to the show’s twink druggie daddy-dater Evan) and Queer as Folk alum Peter Paige (squawking as title character and resident cute/dumb jock Steve), while male-hater Dana’s voicer Taylor Dooley kept the boys in line. Also in the mix were future episode guest star Mitch Morris and the show’s creator/writer Q. Allan Brocka, who all came out to support Tuesday night’s gala launch.

The "Rick & Steve" cast, including, (l to r) creator Q. Allan Brocka, Mitch Morris, Wilson Cruz, Peter Paige and Taylor Dooley. Cute!

A sneak peek at next week's "Rick & Steve" episode after the jump!

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The "Lindsay Lohan Lesbian Love Letters!"


A close relationship with Samantha would explain Lindsay's DJ wannabe-ing, among other things.

Poor Lindsay – who can she trust these days? Everyone wants a piece, and now someone even sold out her MySpace account!

Potential culprits? Only 75 people have access, including Lauren Conrad of The Hills (I didn’t even know they were friends…), Nicole Richie and Lindsay's little sister, Ali. Hmm...

But now to the juice! While in celebrity rehab at Promises in Malibu, Lindsay apparently communicated with her friends and fam via MySpace - and she really communicated, as today, someone released her correspondance with DJ Samantha Ronson, entitled “Lindsay’s Lesbian Love Letters.”


Excerpts from The Lindsay Papers...after the jump!

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The Hills Season 3 Trailer!


Glad to see Lauren will have a run-in with "newly-enhanced" frenemy, Heidi.

The wait’s almost over: The Hills Season 3 is on the horizon! MTV just premiered the new trailer (the show will premiere August 13), and Season 3 looks amaaazing.

I hope after this season I’ll finally understand what everyone's favorite couple, Spencer Pratt and Heidi “too-busy-backstabbing-me-to-be-my-friend” Montag’s bogus engagement was really about.


My list of Things I'm Looking Forward To and Things I'm Not Looking Forward To...after the jump.

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Presidential Forum Update: John Edwards Is In!

John Edwards is happy to join the big gay Presidential Forum, broadcast live on Logo on August 9th. Bienvenido, Senor!

Things are already changing fast with regards to the big HRC and Logo sponsored Presidential Candidate Forum coming on August 9th. John Edwards has confirmed; he's gonna come and chat about gay issues, alongside Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Which is cool. And if he's smart, he'll bring his wife, Elizabeth Edwards along for the festivities. We already know that's she's supportive of gay marriage. Maybe she can talk some sense into the rest of the crew...

Frankly, I think it might be more fun to hang out backstage with the candidate's spouses. Just think of all the fun you'd have with Mrs. Edwards, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama. At least with Bill on hand, you know there'd be some killer food.


I'd vote for any of these three: Elizabeth Edwards, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama... What's not to like, eh?

Aaron Eckhart Is Nuts About Acting! Ouch!

Devoted thespian Aaron Eckhart... You'd make that face too if you had, er... Oh, just read the post.

Buried like a sweaty, pinched hidden treasure beneath the news about Madonna demanding eye contact from her interviewers at Live Earth came this fun nugget about stud-muffin actor Aaron Eckhart...

Turns out the strapping blond guy is serious about getting into his roles. So much that for his turn in the film Bill (opposite Jessica Alba) he put clothespins on his privates (not his schlong, but his balls, y'all... er, can I say balls?) to fully appreciate his character's discomfort.

Sez the committed Eckhart: "“I had to pretend that my nuts hurt, so I put a clothespin on my nuts,” Eckhart told Men’s Journal. “...Because that’s what I do for a living.”

Whoa. You gotta admire a man who'll work that hard for his craft, eh? Um, somebody cast him in a big, trashy gay role, fast!!! Please???

Logo Hosts Clinton, Obama (And Others?) for a Presidential Coffee Klatsch

Who's confirmed so far to chat up the gays in the first-ever LGBT-sponsored Presidential Forum on Logo? You'll get two guesses...

Head's up you political minded gaysters! Logo's just announced that on August 9th (9pm EST/6pm PST) its gonna co-host (along with those civic-minded minions over at the Human Rights Campaign) the first ever all-gay, all-the-time live Presidential Forum, wherein those candidates jockeying to become the next leader of the free world will come and sit down for a sassy gab-fest about queer issues.

So far, the two leading Democratic contenders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (that's listed alphabetically for you sensitive types) have signed on. (UPDATE: John Edwards has confirmed and will participate, too!) And I guess we'll wait and see if others like Dennis Kucinich (who actively supports same-sex marriage) or Bill Richardson or John McCain or Mitt Romney (not bloody likely) or Rudy Giuliani end up participating. And what about Law & Order and Curly Sue star Fred Thompson? Bring on Mr. Showbiz! I say, the more the merrier!

John Edwards should come. We could talk about the importance of fierce haircuts. Kucinich can school the other candidates on gay marriage. And Rudy... Er, can offer makeup tips? Or not...

More on this historic LGBT-centric political wing-ding, after the jump.

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Daily Buzz Bits: Beyonce Crowned Aida? Lez Love for Hillary! Mariah's Acting Chops!

Beyonce as Aida? It's as "Easy as Life." Hillary gets some female fan action. And Mariah's next movie is, like, totally good. Hurrah!

Beyonce might star in Disney’s big-screen version of the Broadway musical Aida! Are theater folks fussy that Heather Headley might get dissed? Whattya think?

Yay! A lesbian crush song for Hillary Clinton! Why wasn’t this voted as Hill’s official song? Celine who?

Evidently, Mariah Carey’s next flick Tennessee is, like, totally gonna win her the Oscar. Which would be amaaaaazing. I thought she should have won for that catfight with herself in the ladies room in the “Heartbreaker” video. Bitch was robbed!


Ummm, there’s a lot going on with those Live Earth shows tomorrow. MTV will help you sort it out.

Poor Amy Winehouse just keeps getting harrassed for missing shows. It’s enough to drive a gal to drink. Er, wait a minute...

Remember that Pentagon “Gay Bomb” news story from a few weeks back? So does queer porn company Dark Alley Media. They’re planning a dirty spoof. Har!

Dead or Alive's oft-nipped-and-tucked lead singer Pete Burns had a big hot gay wedding today in Britain. Awwww... How can that not be nice news? Congrats!

Lance Bass is in Hairspray. No, not the movie, sillies. On Broadway!

New Grizzly Bear Video & New Deerhunter Tune!

That's Feist and Grizzly Bear's Ed hitting the Bonnaroo scene last month.

I do have a soft spot for indie bands led by out gay frontmen. So, here's some new stuff by two of the year's hottest and loveliest.

Grizzly Bear is headed up by tall and smart Ed Droste, who lives around the corner from me in Brooklyn, and whose band just finished a string of shows with Feist, and is currently touring (this weekend, they're in Denmark; next weekend, they're in Chicago for the Pitchfork music fest). They're busy boys; yesteday AfterElton featured an interview with Ed. And today, the band has had their arty/freaky/lovely new video for their song "Central and Remote" debut on MTV's Subterranean blog.

The clip is a dreamy and strange photo/animation mix involving lots of flowers, autumnal meadows, a guy who looks like a WWI solder with a big faded flower for a face, and a spooky tall hair creature with a creepy fleshy crater mouth/face. Like I said, it's weird. But rather compelling... And the music is classically melodic, moody ambient Grizzly Bear esoterica.

After the jump, dish on the new tune from Deerhunter, another indie band ya oughtta know...

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Daily Buzz Bits: Bart Bares, Carrie Comes Back & Madge's Set List

Bart drops trou in The Simpsons movie? And these women are finally headed to the big-screen, too?

First, Harry Potter strips onstage and now—ay carumba!—Bart Simpson is naked in The Simpsons Movie. Eeek!

Yep, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are really gonna make that damned movie. Can’t wait to see what Pat Field whips up for them to wear!


Speaking of The Simpsons, who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? A certain gay ex-boybander, that’s who!

And might Madonna guest star on a Simpsons’ episode soon?

Speaking of Madge, you can still get to London for Saturday’s big Live Earth show to catch her onstage. And here’s the set list of who will be playing when there... And what they’ll play! (“La Isla Bonita?” Really? Urf.)

Wanna see some gritty women who kick butt and lez it up, noir-style? Check out the rockin’ GirlTrash series now up on AfterEllen. Pow!

A musical episode of Desperate Housewives is in the works. La la la...

Lastly, music video director Sophie Muller made this clip for Live Earth. You might wanna reconsider those fabric softener sheets.

Kelly Rowland and Lil Mama Go Virtual for Stage Z of Zwinktopia!


Who needs Live Earth when your avatar could be shaking its virtual ass with Kelly and Lil Mama?

It’s not enough for just us to care about the environment anymore - our avatars need to get in on the movement too!

While most of the world will be watching the Live Earth concert Saturday, the virtual world will enjoy its own environmentally-conscious music fest. That’s right, the Internet community of Zwinktopia, with its seven million Zwinky avatars, cares about the environment too, so they've come up with the Stage Z concert to air on Saturday as well.

Stage Z will feature performances by Kelly Rowland, Lil Mama, Teddy Geiger, Scott Ian, and a few more, as well as appearances by Amy Sedaris, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. And you and your avatar can watch them all from your computer.

I have to wonder if these concert appearances are like the Live Earth runner-ups…Madonna’s at Wembley Stadium, Teddy Geiger’s at his computer...

Well, not exactly. These are actual stage performances that are just broadcast online. The Zwinkys are partners with Live Earth, actually, so it sounds like this is just a way of appealing to teens who have no interest in most of the Live Earth performances.


The Zwinkys promise not to hurt you...

More on the Stage Z concert and Zwinktopia after the jump!

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Darren Hayes' New Video: Graphics, Tron & Janice Dickinson

Former Savage Garden star Darren Hayes is seeing his new video debut on the information superhighway today. The openly gay pop singer's latest, "On the Verge of Something Wonderful," is the first single from his forthcoming album, This Delicate Thing We've Made, and the video is a animated, graphic bonanza of imagery, retro-props and computer animation. As Arjan (thanks for the tip!) points out, it's got a nod to Tron in there, amid all the video gamey, technoid antics. Personally, I kind of think it's more Max Headroom-y (which is sort of retro-retro-futuristic. Ish.).

And yes, that animated wonder Janice Dickinson appears toting shopping bags and looking excited. Because... Why not?

Hayes feeling "Wonderful": Kind of like Max Headroom meets a "Just Jack" sort of thing here... But cooler.

Gotta admit, I'm not totally in love with the song, but I give Hayes kudos for exploring some ambitious territory in the tune. It seems to be a rumination on the heady, hyper whirl of modern life. And I do like his black suit and red tie combo. Check it out, why don't ya!

Emma Watson's Gone Diva...Plus New Harry Potter Footage and Interviews!


Emma Watson a.k.a. Hermione Granger at the Order of the Phoenix premiere Tuesday at Odeon Leicester Square Tuesday in London.

When did Emma Watson become such a fox? Oooh…she’s only 16. Well, she certainly will be a fox. And that Chanel dress she has going on? Nothing but good things!

But apparently Emma’s getting a bit diva-licious in her old age. Emma has considered dropping out of her role as Hermione for the last two movies, but signed on after reportedly securing a four million dollar paycheck. I read she was having issues with the director, insisting she shouldn’t have to go through as many takes as the other actors do.

Just-released interviews and clips from the upcoming movie after the jump!

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Happy 4th of July! Sing Along If Ya Wanna...

Whitney serves up the "Star-Spangled Banner” back in the day... Happy 4th, y’all!

Good morning, America! (And beyond...) We’re off today for the 4th of July holiday (hot-dog eating contest anyone?), but here’s something to get your patriotic fires stoked. Or not... Basically, it’s a batch of videos for songs that have “America” in the title (or almost). I’ll kick it off with Whitney (Because can you beat Whitney in her prime?); but I won’t include Madonna’s “American Pie” or “American Life.” Ouch. Not cute.

Enjoy! And don't blow your fingers off with any firecrackers, okay?

After the jump--Green Day, David Bowie, Cher, Prince... And Kate Smith!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Top Chef Auditions & Gays Drink/Drug Best of All!

Top Chef will auditioning new contestants in NYC. Will host Padma Lakshmi be auditioning a new husband? And, survey says: Gays drink more!

A few quick notes before bolting out for the mid-week starry-and-striped holiday...

So you think you can cook? Bravo's Top Chef is having an open call in NYC on July 22nd. Sharpen them knifes, kids!

Gays are the best! At drinking and drugging, anyway. A study from New Zealand says that we imbibe and "use" more than anybody. See why we're such valued consumers?

AND, otherwise...

Attention Kroger Shoppers: You can get your queer newspaper here again now...

Cuba's gone totally gay! Well, they're just hosting a retrospective of Robert Mapplethorpe's work. Which is rather queer... (Via Queerty)

Say what? A mayoral candidate in Miami is running on an anti-gay platform? Stupid much?

Got plans to be partying outside in a public park for the holiday tomorrow?

Then, get in line!

Dr. Who Will Feature Robo-Minogue!


Will the Doctor be able to resist Kylie's cyborg-hotness? I'm assuming Kylie's character will be hot, of course.

Dr. Who is the longest-running science fiction series in the world - over its 40-year running, 10 different actors have played the leading man. And now the show can add a Kylie Minogue appearance to its impressive history!

Kylie will join the British sci-fi drama as a sexy cyber-woman for a special Christmas episode; shooting will take place in July. I sure hope she seduces lead actor, David Tennant.

I read that Kylie’s stylist, who I am assuming is gay, encouraged her to take the part. Dr. Who is actually very gay-friendly; one of the show’s characters, Jack Harkness, is bisexual and flirts with everyone. He was also popular enough to earn his own spin-off, Torchwood.

It actually turns out Jack is from the 51st century, making him an “omnisexual,” who views categorizing sexual orientation as “quaint.” I need to start watching this show!


David Tennant and Freema Agyeman (who plays The Doctor’s friend Martha Jones) at the Dr. Who screening to promote Season 3. The Daleks are out to “Exterminate!”

More on Kylie's acting career and what Dr. Who's actually about after the jump.

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Queer Artist Interview: Logan Lynn on Moody Dance Pop, Tori Amos & God

"Ain't that America?" Logan Lynn's electro-fueled music merges God, country, queer love and gloomy artsy-ness! Put that in your firecrackers, folks!

What’s more American than being raised by super-religious Midwestern parents, home-schooled, pumped full of Amy Grant tunes, then coming out at 14, becoming a musician and moving to the crunchy West Coast to make your own kind of music (and lots of arty videos and collage-y visuals)? Yep, out musician Logan Lynn’s life sounds like a queer-tinged John Cougar Mellencamp song, and he’ll be the first to tell you (see below) how his tightly wound Christian upbringing influences his artfully electronic tinged mope-pop sound. As it’s been put, Lynn’s music puts the “disco” back into discomfort.

These days, the Portland-based redheaded songsmith is seeing his video, “Burning Your Glory,” cruise nicely along on Logo’s weekly Click List Top Ten, and he’s playing gigs all around the Northwest, as his forthcoming album, From Pillar to Post, is slated for a fall 2007 release. Give his new single “Feed Me to the Wolves” a listen if ya wanna.

You can watch and hear his videos and tunes on (or via MySpace), but since he was in NYC last week for a show and some Pride fun, I chatted him up. After the jump, you can hear about his musical ethos, frisky fans, his Tori Amos devotion and how redheads do get more action.

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Live Earth Is Getting A Documentary...And Plenty More Promoting


Al puts it in writing - pledging to plant trees and push for change in environmental laws.

So here's what I knew about Live Earth: I knew it was going to be big, I knew Bravo was covering it live on Saturday (thanks to my constant Bravo-watching), and I knew Al Gore was behind it.

But I had no idea it has an expected audience of over two billion, making it one of the largest global events in history! As you probably know, the eight-concert event to fight global warming will begin this Saturday.

So what's been up as the big day approaches? Well, on Thursday, Live Earth organizers Al Gore, Cathy Zoi and Kevin Wall presented the "€œ7 Point Pledge,"€ which demands of whoever signs it they cut their country'€™s global warming output by 80 percent.

Concert-goers will be encouraged to sign the pledge, and Al, Cathy and Kevin already have - I'€™m not sure how the contract will hold someone to changing their entire country'€™s level of pollution...Well, whatever - nice gesture/promotional effort.

71005508 73421519

Madge and Melissa will be two of many to join in the Live Earth concerts.

Live Earth's documentary and crazy, international lineup...after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Lily vs. Amy, Amerie, Courtney Love & More!

Lily wigs out on Winehouse; Amerie's ready to "Work"; and Courtney's tearing up new tunes...

Lily Allen does Amy Winehouse—big hair and all!

Had enough of “Umbrella” right about now? Maybe Amerie can help? She’s “Gotta Work” for ya...

New Courtney Love music! You can hear it at her site... And you might just cry black tears. (She does!)


And you can hear the Smashing Pumpkins new disc, Zeitgeist. Play it loud.

Speaking of old rockers. R.E.M. previewed some new tunes in Dublin. And there’s even video...

Fantasia likes, er... jewelry. In all kinds of places...

And Sean Kingston’s tune “Beautiful Girls” is an irresistible summer hit. But why haven’t people been blogging about it, huh?

Finally, AfterElton asks a gay man... It’s a cute Q&A with William Sledd!

"Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?" 7-Eleven Serves Up Simpsons!

The Simpsons Movie... Taking over a 7-Eleven near you?

Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? Looks like 7-Eleven does. Or they’re at least willing to get kissy-faced and make slushies with the promotional crew of the upcoming Simpsons Movie. Yep, 12 7-Eleven stores across the U.S. (and one in Canada) are getting real-life makeovers and turned into Kwik-E-Marts (Yay, Apu!) as part of a promo stunt for the Bart-tastic feature film coming out on July 27th.

From now until then, at the revamped convenience stores from Seattle to Orlando (including one here in NYC; “Woo-hoo!” as Homer might say...) you can even go in and get a box of Krusty-O’s cereal and some Buzz soda (and other legendary Simpsons goods). Pink donuts anyone?

That’s all well and good, but how about some dive bars getting rebranded as “Moe’s,” eh? I know more than a few folks who’d line up for a taste of some real live “Flaming Moe’s.”

To get you ready... Just watch this:

See you at the Slushie machine.

Daily Buzz Bits: HIV Cure News & Other Less Life-Saving Info

I'm forecasting a great summer weekend! Go to the beach! Get outside! And check out the news below about HIV, Streisand, Romney, the Diana Tribute Concert... And swimsuits. Splash!

Possibly big HIV News... A potential cure may have been discovered.

AND otherwise...

Barbra Streisand gets big national artsy medal of the Legion of Honor (or something like that) in France.

Howard Stern’s cohort Joey Boots is totally gay. For real.

Conservative Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney doesn’t just dislike gays. He’s mean to puppies, too!

VH1 is gonna be broadcasting live the big Diana Tribute Concert this Sunday. Hopefully there’ll be lots of live cute Prince action...

Bored? Go create your own Simpsons character. Avatar-riffic!

It’s like really officially beach season... Refinery 29 offers some tips on what’s hot in swimsuit-land.

And just so you know, here’s what Madonna looks like today in cute blue workout gear.

Happy Weekend!

The Video Game World Gets A New Sound With Madden's Playlist!


Timbaland and Queens of the Stone Age will now be singing to the football gamers of the world.

The video game industry is not about to be outdone with all this modernizing and digitizing that's going on in the music world. Video games, at least the more mainstream and sports ones, have started integrating contemporary music into many of their titles, allowing gamers to download special tracks if they so choose to be played while...playing.

Electronic Arts (EA) just announced its music lineup for the upcoming Madden NFL 2008 game, which will include music from Timbaland, Queens of the Stone Age and Justin Timberlake. Madden will come out in September for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

The Madden soundtrack (consisting of 29 tracks) will even feature original music from Atreyu, Murs, The Hives and Yellowcard; EA also considers exposing new artists one of the goals of their video game soundtracks.

More on the gaming trend and the full Madden lineup after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Amanda Lepore, The Store! Plus New Gossip, "Umbrella" Updates & More...

Amanda Lepore is a famous celebutante! So, of course, she's got some stuff to sell you at her new online store... And more is coming at Xmas-time. Shop early, maybe?

Amanda Lepore isn’t just the world’s most famous transsexual with—as she puts it—“a fully functional vagina”—she’s a store!


The gays are still raving about the Jennifer Hudson/Jennifer Holliday duet at the BET Awards. Two Effies are always better than one...

Gay blogs get some kind of twisted NC-17 rating just because they're gay? Wha...? Hmph, this is gonna get good...

Ummm... If you’re a prison guard, don’t order two female inmates to have sex to get your jollies. You’ll get fired.

There’s a new Gossip song up on the band’s MySpace page. Check out “8th Wonder Demo” y’all...

Arjan serves up a spare, singer/songwriterly cover of “Umbrella” by Scott Simons. I’m surprised it took this long!

And that nice, cute Sufjan Stevens is gonna be guesting on two new debut albums by up-and-comers Wayne Stratton and Clare & the Reasons. Such a nice boy...

One Little Scientologist Won't Stop German Filming of WWII Documentary After All

Briansinger71407075_5 Tomcruise73680010_3

Tom's financing the project, so it's not like he had much choice, but director Brian Singer can now stand by his lead actor and his Scientology ways.

So I read some reports that German officials planned to ban director Brian Singer from filming his upcoming World War II documentary, Valkyrie, in German government facilities because the movie's star, Tom Cruise, is a hardcore Scientologist.

Rumors flew that Germany's defense minister feared even the presence of a Scientologist on German soil because, as Variety reported, Germany "does not recognize Scientology as a religion and sees it as a dangerous cult with totalitarian aims as well as an exploitative, profit-based business." Hmm. Well, you guys said it.

I'm glad the movie's moving forward, though; it sounds interesting and it has some nice gay representation, mainly Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard (who's actually straight but loves cross-dressing) and director Brian Singer. I think Brian's a great director, and he's totally open about his sexuality (he even added a little gayness to the wonderful X2). And...did I mention Tom Cruise is in it too? Cool.

What is this Valkyrie movie anyway?...After the jump.

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Ladies of the EVENING: Redgrave, Streep, Danes & Gummer...

If they were fighting, I'd call this photo "Evening Shade." But Danes and Gummer like each other... Which is cute.

The movie with this summer’s most mega-Oscar-caliber-female-star-packed cast, Evening, opens tomorrow. Vanessa Redgrave, Claire Danes, Glenn Close, Toni Collette, Natasha Richardson, and Eileen Atkins all are in it. And yes, Meryl Streep turns up, too. And so does Mamie Gummer, Streep’s real-life daughter, who plays the young version of her mom onscreen. Man-props Patrick Wilson and Hugh Dancy also bring some guy action to the festivities.

The film’s written by gay Pulitzer-Prize winning author Michael Cunningham (The Hours), and based on the novel by Susan Minot. And yep, there’s a gay plotline in the film, but this one’s really all about the ladies... The story is a dying woman flashing back to a weekend decades earlier that changed her life. There was a wedding, drama, love lost, lives changed. And some regrets and memories that must be sorted through by mothers and daughters. All done in lovely New England locales with bracing coastlines and airy houses and nice florals prints everywhere.

More on the movie, and it's cast of superwomen, after the jump.

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Fashion Rocks Announces A-List Lineup, But Anna's Got Some Competition

Jeremypiven74456656_2 Annawintour74152704

Jeremy Piven better not disappoint Anna Wintour as host. She's in competition mode now.

I think I have some sort of Devil Wears Prada fantasy complex, as I always eat up any sort of hard evidence that Anna Wintour really is a hugely controlling, rampaging, scary dragon lady - to make me feel I know it first-hand, I guess, which I definitely don't.

So I started scrounging when Conde Nast announced its lineup for their fourth-annual Fashion Rocks event. On the list are host Jeremy Piven, along with performances by Fergie, J.Lo, Aerosmith, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Fallout Boy and Avril Lavigne, among a few others. I'm impressed!

What is Fashion Rocks anyway? And yes! There is Anna gossip...after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: iPhone Mania, Hillary's Gay Gaggle & Tocarra Takes the Cake!

iPhone mania has even struck amid those stoic types at The NY Times. Hillary wants to woo the gay voters; hanging with S-Jess is always a smart tactic. And Tocarra's gonna have her "Cake" and eat it on BET.

iPhone hype is all over! The NY Times weighs in! And gets cute about it with a fun video. But why does their tech dude have an Aaron Carter album on there? Whatevs. It looks pretty killer.

Hillary’s planning her own big gay think (pink) tank. Good luck with that!

Why did no one tell me that Top Model’s Tocarra is hosting a new game show on BET? Hello?


It’s National HIV Testing Day... Just don’t take George Michael with you to the clinic. Weird.

Who wants to go to Paris and hang with Mariah? Besides me, I mean...

MSNBC is sooooo not feeling this whole Paris Hilton media frenzy. Har! That’s cool. But seriously... What are they smokin’ over there?


It’s hot and gross in NYC today, so I thought I’d post pics of two folks looking cool as cucumbers. Their from the world’s most elegantly stylish photoblog, The Sartorialist. He’s in Milan for the fashion shows at present, and just shooting super-dashing folks over there. Don’t these two look sharp? Can I be them when I grow up?

Photos from The Sartorialist. Lovely.

Lily Allen "Thinks She Might Be Gay????"

Lily Allen: Loving the ladies? Only in her dreams, maybe...

Does anybody get more music blogplay these days than Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse or Kelly Clarkson ? I don't think so. That's 'cuz each killer pop lady makes for fun press... And they speak their minds.

Take Lily Allen today, for example. She just spent a nice day romping around the Big Apple with a writer and photographer from New York Magazine, and it's a hoot! She goes off on the press, her horny father, dresses (she goes to a fitting at super-gay, super-fab Heatherette) and she even says that she's now thinking she might be GAY! Well sort of...

The exchange is pretty jokey, but it's cute: "I have been having a lot of lesbian dreams lately. I think I might be gay! Don't tell my boyfriend. I have guy dreams and girl dreams, but the girl dreams are much dirtier."

Woo-hoo! Of course, when I interviewed her back in February, she said her lesbians dreams had gone on hiatus. It's good to know they're back. Maybe there's something in the NYC water? Because she is spending time here now working on music... Next stop, Cattyshack?

Ladies, maybe the way to Lily's heart is through a 20-ouncer? Cheers!

Check out the article and the photos. Lily even attempts pull-ups on the subway! Ever the cheeky lass...

The East Village: NYC's Other Historic Gay 'Hood

Arpad brings a bit of old school macho to the gentrified shops of St. Mark's Place. And yes, that is a CBGB boutique in the background. Oy...  Photos by Richard J. Rothstein.

As usual this past Pride Week, there was lots of reflection about the Stonewall riots and the history of the gay movement in New York's West Village. Which is as it should be... But the blocks surrounding Christopher Street aren't the only chunks of the Big Apple steeped in queer folklore. On the other side of downtown, NYC's East Village boasts its own legendary gay past.

Esteemed writer Richard Rothstein of QueerSighted has put together a pretty fierce stroll down memory lane through the streets of this always cool neighborhood, and reveals the amazing gay places that used to be. Follow in the footsteps of Warhol, Ginsberg and old-school drag pioneers, and find out where circuit parties were born, where the notorious bathhouses were, and where queers and punks started revolutions that still influence our culture today.

Plus, Rothstein included some beefy pics to keep you clicking. Well done!

Maybe we should all meet in Tompkins Square tonight and reflect? Or there's always beers at the Phoenix, eh?

Will Ratatat Release Already?

Ratatat's all about the music - but they could work on letting me hear it sometime.

I feel like Ratatat is too cool for everyone.  In fact, I think they're almost cool enough that they can get away with that unfortunate band name. Oh, how I wish they had a different name. I still love them, though. Ratatat is also too cool to set a release date for their next album beyond "sometime this year."

So, I’ve been waiting patiently for Remixes Vol. 2, but now I read they’re selling the album for five dollars at their live shows! They’re selling them now? Five dollars? This seems so wrong.

My little sister (oddly enough) actually introduced me to Ratatat, and now I totally love them. Had someone described them before I heard them, though, I probably wouldn't have given them a chance. Along with their amazing remixes of rap and hip-hop songs, Ratatat does electro, synthesizer-y instrumental, if that makes any sense. I love their album, Classics, and it's all instrumental. Yeah, I never thought I'd see the day.

More on what Ratatat have in store after the jump.

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Daily Buzz Bits: Mo'Nique's Award Show, Rodney vs.Wendy & Moz's New Music

Mo'Nique brings it to the BET Awards tonight; Rodney Chester (with onscreen bf Gregory Kieth) brought it to Wendy Williams; and Moz brings it to Letterman this Friday. Busy, busy, busy...

Tonight Mo’Nique is all up in your TV, hosting the BET Awards. This is gonna be good.

Noah’s Arc’s men are making news... Rodney Chester (who plays Alex) had a sassy chat with radio diva Wendy Williams about sexuality. She assumed he was gay. On air... And the talk continued. AfterElton’s got a good post about it, too.

Need some new Morrissey music? The mopey icon will deliver a brand new single this Friday on Letterman.


Finally, a truly embarrassing reality dating show for lesbians? Oh my... Not sure if it’s insulting (or any moreso than Boy Meets Boy), or just weird... It’s called Venus Envy.

Presidential hopeful John Edwards visits L.A. Gay Center. Nice, eh?

Rocker Pete Wentz is like the Imelda Marcos of hoodies!

And Will Ferrell is back with baby Pearl in another video! And this time she’s really pissed.

Record Labels and P2P Programs Are Moving Up Online

Qtrax_4 Ruckus_4 Spiralfrog_3

They're the wave of the future, so prepare for the battle of the P2Ps!

So record companies are finally accepting that people do not want to pay for music anymore and that suing file-sharing programs isn't going to stop them – thank you! And overall, it’s a big week for online music and for those peer-to-peer (P2P) programs, so let’s see what’s up:

Qtrax, a former illegal-file sharing network, is going legit as a legal P2P service; their parent company, Brilliant Technologies, decided there’s no money to be made in selling music anymore and that courting advertisers is the way to go.

Downtown Records seems to be on the same wavelength, as they just announced the launch of an online-only record label, RCRD LBL, that will give away its music for free, using advertising revenue to support itself.

More on Qtrax and its followers and how it could beat out iTunes...after the jump.

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New Big-Haired Amy Winehouse Video: "Tears Dry On Their Own"

Is Amy Winehouse housing refugee families in her beehive? Bottles of schnapps? Lily Allen? Not sure, but she's bringing the high hair out in full force in her latest video for "Tears Dry On Their Own" which popped up online today. Yep, it's right there, above.

The clip is directed by uber-photographer David LaChapelle, and features the Wine-maiden strolling through Hollywood as she sings. She also hangs in a little motel room, sitting restlessly. (And yes, I think she already finished the mini-bar. Ouch!) And since this is LaChapelle-land you get to see lots of colorful folks prancing around the background: shirtless dudes, hustlers, drag queens, trannies--a delicious bevy of tarty folks! And you can check out behind-the-scenes photos, also.

On the set: Santa sez "Ho, ho, ho!" and Winehouse sings her "Tears" down Hollywood Boulevard. Photos via Flickr, by SantaPaul.

So, it's a nice video that gets better as it ambles along. And if you're in the mood for more high hair, Rolling Stone offers its take on the "Top Five Beehive Anthems." All this almost makes me wanna go see Hairspray! With some of my best hooker friends...

Small-Town Teen Angst Is Put To Song in Colma: The Musical!


This Colma dive may be small, but how many bars have regular breaks for musical numbers?

I'm not the biggest musical guy, but I was a pretty puzzled/kind of intrigued by the premise of Colma: The Musical; it's a low-budget movie about small-town, high-school grads who don't know what to do with themselves...but it's a musical. Definitely not like any movie I've seen recently.

The movie opened on Friday in San Francisco and opens in New York July 6; I was able to see a screening last night, and I'll give Colma this: It wasn't what I expected (although I didn't really know what to expect).

Colma is a small town outside of San Francisco known for its many graveyards (the dead outnumber the living 1500 to one), and this movie follows three friends, Billy, Maribel and Rodel. Rodel is gay and is played by the movie's writer and music-composer, H.P. Mendoza, and he and his friends kind of putz around their hometown after their high school graduation, bursting into song now and then.

Maribel has the least ambition of the three; she just enjoys dragging the two guys to college parties and ends up scoring them some fake IDs. Billy, an aspiring actor, lands a part in a local summer production and is the only college-bound one of the trio. Finally, Rodel just kind of hangs out and gets really drunk and belligerent since he has so many emotional problems and a crackhead ex-boyfriend.

My take on the hometown movie-musical after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Britney to Join True Colors Tour?!!

Britney's gonna show her "True Colors" onstage in L.A.!!! And Cyndi and Rosie are sure excited!!! Meanwhile, Wentworth Miller's got his own showbiz concerns...

Britney’s gonna join the True Colors tour in L.A.??? For real? Hey, she knows who her audience is. Plus: Rosie loves her!


The latest target of internet gay pressure? Prison Break’s star Wentworth Miller... You know how this usually goes... (Keep your eye on People Magazine, maybe?)

Who needs Avril Lavigne? Not the women over at AfterEllen. Fun homemade video!

The Heatherette designers get honored with an artsy award. But no one knows why...

The Advocate’s gonna get a makeover. And Out will get more hair product. Or something like that.

And Foxy Brown got robbed, and got her weave and hearing aid snatched off. Or did she?

And AfterElton highlights an interview with gay Israeli pop singer Ivri Lider. He’s dreamy—and courageous! What’s not to like?

Bulgarian Idol: Nevena Will Always Love You!

And you thought America had all the talent? Hah!!! Let Nevena, the delightful songbird from Bulgaria prove otherwise. She just won the first-ever season of Bulgaria's Music Idol, and somehow I feel like her take on "I Will Always Love You" might sound like something that spools through Whitney's head during her cloudier moments; if Whitney lived in a drunken Balkan nation in 1953.

Frankly, I feel like a fierce oompah band improves any pop standard! Plus, Nevena wishes you joy and "the happiness!" And she totally turns out the key change for the big finish. Brava! (Props to Stereogum, too.)

But are people supposed to be laughing audibly in the audience?

Amy Winehouse Rumored To Sing The New James Bond Theme!

Danielcraig74205924_2 Amywinehouse74859454

Is Amy introducing Daniel Craig's newest 007 endeavor? Seems that way.

So, I have to say I’m so excited for the next James Bond movie that I need to do a little buzz recap – and I’m not even a James Bond fan. The only one I ever really liked (of the ones released in my lifetime, anyway) was the most recent one, Casino Royale. But along with Daniel Craig, who I think is so amazing, still being on board for the next movie, I’ve heard two more developments that, in my book, are working in the movie’s favor.

First off, Amy Winehouse will supposedly sing the theme song! That would be so cool, right? I remember reading a few months back that producers were allegedly interested in her as a Bond girl – I never bought that rumor, but her singing the opening sounds totally legit.

Amy hasn’t confirmed she’s got the theme job (only that she had been approached about it), but I’ve read many a rumor that it’s only a matter of time before she signs on. The Bond composer for the past four movies, David Arnold, is supposedly rooting hardcore for Team Amy, as he was in love with her Back to Black album.

More Amy and 007 buzz after the jump!

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The Ultimate Queer Music Video? Keo Nozari Answers the “Question”

Keo cleans up in the "Ultimate Queer Video" poll. Who doesn't love a good soapy video, eh?

Hey queer music listeners! This past Friday, Logo’s The Click List music video countdown show unveiled what got voted as the “Ultimate Queer Video” by its audience and the result may surprise you! The big winner was Keo Nozari, whose video for “Question of Monogamy” features the NYC-based songster dealing with a slippery boyfriend -- and some slippery shower action, too. Mac users: You can watch it on his MySpace page.

Nozari’s saucy video bested efforts by other legendary music icons like George Michael, Elton John, k.d. lang, RuPaul and Melissa Etheridge. And he also scooted atop a list of cool fellow grass-rootsy out artists like Ari Gold, God-des, Deadlee and Jonny McGovern. In fact, the #2 spot was filled by Ari Gold's "Wave of You," which also features scantily clad folks getting splashy (on a beach however)... Looks like Click List viewers respond to skin. Gay shocker!

So, go Keo! You can check out the list of the top 20 vote-getters and see which of your faves made the cut (or not). Leave a comment if you’ve got thoughts about the results; or just go and spend the afternoon watching vids...

Here's Keo in a shirt, just in case you're into that. Buddhists Punks??? Who knew?

Back to the showers with you!

Network TV Greenlights Trangender Cavorting, Viriginity-Stealing and Monkey Sex For Fall Lineup


Network TV will allow a transgendered character into Dirty Sexy Money's crew. I wonder which one does the "cavorting"...

Network censors - it's a new mother-f***ing day.

Well, sort of. For its fall lineup, a network channel, for the first time ever, is allowing "male characters on a TV series cavorting with transvestites."

Doesn't this seem so ridiculous? I forget how puritan and backward network TV (and a good chunk of the country, I guess) can be, as apparently this never would have been allowed before, and writers had to really "push the envelope" for such a scene to air.

So upcoming ABC shows Big Shots and Dirty Sexy Money both have scenes with trannies in them. That's all I've heard - I don't really know how they will be written in, but I'm scared their scenes are going to be offensive (especially since Big Shots is about, to quote their own Web site, "greedy, horny and competitive yet sexy and likable CEOs").

Oh, and Dirty Sexy Money doesn't sound like a great platform for the transgender community either, as its premise is a straight-shooting lawyer who comes into absurd wealth after the death of his blue-blood father. I guess I shouldn't pre-judge; maybe they'll surprise me (Dirty Sexy Money does have Brian Singer on as a producer, and I love him).

Those progressive censors allow two more scandalous scenes in upcoming shows...after the jump.

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NY Times Rodeo Cowboy Video: Yee-Haw!

Rodeo men on the road, from the NY Times Magazine. Photos and video by Collier Schorr. The cowboy way looks pretty good indeed...

A quick Saturday morning post that I had to share... I was just perusing the New York Times site and came across a video feature (which is a sidebar to a style feature and  a gorgeous photo essay by Collier Schorr in tomorrow's Sunday Magazine) that chronicles the lives of young rodeo cowboys on the road.

Now, these fellas certainly seem straight, but you can't help but be charmed by their "aw shucks" demeanor, their scrappy good looks and sweet dispositions. And yes, they all share hotel beds, talk about bareback riding (ahem! it's actually almost jarring and refreshing to hear that term used in it's traditional sense), getting into "pickles," and living in a "world without women." And they sure like to show off their belt buckles.

Just watch the video "Cinderella Motel" and you'll see what I mean.

So, who wants to go to the rodeo with me?

Daily Buzz Bit: Happy Pride Weekend!


It's Pride Weekend in New York City and San Francisco... Have a safe one!

In New York, let HX, Next and New York Magazine guide you. In San Francisco, SF Gate can hook you up!


But wherever you are... Enjoy!

Video Interview w/Mika: On Gays, Big Girls & Not Talkin' About His Sexuality

Emerging pop star Mika’s undoubtedly talented and folks love his peppy, happy, showbizzy music! And man, is he milking this “I won’t talk about my sexuality” thing like crazy! The gays love it. It’s the best shtick anyone’s come up with in a while! Just imagine if he and Anderson Cooper were to chat. Pink elephants everywhere!

But who needs the Coop? We’ve got Jason Bellini who asks Mika about his refusal to discuss who he sleeps with, and about whether or not gay artists have a responsibility to be open about who they are! It’s a great chat. You can watch the short version above, but go to Jason’s Here & Now vlog and watch the long version. It’s chock full of smart talk. And you get to hear Mika's charming accent. It's like marmalade!

Happy Pride Mika!

Pride Soundtrack: "Mighty Real," Dolly Parton & Bright Eyes

Get revved up for Pride with some classic videos, gay icons and super-inclusive love songs... See below.

Okay kids! It’s Gay Pride Weekend in New York. And I feel like the city’s just ready to burst forth with rainbow-tinged love, lust and all-around sassiness. And hey, I understand that it’s easy to be critical of frivolous gay self-congratulatory celebrations, especially when we’re all still fighting for so much (marriage, protection from hate crimes, heck—the right to just exist in some places), but I’m all for taking over a weekend wherein we can remember our past struggles and celebrate our gorgeous, fun, creative and loopy gay selves.

That said I’ve got a few musical offerings to toss your way. As you can see, each of us today on the blog are offering up our favorite Pride dance jam, an artist who inspires us, and a video pick that just serves up a nice message that we’re feeling this Pride. Ambrose and Julie have served up theirs; here's mine.

Fave Pride Dance Jam: Sylvester's "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)"

This tune just makes me smile and wanna twirl! And it’s steeped in historical gay fabulousness. "Mighty Real" may be a cliche, but it's a big, sequined, flamboyant gleaming one (and I’m all for that!). I think I remember hearing the song as a kid, but it was the way Sandra Bernhard paid tribute to Sylvester, the original San Francisco diva in her show (and film) Without You I’m Nothing in the early ’90s that cemented my appreciation for this track.

Sylvester brings the classic disco heat, defining some Pride soundz for generations.

But you don’t have to theorize or analyze it. The song just soars with giddy gayness. And a lifetime of props to the courageous and fierce Sylvester, who was not afraid to be a big, glamorous, dress-wearing, wig and make-up festooned African-American gay superstar publicly way before our time. You paved the way for us, and we can only thank you!

And fyi, my 2 runners-up for Pride Dance Jam were “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls (some cliches are classic) and Franz Ferdinand’s sweaty boy-love dance rocker “Michael.” Sooooo hot...

If you’re lucky, you’ll hear this immortal disco nugget sometime this weekend. When you do, serve it up for the late, great Sylvester.

After the jump, more musical Pride with Dolly Parton & Bright Eyes!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Lesbian Summer Movies! Posh + Nas! Rosie + Beth! Junior + Senior! Read On!

Katherine Heigl's big lesbian (imaginary) summer blockbuster! And Nas does Posh, like, "Full Stop!"

Har! AfterEllen readers reimagine the summer’s biggest films with a decidedly lesbian bent. Featuring Katherine Heigl and real "Trans" power! Yay!

Meanwhile, back to music...

Here’s your freaky summertime song duo... Victoria “Posh” Beckham & Nas have produced a single. It's call "Full Stop." Really. Listen if you so desire.

Junior Senior’s new album is hitting in August. And they’re gonna tour! Yippeee!

New Feist remix for “1 2 3 4”—and it’s thumping and electro-humpy! But still Feist-y...

Marnie Stern (You’re like, who? Click and find out.) has announced a full-band tour. Yum!

I love The Gossip’s Beth Ditto. I’m not alone. So does Rosie O’Donnell.

Ya dig Swedish pop-electro starlet Robyn. Ya should. And you should check out her new video, “With Every Heartbeat.”

And has Kanye West poached some of Girl Talk’s style? He’s kinda wonderin’...

Kevin Aviance: One Year Later

Kevin Aviance: Standing tall again, and in the Pride Parade last year, just weeks after his assault.

It was just over a year ago the NYC nightlife star and dance music artist Kevin Aviance was brutally assaulted during a gay bashing in Manhattan's East Village. The attack made headlines and shocked gay New Yorkers... This was in a largely gay friendly neighborhood, Kevin's well-known and a tall, built guy. How could this happen?

This week (as part of its queer issue) The Village Voice gets an update from Kevin a year later. And they tell much that's not known about the beating's aftermath, including info about Kevin getting threats (in person) from his attackers' family members, as well as get-well wishes from Janet Jackson and Tyra Banks. Plus, the article's a great portrait of a self-made performer. And a survivor of drugs of the raucous nightlife whirl.

Congrats, Kevin! We're glad you're still here--and still fierce!

Pride Soundtrack: Coming Out = R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion"

"Losing My Religion" -- The video seems way gayer watching it now. See for yourself!

Hey Pridesters! Today on the blog each of our lovely contributors will offer up a little personal post about a tune that sort of signifies what it was like when we came out, or the tune that was playing in our heads and hearts when we were each going through that ritual recognizing that yep, we’re not only just as cool as all the other kids, we’re even moreso. (Um... ’cuz we’re all gay, fyi).

My choice is a wee bit obvious and old, but here goes... It's “Losing My Religion” from Out of Time by R.E.M. and it totally told my story as I was living it. (Watch the video above!) Michael Stipe wasn’t officially out then either (this was 1991—yep, I’m old), and this tune and video may have well been his own coming out party. The song is a gorgeous plea and rumination on identity, coming to terms, revealing yourself (“that’s me in the spotlight...”) and casting aside stale comforts and choosing a different path.

"Out of Time" was right on time for me, thanks. And here's R.E.M., still a foursome in the late 1990's.

More "Losing My Religion" and gay-ish R.E.M. stuff after jump!

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VH1 Announces Upcoming Lineup!

57129995 55744811 73959907

Ben Stein, "Salt" of Salt 'n Pepa and Danny Bonaduce will be adding some celebreality to VH1's newest shows.

I love my reality TV, so my life would be a whole lot sadder if it weren't for VH1. If for no other reason than the wonderful gift that was The Flavor of Love and its many, many spin-offs, I am forever in their debt.

So I was very excited to hear about the seven new shows VH1's signed off on (other than the total Flavor of Love wanna-be, Rock of Love - just keep milking the Flava Flav franchise, guys!).

Let's see...I think I'm most excited for this one, America's Most Smartest Model. Not only am I happy they got Ben Stein to co-host (I absolutely loved Win Ben Stein's Money and miss it terribly), but seeing models attempt to actually express an emotion or convey a complete thought could be endlessly entertaining. Not to suggest that models aren't bright, intelligent individuals but... Anyway, seven male and seven female models, who believe they are smart as well as beautiful, battle each other in intelligence tests for a $100,000 prize. Sounds like heaven!

The next six VH1 guilty pleasures after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: The Hottest 100 Men, Xtina's Bun, Kelly's Leak & Matthew's Splash

Who are the Hottest 100 Men? Jake, Taye and Mr. Meloni are just the tip (yes, just the tip) of the iceberg...

Following AfterEllen’s lead, the guys over at AfterElton want you to nominate your picks for their Hot 100 List of the, well, hottest men around. Jocks, movie stars, pop icons—even politicians! Sound off! I did. The hard part? Keeping your list down to 10!


In NYC, Next Magazine seeks to redefine how we look at life in “New Gay York.” Sounds good to me...

Yep, Xtina’s got a lil’ genie in her bottle. She’s preggers!

Kelly Clarkson’s leaking. New music, that is. Thanks, MTV!

Justin Timberlake is kissing—er, I mean producing—and telling. He’s talking about Madonna’s new tunes that he and Timbaland are cooking up.

If it’s summertime, that means Matthew McConaughey must be back at the beach. Surf is definitely up.

Who says man-crushes are just for gay guys? The O.C.’s fresh Adam Brody seems to admire shirtless Stephen Dorff. Ain’t nothing wrong with that...

True Colors Tour: Shiny Behind-the-Scenes TV Special! Tomorrow!

I've posted lots here about the totally fun True Colors tour that's currently charging around the U.S. with Cyndi Lauper, Erasure, Debbie Harry, Margaret Cho, the Dresden Dolls and other cool artists like The Gossip, Rosie O'Donnell, Rufus Wainwright and The Cliks. Heck, maybe you've seen it already!

No matter. Either way, you'll dig Shining Through: Behind the Scenes at True Colors, a special airing tomorrow on Logo that takes you backstage during the tour, chats up the stars and offers fun interviews with everyone involved. Margaret Cho hosts and, like I said, it's crammed with fun conversations and concert and rehearsal footage, all shot backstage in Vegas as the tour launched. Dresden Doll Amanda talks about costumes, Erasure talks about being gay pop stars, Debbie Harry talks about fighting for civil rights and Cyndi's just all-around awesome.

Get some video tastes of it above (the teaser/trailer) and below (exclusive excerpts with Cyndi!), and check it out on TV tomorrow night at 8pm EST.

Cyndi Lauper + gays = fab True Colors tour!

New Order of the Phoenix Pictures, Interviews and Buzz on Potentially Scarred Children Everywhere!


The Hogwarts students enter their fifth year. And yes I could list the names of each of the characters off the top of my head, but why give away all of my mystique?

I apologize to the non-Harry Potter dorks in the audience, but I need a little check-in. And you know what? You haters can listen too, since it's just a $3.5 billion industry and all.

First off, I just found this picture of the Hogwarts students who follow Harry into the D.A. And I have to say, it looks like the casting directors got Luna Lovegood, the blond on the right and my personal favorite from the books, just right!

And please enjoy some fun interviews with the supporting cast we never really get to hear from (I've seen enough of Daniel Radcliffe nude), including little sister Ginny, love-interest Cho, spacey, newbie Luna and soft-spoken Neville.

Rumors of Harry Potter's death in the final book and producers turning the Paris subway into Hogwarts Express ...after the jump!

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Vote for the Ultimate Queer Video! Now!

Who made the Ultimate Queer Video? Among those in the running are (clockwise from top left) Sophie B. Hawkins, Culture Club, Jonny McGovern, God-Des, RuPaul, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Ari Gold and Deadlee. Cast your vote, NOW!

It’s Pride time, and The Click List-ers at Logo want you to vote on which queer artist (ya know, a pop star who’s out and proud these days) has made the “Ultimate Queer Video.” Like, what’s your favorite clip made by an LGBT starlet? Above are a few of the candidates, old-school and new... Sound off by voting, like now! Results will air on Logo this Friday night at midnight!

Beth Ditto's True Colors Are Beautiful; Plus "Creep"-y Video!

"Listen Up:" Murray Hill and NYC cable legend Robin Byrd flank rock roustabout Beth Ditto (who rules the world, thanks) at last night's True Colors concert afterparty. Genius!

Beth Ditto, the completely cool and lovely and out-lesbian lead singer of The Gossip is delightful. Last night at the afterparty which followed her band's performance as part of the True Colors tour at Radio City Music Hall (here in nifty NYC), Ms. Ditto was chatty, charming, adorable, game to meet fans and splash about gabbing with everybody in the house.

From the moment Ms. D arrived, she was sweetly posing for photos and meeting with fans. And she had brought her very nice Mom along, too. I snapped a bunch of pics of Beth with all kinds of festive New Yorkers; folks like the Village People's Randy Jones, cable TV legend Robin Byrd, drag queens galore, Logo staffers, and lots of great peeps from LifeBeat (the music industry's AIDS fundraising group) all whooped it up at the midtown joint LQ, and DJs Lina and Adam provided the tunes.

"What the hell are we doing here?" Amanda and Beth wanna know...

And above is a video of the super-impromptu performance in which the Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer (armed with her ukelele) and Beth do a quickie duet of Radiohead's "Creep," with a special guest appearance from the legendary camp puppet celeb, Madame. Evidently, Madame swings sapphically too, as she and Ms. Ditto get rather frisky. Put that in the center square, yo!

Plus: Go to The Gossip's MySpace page to hear their brilliantly amazing cover of Wham's "Careless Whisper."  It's totally my Pride Week jam! GAY!!!

More fun, "Gossip"-y photos after the jump! Rock on Beth!

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Morning Tearjerker: Idol Contestant Alaina Alexander's Video Takes on Hate Crimes

Alaina Alexander was a finalist on American Idol this past season, but her latest effort is certainly making me a bigger fan than any prime-time howl-off for Simon Cowell's amusement ever could.

Via those good guys at AfterElton, I learned that the singer has posted a new video for her single "Believe" on her MySpace page, and it's a moving tribute to those individuals who were the victims of deadly hate crimes. Give the video a look and brace yourself, it's a heartbreaker. Sure, the editing and production isn't top notch, but the video has the best intentions and a big, big heart. It may even snap you out of any Gay Pride jaded-ness you might be feeling.

Alaina Alexander: Doing her part for hate crime awareness.

Thanks, Alaina! And Happy Pride back at ya!

Clay Aiken Worship Takes the Stage in Idol: The Musical...And It's Coming to NYC!


The beauty of Claymate devotion...finally put to song. Rejoice!

A musical "based on the worship of Clay Aiken"? Wow...That's a big title to live up to.

But Syracuse-based Idol: The Musical, about a group of small-town Claymates, has been so popular in its hometown, producers are bringing the show to New York! The satirical musical-comedy will be showing at 45th Street Theatre starting July 5, and the show's holding auditions for understudies and future cast members tomorrow morning (Tuesday June 19) at Chelsea Studios.

Idol: The Musical follows the lives of eight Steubenville, Ohio high schoolers who dream of stardom and, of course, worship the phenomenon that is...Clay Aiken. The group of misfits hit a turning point in their lives with the approach of their graduation, and, more importantly, the Idol Tour's (and Clay himself!) scheduled performance in Steubenville!


Oh, this has the makings to be such a hit. We need a Claynation national holiday!

Daily Buzz Bits: Men in Undies, Rosie, Jon Stewart & Batman...

Men in their skivvies serving coffee on the streets? Only in New York kids, only in New York... And only tomorrow morning!

Ummm... Tomorrow morning in NYC men in underwear will be serving coffee on the city’s busy streets. (courtesy of 2(X)ist briefs and Instinct Magazine) Yep, it must be Gay Pride Week!


Today in Rosie O'Donnell news: Yes, she might think about hosting The Price Is Right. Ummm... And she’s making comments about working with “backstabbing” straights. Har!

Curl Girls debuts on Logo tonight! The NY Daily News sez: “The Curl Girls are swell.”

Jon Stewart might move to NBC? At least he enjoys a gay-tinted treat (see photo)...

Hurrah! This summer’s series of free rock shows at Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Pool have been announced. Some good stuff planned (Blonde Redhead, TV on the Radio, Yacht, Erase Errata)... And they’re free!

The Smashing Pumpkins are gonna return for a TV gig! Via David Letterman!

And Batman’s getting a new suit for his next film. (Via PopCandy). And here's a bigger glimpse. And no, there aren’t nipples. Really, now...

Tony & Carmela Soprano's Yard Sale - Really!

Want the Sopranos' kitchen set? Maybe those cute little sugar and spice containers?

Attention Sopranos fans! A little birdie who's a Sopranos insider tipped me off that this "Movie Company Set Dressing and Warehouse Sale" that's currently listed on Craig's List is actually a sale hawking all of the props and furnishings and scenery from The Sopranos. Really!

Maybe you can snag some of gay Vito's New Hampshire diner props, eh?

The sale is in Long Island City (that's in Queens, NYC) starting tomorrow! Bring cash and an affinity for nouveau Jersey mobster chic. And a moving van, as "plenty of furniture, lamps, rugs, antiques, books, kitchen and bathroom accesories etc." will be on sale.

Yep, you can finally own your own Bada Bing stripper pole! Or that lamp that had the FBI bug in it! Or the cappuccino maker that Paulie gave Carmela! Or maybe there's still of those onion rings left over from the finale?

Berlin, Berlin, Where Did Our Love Go? Love Parade Has Moved On


A little tough love at the 2006 Love Parade in Germany. And it's some parade.

Achtung, Baby. Dance music’s most famous street party is moving to the beat of a different city. Europe-bound revelers this summer will need to hop to Essen, in the west of Germany, to catch the Love Parade that previously had been held in Berlin.

Love Parade organizers cited a bureaucratic song and dance, namely the city of Berlin’s failure to grant written approval, as the reason for the switch. The event in Essen will take place on August 25.

In case you’ve never shared the love, or the dehydration and gratuitous nudity, the Love Parade is a daylong festival that draws hundreds of thousands to celebrate tolerance, respect and understanding through techno music. It started as a political statement just before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and since then, offshoots have grown to spread the message of love to far-flung locations such as Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Cape Town and San Francisco.

Berlin gets the shaft and more on the Love Parade after the jump.

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Cool Film Alert: The Godfather of Disco

Disco's fairy godfather, Mel Cheren, circa 1972; and hanging with casual friends like Grace Jones at Paradise Garage. These people made disco possible.

So last week at the NewFest I saw an interesting new documentary film about a very interesting man and his pioneering work as founder of West End Records, the legendary disco music label. Like a good queen, I love that hot disco beat, so this doc, entitled “The Godfather of Disco” was right up my alley. Based on Mel Cheren’s equally fascinating autobiography “Keep on Dancin' : My Life and the Paradise Garage", the films chronicles Mel’s journey from the pre-disco music industry through disco’s hey-day in the late 70’s and early 80’s New York, and up to the present. Through interviews with dance music heavyweights like Jellybean Benitez, Ultra Nate and Junior Vasquez the film paints a picture of a singular man who is responsible for much of the greatest club music ever produced.

And whoa. The music was pretty amazing!!! Cheren’s label West End released classic, seminal disco slammers like Karen Young’s “Hot Shot”, historic funk/dance jams like Taana Gardner’s “Heartbeat” (which was sampled extensively in Ini Kamoze’s “Here Comes the Hot Stepper”, and that’s right, I said, “historic” – it’s more than classic), and gay anthems like the Reverend Carl Bean’s super-legendary “I Was Born This Way” (who can argue with lyrics like “I’m happy, I’m carefree, and I’m gay”?).

Taana Gardner = Disco Royalty. Can we start dancing now?

More on The Godfather of Disco after the jump!

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Elvira Kurt Goes Wild!

Yes, this woman was raised in the wild. By Hungarians. She'll explain...

FYI, those of you who like comedy stuff and happen to be in Los Angeles. Lesbian comedian Elvira Kurt (she who hosts First Comes Love, that "Ack-I'm-getting-married-show-and-I'm-freaking-out!" show on Logo) is doing some of her deliciously twisted stand-up next weekend in L.A. She'll be skewering all aspects of queer life, from politics and pop culture to... er, penguins! Really!

The show is called "Elvira Kurt. Raised in the Wild." And it's next Saturday night (June 23rd at 8pm) at the Renberg Theater at The L.A. Gay Center's Village in Hollywood. Tix are just $20, and it's a benefit for the Center. Nice, eh?

And if you're really into Ms. Kurt, she's hosting a special on Logo on June 26th, Cruising the Caribbean with Olivia. Meaning Olivia Cruises, not like, Olivia Newton-John. Though that would be fun, too.

Book It: Who's Your TV Alter Ego?

This is your next party topic: Are you more Buffy, Willow, Xander, Angel or Cordelia? Finally, you can know for sure... A cocktail might help the research.

Summer reading needn't be a solitary exercise. The festive new tome, Who's Your TV Alter Ego? (which is self-described as "The Ultimate Television Character Personality Test") by elusive author Noah Lusky, is a book meant to be shared. Out loud. With friends. And if cocktails, snacks and rowdy attitudes are prevalent, all the better.

The book offers up the chance to (sort of) scientifically define which of your favorite TV characters you're most like. Meaning, if you were a character on Grey's Anatomy or Ugly Betty, who would be? (Of course, if T.R. Knight and Michael Urie are reading this, they know already...)

There are over 52 TV shows to choose from, from Gilligan's Island to Scooby Doo to Seinfeld to 90210 to The Sopranos to The Simpsons to Heroes. I took the quiz with a bunch of friends while hanging on a sailboat cruise a couple of weeks back. From Sex and the City? I'm Samantha. From The Golden Girls? Blanche. Heyyy... I can't help it. I'm friendly! (Though from the Strangers With Candy crew, I'm Mr. Jellineck. Wha...?)

More TV Alter Ego intrigue after the jump!

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Art Alert: Still Frida After All These Years

Frida Kahlo's touring the US starting this fall. Expect rockin' self-portraits with lovely flowers, or funky monkeys.

Those delectable rumors about gal pals Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz may not be true, but at least we can look forward to a fall tour from another Spanish-speaking lesbian icon.

Beginning in late October, prepare for the first American exhibition in over a decade solely dedicated to the work of Frida Kahlo, the deceased and openly bisexual Mexican painter who would have marked her 100th birthday on July 6. Although she died in 1954, in the past few decades celebrity admirers such as Hayek and Madonna have helped contribute to her ginormous popularity.

The exhibition, which will kick off at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis before hitting Philadelphia and San Francisco into 2008, focuses on Kahlo’s haunting and brutal self-portraits. Much of the work is based on specific events in her extraordinary and passionate life that surpasses the plotline of any telenovela.

Awwww... It's like we can see Salma's thoughts. She hearts Penelope!

More Frida & Salma after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Naked Broadway Gods, Gay Gyms, Homo Husbands...

Broadway's gods and goddesses will bare their heavenly bodies -- all for charity!!! -- this Sunday in NYC. Hallelujah!

This Sunday night, the hottest men and women of Broadway dance around nearly naked for charity. Yep, it’s Broadway Bares time again. Here’s some nice eye candy (with commentary!).


This Rufus Wainwright vs. Anderson Cooper gymcentric slapfest has prompted a new debate: Which is the gayest gym in New York City? (Er, aren’t they all gay?)

Whoa... This whole “Eeek! Is my husband gay?” mania has gotten way out of control. (Thanks Mrs. McGreevey and Terry McMillan.) Even the Barnes & Noble in Chelsea is in on the act.

Paper Magazine’s Mr. Mickey is a smart chatty fellow. And now he offers sartorial (and lovelife) advice online! Tidbits: Straight frattish boys like lacey panties! And to be fabulous? Just be yourself.

The Village Voice’s Michael Musto serves gay dish on Lily Tomlin, Tom Cruise, Anne Heche... But, like, fun new stuff!

Ouch. Maybe tennis players should wear cups?

Neil Patrick Harris To Find His Xanadu?

Will Neil Patrick Harris strap on his Xanadu skates? Might Cheyenne Jackson's big feet fit? I have to believe either one of them would be "Magic." Er... Sorry.

I sure hope out TV star Neil Patrick Harris can roller skate. That's because he might (big "might" there...) replace the male lead in Broadway's Xanadu, who just broke his foot. Ouch! Yep, turns out the current lead guy, James Carpinello hurt himself while goofing off on skates (yes, roller skates are worn in the show's big finale number) in rehearsal. And at the top of list to replace him? Doogie!

Frankly, I always like Neil Patrick Harris in anything. He's one of the few out gay actors who's funny, and seems not to take himself too seriously. Plus he's got Broadway chops, having appearing in Assassins, Cabaret and Proof. He can sing... Just not sure if he can roller boogie. But I bet he's versatile. Heh...

Another Broadway talent producers are also considering for the role? Uber-hottie (and also openly gay -- ya gotta love Broadway) Cheyenne Jackson who gyrated sublimely in the Elvis-tuned All Shook Up. And he'll look good in skates, or just about anything!

Will Xanadu's neon lights shine for Neil or Cheyenne? I'll let ya know. In the meantime, I've got to roll over and check out the show myself. It's a place where I'll totally dare to go...

Kim Kardashian is the Vegas Pussycat Doll’s Ms. New Booty!

74172038 0604_kimk_butt_pcn_3

Kim's Deelishis booty (Flav reference anyone?) has put her back in the least for the moment.

Bear with me, guys. I know Kim Kardashian doesn’t deserve to be famous – she’s only famous for being Paris’s friend, who, you could argue, also does not deserve to be famous.

But Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin doesn’t care (And obviously neither do I), because she’s supposedly asked the ass-tastic socialite to take the next celebrity guest spot in the PCD show in Las Vegas. Kim will be following other big name Pussycat guests including Scarlett Johansson and Eva Longoria.


The PCD (left to right) Carmit, Asia (Instead of Ashley!), Melody, Nicole, Kimberly and Jessica.

Hey, does anyone else get a les vibe from Robin Antin? Random question. But here are pictures of Robin eating dinner with Kim, and supposedly, Robin even showed Kim a few dance moves.

And I just think it’s funny, that Kim got this job 100 percent, without a doubt because of that bootylicious picture of her leaving the gym last week. Or maybe it's just a coincidence!

Daily Buzz Bits: George Michael A Joke? Mariah Does Gay Paris...

George wowed Wembley... But not Muse? And Mariah's gonna throw down for Elton's charity at a big homo bash in Paris. Ooh la la, y'all!

So, George Michael totally sold out the new, revamped Wembley Stadium on Sunday. And it was a big smashing success. But dudes in the band Muse are calling it a joke. Those Brits can be soooo bitchy!

You might consider a trip to Paris on June 29th. Mariah Carey is gonna headline One Mighty Party (yep, it used to be held in Orlando), a big gay dance party benefit for Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. That’s pretty gay. Or “le gay” as they say in France.


That cool comic artist guy who draws Tank Girl and Gorillaz? He’s got a line of vibrators out. Buzz, buzz.

Matchmaking websites and EHarmony are still in a slapfest. Yay! We like it when companies fight over how much they love us. Or don’t.

What’s a day of news without Rosie? Here she is chatting up CBS News on Logo’s lovely Jason Bellini! And drumming!

Jake Gyllenhaal to play a Howard Dean-esque politico? I’d vote for that, yo.

New Morrissey music! Captured by a sneaky fan! Cool...

Um, just in case you secretly wanted to be a porn star... Don’t do it in Iran. (Of course, there’s the gay issue, too...)

Jennifer Aniston to Produce, And Maybe Star In, Texas Prison Musical! But Can She Sing?

Jenniferaniston73887751 Prison39933_4

Jen's bringing musical theater to the slammer!

I’m trying to picture this, but it’s just not happening...Jennifer Aniston singing?

Well, that part is still a maybe, but Jen is for sure producing a musical-movie with DreamWorks called Goree Girls. I didn’t know she was a producer! Here I was wondering what Jen did all day...

Goree Girls will be based on a true story of female prisoners in 1940s Texas. Apparently, eight women in the Goree Prison Unit formed one of the first all-female country acts in the U.S. – and went on to be very popular and even pardoned for their crimes.

Jen, or Jen's people, became interested in the story thanks to a Texas Monthly profile on the girls. And no one’s said for sure, although it’s definitely possible, if Jen will star in the musical. That would be so weird...but I hope she does!

The Olsen Twins: A Birthday Tribute

Marykate57074714_2 Olsentwins74396017_2

The Olsens are legal! And they are steppin' out...on their own.

Forget Paris. Mary-Kate Olsen sure wishes she could, given Hilton’s betrayal of boyfriend theft. Too bad the intense focus on that jailed hotel heiress makes it so easy these days to disregard Mary-Kate and her slightly older, slightly taller twin sister, Ashley. This pair of tabloid trailblazers, who’ve been in the spotlight since they were six-months old, paved the way for hundreds of millions to care about Paris and her antics.

And now they’re all grown up.

Today, the Olsen twins can vote, try and probably fail to sign up for military service, and legally drink alcohol in the United States.

More on the twins' diverging futures after the jump.

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New Imperial Teen: "Shim Sham"

The four royal rockers of Imperials Teen looking bright and clean; and this rockin' pup (taken from their MySpace pics). He's feelin' it!

Imperial Teen, the SF & LA-based gang of four musicians (two gay dudes and two not-gay chicks) who rocked out all through the late '90s and early '00s have got an album sailing our way this August. It's called "The Hair The TV The Baby and The Band." And that's good news for all who enjoy perky, punky, poppy rock music that's made for jumping up and down to while spilling your beer at a wee club somewhere in Silver Lake. (You get the idea...)

And today I got a MySpace message announcing that their new tune is up and listenable. Woo-hoo! It's called "Shim Sham" and features vocals by IT'er Lynn Perko Truell. (All four band members always take turn with the singing, so it's fun to guess who's gonna be at bat on any given tune.)

Give a listen via MySpace. The foursome (Roddy Bottum, Will Schwartz of Hey Willpower, Jone Stebbins and Lynn) will be touring later this summer so pay attention...


Daily Buzz Bits: Rosie's "Price" Check, Russell's Straight Story, Cat Fancy & More!

Rosie wants a new hosting gig? Someone thought Russell Simmons was gay? Cat Power queen of cool rock? Yes, yes, yes... And they all like microphones.

Is Rosie gonna host The Price Is Right? I bet she could spin that big wheel like nobody’s business.

Russell Simmons isn’t gay (that would’ve explained Kimora Lee however).

Cat Power wins Britain’s Shortlist prize (some music thingy), besting Band of Horses, Bonnie Prince Billy, Regina Spektor and others. Meow, indeed!


Keith Boykin’s person of the week is a formerly homeless just-graduated college man, Leoule Goshu. Pretty damn impressive. And now he’s off to Harvard to work for gay causes and help people. Ummm... Is he single?

Kelly Clarkson axes her manager. “Here’s the thing, they started out friends...”

Mary J. Blige designing new album, clothing line. Because she can.

Marc Almond sez: Madonna used to hang out with junkies and hookers—in his flat.

“Cheese heroin” is a bad thing. First, it’s not cheese at all (highly disappointing). Second, er... It’s heroin.

New Dresden Dolls Video: "Shores of California"

"California" here they come... With Kelly!

The Dresden Dolls are busy little bees. They're presently out touring the big gay U.S.A. with Cyndi Lauper on her True Colors tour. And frankly, I wasn't too familiar with them before seeing them on the tour this past weekend, but I sort of fell in love.

Lead singer Amanda Palmer is a lanky, louche, and lovely (and super-talented) musician and chanteuse. Her co-Doll Brian Viglione is tall, stringily muscular and supremely, quirkily talented, too. And he wears a nightie like nobody's business. Together they comprise one of the most interesting, unpredictable and original outfits creating cabaret-tinged, saloon-ready, theatrical pop-rock out there now. See them on the True Colors tour, if ya can.

I wish they all could be Dresden Dolls...

And now, after viewing this David Lee Roth inspired video for their latest, "Shores of California," I love them even more. The clip is truly fab. And watch for the smoochy cameo by Kelly! It's brilliant!

And Margaret Cho pops up, too. Yay!

Dina McGreevey: Waaaah! Blames Ex for Bad Gay Sales?

Mrs. McGreevey is not happy that her book ain't selling to gays... Meanwhile, hubby Jim is gaying it up! Oh, saintly Judith Light, resist his ooky charms, please!

This is just kooky. There's an article out today about how Dina Matos McGreevey is raging mad (and possibly planning a lawsuit) against her former husband, gay ex-governor Jim McGreevey, because his claims that she's homophobic have harmed her career. Turns out that Mrs. M says that due to all of the ex-gov's claims that she doesn't like gays, her tell-all memoir Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage has been selling poorly, especially to one of its key target audiences: Gay men.

Wha...? Ummm, okayyy. When will both of these McGreevey people just go away? It's bad enough that us gays have to now endure minister-to-be Jim out and about at nice gay events (He shows up at everything and talks to cameras and we're supposed to pay attention. Urf...). And now the Mrs. has gotten into the act. Were we supposed to care about her memoir? I mean she got to do Oprah (who liiiiives for those tales of wives done wrong by their gay husbands, which is creepy enough). I mean, if she can't sell her book after that, she's screwed.

More McGreevey mess after the jump.

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Rick & Steve Are Happy, Gay, Hilarious and Totally Wrong!

Watch the trailer for Rick & Steve. This oughtta get good...

I’ve gotta plug one of Logo’s forthcoming shows for a second. Remember when you first saw the “Jesus vs. Santa Claus” clip (that later became what we now know and love as South Park) years ago? It was freaky and rude and blasphemous and brilliant. Well, believe it or not, Logo has a show coming that reminds me of that.

Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World is scheduled to premiere on Logo on July 10th at 10pm. But today (right here! above!) you can watch a totally sick and fun trailer for the show. Yes, it’s bringing some perky animated cuteness that just happens to pack a knee to the crotch of deliriously rude (yet sweet) humor.

West Lahunga Beach? My kinda town!!!

More RICK & STEVE stuff after the jump!

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Clay Mates Need a Time Out

72014037_3 72622096_4

Your citizens are up in arms over you, Clay!

I’ve heard things about these Claymates. Mainly that you do not want to mess with them – you don't want to even suggest Clay might be gay. Claynation will declare war on your ass so fast…

Well anyway, civil unrest is brewing in Claynation – according to Page Six, many of its citizens have stopped believing the Idol Season 2 runner-up/UNICEF ambassador is straight. But there are still those staunch believers who stand by Mr. Aiken and his denial, and they are not happy.

Page Six had this to say, “An insider said, ‘The war is between the batty members that are still clinging to their heterosexual fantasies of him and others that don't harbor such illusions.’”

Now Clay just avoids the subject in interviews (which tends to be PR-speak for “I’m gay”), and then there were those pictures...Oh, yes. I remember those.

And the debate became so heated, Clayonline shut down its message board – oh, what I would give to be able to read some of the posts that pushed the Web site’s creators to shut themselves down. Had I but known! The Clayonline message board put up this statement once it went down...

“Due to reports of extensive unrest and disrespect amongst members that has been carrying on for several weeks, the Official Fan Club Message Board will be shut down until further notice. Please note that should tensions continue on other areas of the fan club, severe consequences may occur."

I told you! You do not want to mess with them. “Severe consequences?”

Daily Buzz Bits: L.A. Pride, JFK Jr., Rufus & Jake, Whoopi & More!

Former pro-baller John Amaechi rides a wave with those rad Curl Girls at a big pre-Pride party, Friday night at the L.A. Sofitel.

John Amaechi was all over L.A. this weekend, whooping it up at Gay Pride events. He tall, smart and fabulous! (see above photo) And here’s a newsclip that’s got some fun pics and quotes (as well as dragster “Freida Laye.” Love her!) for all the Pride stuff. Plus more pics below after the jump!


So, is ABC being, like, hypocritical by not hiring back Isaiah Washington?

JFK Jr. didn’t shag Madonna, but he scored with guys? Wha...?

Rufus & Jake! Cutest couple ever.

And speaking of Rufus Wainwright... Vanity Fair has a totally great article about his entire family. They're intense! And they write brutal, beautiful songs about each other. And Rufus is sort of like, Queen Bee, natch.

Kelly Clarkson is totally rad. And not taking any sh*t. Go Kell!

Yo Majesty are some hot “Out Musicians to Watch!” (last page of the article)

GQ Magazine finds gay dads fashionable. Sweet!

Whoopi to take Rosie’s spot on The View? Works for me!

So Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg are married. They’re “best friends.” But will 60 Minutes ask about Diller’s sexuality? Not really... But hell, I’d marry Diane Von Furstenberg, too. She rules.

The men of Noah's Arc are all up in John Amaechi's stuff. Whoa! He's so big he makes Trey look shrimpy! From left, Christian Vincent, Jonathan Julian, Benjamin Patterson, Amaechi and Gregory Keith.

More pics from L.A. Pride (Curl Girls, Noah's Arc, Joan Jett, Sharon Stone) after the jump!

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Getting "Real" This Pride Month

Nice folks, living "Real" lives. Josh & Brian just wanna get hitched. And Elroi and Aly are feeling committed, too. Awwww... They're in tonight's "Be Real" episode.

As ya know, it’s Pride month, so you’re probably getting deluged by messages of gay good will and stories of cool queer proudness. Which is great!

Logo’s always pushing the good, prideful gay stories at its viewers, and right now there’s a real-life series running that isn’t a reality show about competing homo hairdressers, musical twin pop stars or GLAAD award-winning celebs. The series Be Real (presented by those nice folks at Stoli vodka) is a smart and charming look at real people all across America who, yes, just happen to be gay, and who are living lives that are a testimony to the (cue the feel-good music) the bravery and nobility of the human spirit. What I like about the show is just the down home, simple way it presents real gay Americans who are fighting their own battles and being courageous in everyday ways.

Tonight’s episode is themed “Commitment” and showcases two couples (gay boys Josh & Brian, and queer gender rebels Aly & Elroi) who just wanna love each other and be recognized as such. What’s more elemental than that?

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Lindsay Knows Who Killed Her...Career. Just Kidding!


She just can not catch a break, can she?

I’ll admit I was one of those people who watched (more than once) those tiny, grainy, I-don’t-want-to-pay-for-porn level clips of Lindsay Lohan’s stripper scene in her upcoming movie.

But now, I’m happy to say, I’ve seen the actual clip, and I’ve bothered to find out what movie it was from. For those who don’t know, it’s called I Know Who Killed Me, and it premieres July 27.

The movie's  been creating Internet buzz with a set of short, pseudo-trailers on YouTube with narration from the serial killer in the movie who kidnaps and tortures Lindsay. Some of the clips are actually really creepy! (I’m astounding…)

And hey! She’s not difficult to work with - They only had to pay the Apple Farm hotel a cleaning fee for Lindsay “constantly smoking in the smoke-free hotel” and only had to give Lindsay one rehab break in January!

More on who killed Lohan after the jump!

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True Colors Tour: The Big Finish

Cyndi and Rosie and Margaret and Andy and everybody else all see your true colors...

For the finale of Friday night’s True Colors debut show in Vegas the Dresden Dolls, the Indigo Girls, Margaret Cho, Erasure, Rosie O’Donnell and Cyndi Lauper all took to the stage and cranked out a giddily rockin’ version of the Abba classic “Take A Chance on Me.” And, they sent forth about 20 super-huge balloons (which were about the size of a Mini-Cooper each) in rainbow colors bouncing all over the arena. Not sure why Debbie Harry wasn’t out for the finale. And it seemed odd that Andy Bell needed a lyric sheet to sing “Take a Chance On Me”; Erasure did an entire album of Abba tunes. But, nonetheless the result was campy, colorful and er… Yay, fun!

And yes, for the final finale number, Cyndi and her guitarist took to the front of the stage and delivered a lovely, simple, almost acoustic version of "True Colors," which all of the acts joined in on. It was uplifting and poignant, without being cloying or preachy. In fact, the whole night was just one big upbeat, positive statement. It never got gloomy or strident, just a rollicking good time with fab pop stars throwing a party to celebrate how awesome gay folks are. And raising money for great causes in the process.


More finale pics after the jump!

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True Colors Tour: Erasure’s Gay Church Service

Backstage, this is the home of all things fabulous! Oh, l'amour indeed...

Rosie O’Donnell said that Erasure’s music takes us to “gay church.” And I think she nailed it. But at this church you worship sweeping, melodic, anthemic party-pop, with soaring emotion and twirly fabulousness. I just want to give major props to Andy Bell and his silent partner Vince Clarke. Their stint onstage at True Colors last night had everybody in the arena (gay and straight—and yes, there were straight folks there) on their feet, feeling fierce and dancing up a storm.

Erasure performed some of their totally solid new tunes (like “I Could Fall In Love With You”), but it was their classics like “Chains of Love,” “I Love to Hate You,” “Oh L’amour,” and “A Little Respect” that really made the show transcendent.

And OMG… Andy Bell onstage is a wild, queeny, amazingly fantastic, dancing, preening diva. Yay! Plus, the band’s backup singers are hot and totally on point. Props all around to one of the evening’s truly terrific highlights.

Andy Bell onstage: Shiny in silver! And bedazzled camouflage!

More Erasure show pics after the jump!

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True Colors Backstage: The Levi’s Lounge

A cozy corner in the Levi's Lounge at True Colors. "You look mighty good in them jeans, boy..."

FYI: Levi's (being those nice supporters of LGBT causes that they are) put together this pretty cool backstage lounge at the True Colors show in Vegas. And lots of jeans were on hand… Swaggy! This isn’t even a full-on plug. I just thought the lounge was way cool. Yay!

More pics from the Levi's Lounge after the jump!

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True Colors Tour: Deborah Harry

Deborah Harry serves up some "Necessary Evil" at True Colors.

So, yes, Deborah Harry was one of the True Colors performers. She’s a total rock icon and legend, who back in the late ’70s and early ’80s epitomized cool, punky, hot New York downtown fierceness. Blondie was a hugely seminal rock band, and Harry influenced generations of female rock/pop stars to come (like… Madonna, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, just for starters).

Harry’s in great voice these days and still has her cat-like moves, and from the sound of the tunes she played at True Colors last night, I think she’s got some good music coming on her forthcoming solo album, Necessary Evil. And I know she wants to focus on and introduce audiences to her new material (like she says in this article). But it’s still a bit of a letdown to not get to hear her sing any Blondie songs at all during the show. I mean… The audience would have gone completely bonkers to hear “Heart of Glass,” “Call Me,” “One Way or Another…” You get the idea. And since you’ve got Cyndi and Erasure serving up some of their best-loved favorites, that just further emphasized how much one misses hearing some classic Blondie awesomeness.

Don't get me wrong. Ms. Harry still rocks and is a totally major pop icon. It would just be really cool to be reminded why musically during this fun tour, ya know? Especially when the crowd is totally expecting it… That’s all I’m saying.

True Colors Backstage: Margaret Cho, Indigo Girls & Dresden Dolls

Diana Yanez and Margaret Cho! Caught all-frisky like in their dressing room!

Here’s a few quick pics of Margaret Cho and folks backstage at True Colors. Margaret’s with her pal and her wisecracking sidekick Diana Yanez. They collaborate on music videos and stuff, including the amazingly great “My Puss” tune (you gotta watch the video). Which they did live on stage at True Colors. I love their shtick as a Chinese martial arts instructor Maureen and her butch, sporty girlfriend. They have lots of La-Z-Boy recliners.

And the Dresden Dolls (Amanda and Brian) are just hot and festive and adorable. Truly two of the coolest folks around. Yay!

And who doesn’t love Emily and Amy of the Indigo Girls? They're featuring down-home, casual cool, backstage in the Levis lounge, thanks.

True Colors: Rosie O’Donnell - TV Mega-Star, Rock-N-Roll Drummer

The Ecstasy of St. Rosie? She's really happy to be onstage for this big gay show.

Yes, Rosie O’Donnell took to the stage at Friday night’s True Colors tour. Introduced by Cyndi, Rosie strolled out on stage about two-thirds of the way through the show, and people went crazy. “Here are my gays!” she cried happily. “I missed you homos!”

Clearly, she was relishing her reprieve from mainstream daytime talk TV. “Hey, I did the best I could,” she cracked about her year-long View gig. She made fun of Trump and Larry King, referring to them as “the bald billionaire and the human toad,” respectively, joking about how the two are weirdly obsessed with her.

She talked about her kids, including a bit about how her very girlie daughter asked her, “How come I have two mommies, and none of them have high heels?” She explained how she had offered to spend time in jail with Paris Hilton, “as her lesbian protector, nothing else.”

Rosie & Ross the Intern backstage at True Colors in Vegas. Don't they look like siblings or something? Gay-tastic!

More Rosie dish after the jump.

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True Colors Tour Launches; Cyndi Lauper = Superhero

Cyndi Lauper shows her true colors. And yep, they're beautiful. And rather like a rainbow, actually.

Last night it happened. The summer’s gayest rock-n-roll tour kicked off in Las Vegas, as the Cyndi Lauper-organized True Colors tour had its premiere show at the MGM Grand Arena. The show was fun, I’ve got lots of photos and more detailed dish coming. But here’s a quickie…

The show featured Margaret Cho hitting the stage, saying “Hey!” and introducing the Dresden Dolls, who sang their freaky, fun cabaret rock with lots of theatrics and drama. They delivered their own hits like “Coin Operated Boy” and some other gems, like the boozy Jaques Brel tune “Amsterdam.”

Next came the Indigo Girls who always sound amazing, serving up their best, like “Closer to Fine”—a lesbian classic if there ever was one— and “Shame On You” and others. Their harmonies are always sublime, and it’s good to hear some fused with some political, liberal smarts, too. Plus, they have that whole lived-in jeans and T-shirt thing down. They’re great.

Deborah Harry delivered a set of her own tunes, and sounded in great voice. And throughout the show Margaret Cho served up killer comedy, linking all the acts.

Rosie O’Donnell took the stage (more on her to follow) to a big standing O, and dished Larry King and Trump, The View, and then came back to play drums later (really!). Erasure lead the arena in a big, fantastically gay dance party, playing some new tunes and fab classics.

But the total star of the show is Cyndi Lauper. Mainly because her good will, sense of humor and unstoppable voice and talent are the concert's guiding force. She appeared on stage at first to introduce Rosie and a video about the HRC. But when time came for her real set, she delivered big-time.

Hey, it's the official backstage rundown of the True Colors show! Who knew rock stars had a curfew?

A detailed account Cyndi's killer turn onstage after the jump.

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I See Your True Colors Tour Sneak Peek Shining Through--And That's Why I Love You

True Dat! It's a Dresden Doll, and All-American Girl, a She-Bopper and a Nightbird all prepping for tonight's big finale of the True Colors tour. Debbie Harry, the Indigo Girls and Rosie O. will also be on hand.

One thing that happens in Vegas? Hotel room modem issues… Later than planned, here are a bunch of photos from last night’s final rehearsal for tonight’s massive True Colors tour launch at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.  Like I mentioned before, this show is gonna be fun (if the bits I saw last night are a healthy indicator)…

I’m gonna work backwards here. The image up top is four of the big headliners prepping one of the finale numbers. I won’t tell you what it is, but it will be Abba-eqsue. That’s Amanda of the Dresden Dolls (she’s really fab and fun) on the far left, then Margaret Cho, Cyndi Lauper (duh) and Erasure’s Andy Bell. Yo Andy! What’s with the lyric sheet? Didn’t you guys record an entire Abba album?

More backstage rock glitz after the jump!

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Isaiah Washington's Fired and He's Not Gonna Take It Anymore!


Guess that public service announcement didn’t help, huh Isaiah?

I’m not a Grey’s fan, so I don’t know how they wrote this into the story, but execs recently renewed T.R. Knight’s contract and chucked Isaiah Washington's.

Isaiah then said through his spokesperson, “I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore.” Don’t worry, Isaiah. You don’t have to! And why did his publicist release that? Isn’t it his job to cover up those kinds of statements?

Anyway, rumors flew that ABC canned Isaiah for choking Patrick Dempsey on the set of the show and calling T.R. a fag – twice.

Isaiah’s spokesperson, Howard Bragman, complained to TV Guide that they’re considering legal action against ABC, though it’s too early to say for sure, adding, "If they wanted to fire him, why didn't they fire him when [the incident] happened? Why did they say, 'Here's what you need to do if you want to come back' and then, when he did everything that was asked of him, he still gets fired.”

After the F-bomb double-whammy, Isaiah quickly ate s***, “underwent counseling” and did a bit for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, warning about the damaging power of hateful words.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough for ABC, after all. As you can probably tell, I’m not that broken up about this!

What Does Happen in Vegas Anyway?

Ahhh, Vegas... Slots greet you at the airport. And the Eiffel Tower (of the gay-welcoming Paris Las Vegas Hotel) welcomes you on the Strip. Er... Bienvenue?

Greetings from Vegas, folks! Yup, I’m here for tonight’s big debut of the True Colors tour (Um yes, you’ve heard of it. On this blog. Repeatedly.), which will see Cyndi Lauper, Erasure, Debbie Harry, the Dresden Dolls, the Indigo Girls and Rosie O’Donnell (Yep, surprise! Ro’s gonna be here tonight!) all take the stage for a big rockin’ concertapalooza, emceed by Margaret Cho. Fun, eh?

More on that soon. So far… Vegas? It’s loopy! I’m staying at the tres mad Paris Las Vegas hotel, which is like the France section of Epcot on steroids (but in kind of an amazingly festive way). I checked into my room yesterday evening just in time to catch a view of the big fountain show at the Bellagio across the street, during which nine zillion gallons of water danced and shot high in the air, all choreographed to a booming soundsystem cranking Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” Ack! These colors may not run, but they do spew geyser-style in the middle of a desert.

A bit of business: The nice folks at American Airlines flew me here. They have a big gay-specific website catering to your queer flying needs. It’s rainbow-tastic! And starting in September, they’re gonna have nonstop flights to Vegas from JFK. Woot woot!

Forblog_3081240x360_3085The Thunder Down Under gets down in Vegas. Eeek! These posters greet you at the airport. And these displays of "big balls" are not at all related, fyi.

Coming next, a glimpse of  last night’s rehearsal for tonight’s big True Colors kickoff. Quickly: Cyndi Lauper is still amazing, and has the pipes of a raging, rock goddess. Check back for all that.

Check Jennifer Hudson's Single "Special" and News on Nicole from the PCD!


J-Hud's "Special" as special as her? Not so sure...

Hmmm…So take a listen to Jennifer Hudson’s new single, “Special.” I’m not sure if it’s officially released yet, but I’m assuming it’ll be the first single off of her debut album, which is due in October.

It took her long enough, didn’t it? Well, maybe she’s focusing on the acting now, as she recently filmed a movie with Forest Whitaker called, Winged Creatures.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure how I feel about the song. Jennifer obviously has a great voice, if a bit shriek-y for me, but it just seems OK to me. And it sounds like Fantasia’s doing the back up, doesn’t it?

It features rapper, Papoose, and I have to say, his segments are kind of ridiculous to me. He seriously covers Don Imus, the rap/hip-hop censorship debate, American Idol and Virginia Tech, all in a matter of seconds.

And on another note, I finally heard something about Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussycat Doll’s solo album!

Nicole dish after the jump!

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Mischa's Goin' To Russia...And She's Stalking t.A.T.u.!

240x360_mischa 240x360_tatu

Mischa and her career want in, you guys!

I’ve heard people making fun of Mischa for being completely D-List for a while now, but this seems really bad. Even if she is playing a les.

It seems really bad this movie exists at all, really. It’s about that lesbian pop group, t.A.T.u., (Yeah…they still exist, apparently.) and it's based on a Russian novel called t.A.T.u come back.

Mischa plays an American living in Moscow who becomes obsessed with the duo.

And this is a movie…how?

Well, either way, the movie's directed by Roland Joffe, whose credits include The Scarlet Letter with Demi Moore and, clearly his crowning achievement, the Super Mario Bros. Movie!

Keep at it, Mischa.

True Colors Interview: Ringing Erasure's Andy Bell

Erasure's Vince Clark and Andy Bell today; and Andy showing off his gay angelic stuff, circa 1990.

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke of Erasure have been making addictively danceable, gaily buoyant and unabashedly emotional pop music for over 20 years. And they’ve been out and loud about their queer selves throughout. Can you name any other bands who can say that?

Erasure's hits like “Oh L’Amour,” “Chains of Love,” and “A Little Respect” helped define the very sound of 1980s synth-pop, and they’ve been busy whipping up hits (including their legendary Abba covers) ever since. And this summer (starting tomorrow in Las Vegas) they’re on board the True Colors Tour, led by Cyndi Lauper, which will charge around the U.S. spreading love, music and gay rights awareness all over the place. To celebrate their fabulosity (and their perserverance—they’ve got a new record, Light at the End of the World out now, and Andy Bell has a new solo disc in the works, too), I zapped off a bunch of email queries for lead Erasure diva Andy Bell... And here’s what he faxed (yes, faxed) back. You can even click on these jpegs and see his handwriting.

Click to enlarge and see what Andy wrote, yo.

Or you can just read a transcribed version below. Check out what Andy has to say about pop icons, making out with divas, outrageous stag attire and the color blue. Cheers!

So how gay will your show be as part of the True Colors tour? Will you guys out-glam the rest of the performers? What’s gonna happen!???
I think it’s impossible to out-glam the others, because that’s not what it’s about. I’m gonna live and learn and soak up the glamour (fairy magic) from the uber-divas. And we have three back-up singers. There’s Val, who saw a ghost of a Victorian lady in the restroom at the rehearsal studio. Krista, who has a gay dad and was brought up in gay bars since she was four years old. She played Patsy Cline in L.A. And there’s Rachel who has two movies coming out around Halloween. She plays a machine-gun toting vampire slayer.

People are truly excited about the line-up for this tour? Why do you think that is?
I think it’s so great that we have such a glamorous, distinguished line-up: Rock and pop goddesses.

More Andy Bell -- dishing on silver leather jackets, classic tunes, straight girls, and more! -- after the jump.

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Thundercats Are Loose! In Their Own Movie!


Thundercats the Movie, ho!


Yeah, even though that sword-lengthening scene seems a little dirty to me now, I am a child of the ‘80s, so I still love Thundercats - and now they’re coming out with a movie!

Warner Bros. has signed on to make a movie out of the 1980s cartoon and toy line; I’ve seen reports that it will be live-action and that it will be CG, so we’ll see. They should just animate it old-school, if you ask me! I wouldn’t be against them recasting the guy who did Lion-O’s voice though – maybe that’s just me getting older…

Execs chose Paul Sopocy to write the script - his past works oddly include movies called I Lost 20 Pounds in Two Months, Ask Me How and The Unbreakable Likeness of Lincoln. I wonder why he was qualified…

Anyway, for those of you who had deprived, Thundercats-less childhoods, it was about four half-human, half-some-sort-of-feline friends (Cheetara, who was so hot, Lion-O, Panthro and Tygra) living on Third Earth. Their arch-nemesis, who actually wasn’t in every episode and I can’t really remember why he hated them so much, was the dark wizard, Mumm-Ra. Very scary.

They're not done yet...Check out rumors of a He-Man movie after the jump!

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True Colors Interview: Margaret Cho's Gay Agenda

Left: Margaret Cho collects the award last month for Outstanding Comedy Performance at the 2007 Asian Excellence Awards. Woo-hoo! And she looks good in a rainbow-hued mohawk, too.

Margaret Cho may be the most queer-friendly comedian on the planet. Sure, she’s married, but she self-identifies as queer, and has been one of the gay community’s biggest cheerleaders for more than a decade. And yes, she’s got her own bisexual past, which she’s made no shortage of jokes and told stories about. One my favorite of Cho’s old nuggets? “I’m not gay. I’m not a lesbian. I’m just slutty. Where’s my parade?”

Face it: Margaret Cho is basically every color of the rainbow, and she always sticks up for the gays. No big surprise then that the always festive comic/author/ blogger/activist/designer/actor is on the line-up for Cyndi Lauper’s super-gay True Colors tour. Ms. Cho is gonna act as emcee, but she may also do a bit of rocking out on her own... Have you seen her video for “My Puss”? Ready for the live version?

To get prepped for this Friday’s True Colors tour kick-off in Las Vegas, I emailed the Notorious C.H.O. a barrage of questions about the big show. She fired back and the sassy results are as follows:

So why did you choose to sign on for the True Colors tour?
Cyndi asked me! And I am a huge fan and couldn't possibly say no to her...

And obviously, you’re loved by gays and you’re a fan of killer music...
Yes, I love all the people on the bill. In fact, I’ll be sharing a tour bus with the Dresden Dolls!

What else prompted you to participate?
It is a wonderful cause—a huge tour dedicated to ending discrimination of all kinds. I just love that!

People are truly excited about the line-up for this tour? Why do you think that is?
Because it is amazing! All these great people who I would go see separately, but they are all together. It’s like my own personalized Ozzfest!

More Margaret Cho chatter after the jump!

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Rufus Does Judy! Again! In Drag!

Yep, that's Rufus Wainwright REALLY channeling Judy Garland during an encore last night at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC. Photo via Flickr, Tixgirl.

Last night I had the good fortune to catch Rufus Wainwright's first of four shows in NYC this week at the Gramercy Theater. He performed lots of tunes from his latest album, Release the Stars, for the adoring sold-out crowd. But he also delivered some numbers from Want One and Want Two, and a few tunes from his Judy Garland tribute shows. In fact, come encore time, Rufus really got into the spirit of all things Garland and cranked a fantastic, flirty drag performance of Garland's nugget "Get Happy." See the photo (more after the jump)! Rufe ain't fooling around... (Or actually, he is; and it was pretty fun.)

Here's the deal (and I may get the song order mixed up, but you'll get the general idea): For the first segment of the show, Rufus was decked out in a shimmering, striped Alexander McQueen suit, bedecked with sparkly brooches. He was chatty and cheerful, and cranked out new tunes like "Going to a Town," "Release the Stars," "Tulsa" (which he commented was the most difficult song he'd ever written) and "Sans Souci." He served up a stunning version of his "The Art Teacher" from Want Two, and wrapped up the set with "Between My Legs" during which he was joined onstage by the fab Justin Bond ("Kiki" of Kiki & Herb awesomeness). Then came a 20-minute break.

More draggy pics and Rufus show dish after the jump!

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Justin Timberlake Signs YouTube Singer Esmee Denters

L_206e465dfd75d8cdf7ddec33341bf8b_3 240x360_jt_4

Will you watch my Web cam, Justin? Pretty please?

Even though she’s some sort of phenom, I've never heard of this girl, Esmee Denters. She’s from Ooosterbeek, Netherlands, after all.

But apparently enough people like her Web cam singing, including the man himself, as Justin Timberlake has signed her for his new record label, Tennman Records.

Esmee’s only 18, and she got her start performing covers of major pop songs in her living room and posting them on YouTube. Beyonce, Alanis Morrisette and Alicia Keys were some favorites. Here’s her singing JT’s “What Goes Around.”

I watched some of her other “performances,” (I guess I stand alone here since 21 million people have watched her) but I was not impressed.

Yeah, she can sing, but so can a lot of people. I also think she’s kind of weird looking.

Bottom line, I just don’t see what’s special about her. Justin must, or whoever Justin hired to make these decisions must, cause this girl’s comin’ to America.

But Esmee already has a U.S. record deal with Billy Mann that she signed back in March. But who wouldn’t drop Billy if Justin came knocking? We'll see if her album with them still makes it...

Speaking of Rihanna: How's Her Album?

Rihanna's new album is out today... Is it "Good" girl?

Rihanna's full-on album Good Girl Gone Bad officially got released today. So how is it? There are favorable reviews out there, but I'm gonna just cruise through the tunes, and tell you which I feel are notable and such... Hang on!

Hmmmm... Ya think this tune will catch on? I gotta say, I'm still feeling this one. It's certainly got first dibs on "song of the summer..." What else is there? (Pssst. Wanna hear a crazy remix? Go here.)

"Push Up On Me"
Very Pussycat Dolls meets Lionel Richie meets a poor-man's "Promiscuous," somehow. It's kind of kicky, but makes me want one of those nice creamsicle "Push-Up" ice cream things. Do they still make those?

"Don't Stop the Music"
Holy crap! At first I got this confused with the campy, classic Village People movie "Can't Stop the Music," which is legendary, but something else entirely. However, this tune is also a total throwback, albeit to really trashy gay techno cheese from the mid-1990's. Which means that I'm absolutely in love with it. Was this one passed on by Pepper Mashay? Whatevs. I wanna hear this on a skanky dance floor come July 4th... And it does sample the chanty bits from Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Something," which is never a bad thing.

More songs -- and the crazy "Breaking Dishes" -- after the jump!

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Live from the UK: Rihanna vs. Mutya!

Rihanna's all like, "You can NOT stand under my umbrella, Mutya. Get yer own!"

The U.S. isn't the only place where Rihanna's "Umbrella" is shadowing over all else in music-land. In the U.K. the parapluie-prone pop-princess just defended her spot atop the pop charts from a powerful challenge by ex-Sugababe, Mutya Buena. Which makes sense. After all, it does dump rain 24/7 in England, right? How can a tune about an umbrella not sell like gangbusters, eh (eh-eh-eh-eh...)?

Of course, in general, I'm loving all that I hear from Mutya Buena. Her tune "Real Girl" is a super-solid pop treat. She totally uses that Lenny Kravitz sample better than anyone might have expected. Catch the video on the Mutya link above, and you can also throw down to this remix, complete with a speedy, spankin' video of the tune. And if you're into a bit more of a low-key jam, check this cute video of Mutya doing another new tune, "Just A Little Bit (Black & White)." All those nice things aside... I know this is awful, but I just wanna wipe that little mole-like jewel stud above Mutya's mouth off with a napkin. There. I've said it. Life goes on.

Katharine McPhee Gets Her First Movie Role


Eat it, Fox execs!

American Idol just does not know how to treat its cash cows.

Well, the Season 5 runner-up can brush off the latest snub by Idol. My girl Kat was just cast in the upcoming indie, dark romantic comedy, The Last Caller. The movie will start filming in New York in the fall.

Katharine said the character is someone people would not expect her to play and is “a lot darker than me.”

So Kat’s album has had respectable sales since her time on Idol, but she was the only major finalist not at the Season 6 finale. Hmm…USWeekly then reported she had wanted to be there, but Fox didn’t invite her.

Katharine also said she, like Kelly, faced pressure to put ultra-pop-ish songs she had no interest in on her album. Aw! I liked “Over It,” Katharine. Don’t be embarrassed about it.


I don't even have to sing anymore!

First Clive Davis is hating on Kelly for taking creative control of her upcoming album (even though he also didn’t like “Because of You,” which she wrote and went on to be one of her biggest hits) and now this?

Put those fat cats in their place, girls.

Hillary Changing Her Tune on Gay Marriage?

Who's all for gay marriage? Hillary... Is that your hand raised?

This blog usually doesn't get political, but there's a dishy bit of reporting on "The Caucus," the blog on the 2008 campaign on The New York Times' site today, about how Senator Hillary Clinton may be quietly, stealthily loosening her firm stance on whether or not she supports gay marriage. Seems that will Clinton still favors civil unions over full-on "marriage," she's not gonna stand in the way if gay marriage goes legit in NY, and becomes a state-decided issue... Which contradicts her earlier steadfast support for the DOMA. But just go read the story and see for yourself.

In the meantime, you can still vote for what you think Hill's official campaign song should be. At the top of the running is KT Tunstall's "Suddenly I See" (cute, but overused already thanks to The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty), "Rock This Country" by Shania Twain (wha? people still listen to Shania Twain?) and "Beautiful Day" by U2 (ZZzzzzzzz...) My fave of the top ten so far? "The Best" by Tina Turner (but isn't the proper title "Simply the Best"???). Because Tina just wins, whatever the contest. Though, actually, I like "The Men All Pause" by Klymaxxx for Hill. 'Cuz, why not?

And I do like Hillary's cute video about the song contest. Maybe she actually has a sense of humor?

Cyndi Lauper Interview: Inside the True Colors Tour

The coolest woman in the universe? Cyndi Lauper, natch. Yay!

Hey Gays! In case you hadn't heard there's a big huge concert tour this summer called True Colors, spearheaded by pop icon Cyndi Lauper, and it's heading your way. The tour features a terribly festive line-up of talent like Lauper, Deborah Harry, Erasure, The Gossip, the Dresden Dolls, the Misshapes, Margaret Cho and special guests like Rufus Wainwright, the Indigo Girls, Cazwell, Rosie O'Donnell and more! It's all a big fundraiser and consciousness-raiser for LGBT organizations and causes and it's getting tons of coverage. All good stuff... (Plus, it's sponsored by Logo so expect to see more about it on the TV, yo.)

I got to chat up the tour's founder, Cyndi Lauper, about all of this, and trust -- she's the PFLAG mom or aunt or sister we all should be lucky enough to have. And she can sing and put on a fun show like nobody's business so this whole event should be more fun than a gay barrel of rainbow-dipped monkeys. The True Colors bash kicks off its month-long nationwide tour this Friday night (June 8th) in Las Vegas (I'm going!), and then it'll be hitting a town near you, so GO.

Anyway, here's sonme of what the always sassy Lauper had to say about gay causes, this big tour and Gay Pride. And drag queens. Plus, there are some fun video clips and links, too. She-bop, already!

I know you get this a lot, but how did this True Colors tour come to be?
I’d been bugging my agents about doing a big tour, a big spectacle, for years. And you know, whenever you go out on the road, you want to have a big party. So we went back and forth on ideas, and he said, “Why don’t you do a ‘True Colors’ tour?” And I said, if we do anything called a True Colors tour, we’ve got include the gay community, because of how much that song means. And, at this present time, it’s such a good thing. And then Logo agreed to sponsor and so we all got together with the HRC and some really great other organizations like PFLAG and the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and it just seemed like a great thing to do, y’know? And I always celebrate my birthday during Pride, so why not?

I’ve seen you celebrate. I’ve seen you on a fire truck coming down Fifth Avenue in the Gay Pride Parade a few years back...
Oh wow, that was with my mom! That was the first year we celebrated Pride with my mom; it was the sweetest thing!

Cyn in the classic "Girls" video way back when. "Me? A future gay icon? Ya kiddin' me???"

More Cyndi chat, and drag queeny video, after the jump!

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Yes, You Should Care. Celebrities Engaged: Amy, Beyonce and Heidi.


Ah, those celebrities and their weddings. How I love to hear about them/how they piss me off.

Here are some recent ones ranked by how much I care about them.

Amy Winehouse and “music video gofer” Blake Fielder-Civil are getting married, but they don’t know when. I hope they make it to the wedding because I’ll be so excited for Amy’s wedding hair. Apparently, it’s serious. Really. Amy has his name tattooed on her left boob. Aw!


Number 2 would be Jay-Z proposing to Beyonce, although I’m don't know why I should be into this one since I never thought Jay-Z was attractive enough for B, and they have somehow managed to be the most boring couple in America. Like…what have they even been doing?

I think you know what Number 1's after the jump!

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Daily Buzz Bits: Jim Carrey's Gay Prison Movie & More!

Carrey falls for a man. In jail! And then he breaks out! Where's Wentworth Miller when you need him?

Jim Carrey to star in a gay prison movie caper? It’s called “I Love You Phillip Morris” and has been described as “Catch Me If You Can” meets “Brokeback Mountain.” And it’s based on a true story. Crazy!


Placebo gets some boy-kissing onstage in Lithuania. Purely for political reasons...

Tyra Mail: Looks like Ms. Banks might be taking her TV empire to NYC.

So yes, Courtney Love did indeed whip out a secret show in L.A. on Friday night. And she’s looking good (for Courtney Love).

Remind me to fly with designers from Heatherette next time I travel. They have way more fun on a plane than I do...

Will George Clooney and Brad Pitt help save Laguna Beach’s landmark gay bar?

Music lovers are totally feeling the new Franz Ferdinand cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends.”

And if Paris Hilton were a lesbian, does this mean her girlfriend could now come visit her in jail? Gay conjugal visits go legit in CA!

Music Video Buzz Bits: Hilary Duff, Lily Allen, Placebo, Fujiya & Miyagi

Hilary Duff = Leather Queen? And she's rubbing strange men's midriffs? Quelle trash!

Does anybody else feel a little dirty watching Hilary Duff’s recent music videos? There’s just something that irks me watching little Lizzie McGuire try to act like a sex symbol, instead of America’s sweetheart. Take for example Hil’s brand new video for her latest single “Stranger” (which we’ve posted about before). It’s rife with tiny nighties, itty bitty mini dresses and even Hilary as a belly dancer. Maybe I’d feel more comfortable if I knew she could legally drink.

Yahoo! snagged the online premiere of the video; click here to check it out.

And just so you know, the skeezy boyfriend in the video is most definitely not her most recent ex, Joel Madden. Duff claims that the song is actually about her parents, who split last year around the same time she and Madden broke up. "I made it seem like this was a relationship that I was in, but it's actually about my parents and about their relationship. I didn't want people to know that." Sure Hilary, of course it is.

Would Walt Disney approve of those short-shorts?

More new video news from LILY ALLEN, PLACEBO and FUJIYA & MIYAGI after the jump!

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Summer Friday Groovin': "Why Can't We Be Friends?"

It's a Friday afternoon in June, and I'm ready to blow out of the office in a major way, head home, pop open a cold beer and start enjoying the weekend. And here's a tune that just fizzes with groovy summertime coolness. It's the 1970s gem from the funk band WAR (which actually is an acronym for "Wild and Reckless."), "Why Can't We Be Friends?"

The video is a trippy, fun mosh of kooky vignettes, big afros, chunky mustaches and loopy good vibes. The dudes in the band might have been smoking something silly because the whole mood of this one is just freaky and fun-spirited. (I cracked up aloud when the large African-American dude hugs a Klansman in a spirit of brotherly love. Wha...?) In fact, WAR was formed in the turbulent year of 1969 with the mission to "spread a message of brotherhood and harmony," according to keyboadist Lonnie Jordan. What's not to like, eh?

Anyway, tune into this one, then get out on your stoop, front porch, balcony or backyard and start chillin'!

Peace, War-lords!

Bands of Brothers and Sisters

Talent runs in the family! Ask Donny & Marie, the Debarge crew, Nelson and those identically gay Nemesis Twins, Jacob & Joshua!

Earlier this week I wrote a post about The National, and neglected to highlight the fact that there are two sets of brothers in the band. This is important because lately it occurred to me that I find myself to be particularly attracted to music made by siblings. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child. But ever since The Beach Boys and Heart , it’s been a subtle pattern in my musical taste. Here are some recent additions to the musical siblings fixation.

I’ve been constantly singing the refrain to The Avett Brothers opening track on their new album Emotionalism. “Die, die, die, die, die, die – die.” This banjo-strummed song is remarkably uplifting considering the chorus. These brothers have created a poignant and beautiful pop, bluegrass sound that will have you tapping your feet in your rocking chair on the front porch with a tin cup of whiskey and a broken heart.

The National is made up of two pairs of brothers (the Dressners and the Devendorfs), except for singer Matt Berninger, who's far left.

Ann & Nancy Wilson "heart" rock-n-roll; Scott and Seth Avett are scruffy brothers who twang it out, yo.

More song-making sibling sets after the jump!

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Look What Washed Ashore: Curl Girls!!!

Annette Funicello never looked like THIS... Meet Jessica, Melissa, Gingi, Erin, Michele and Vanessa of CURL GIRLS.

Hear the crash of the waves? Smell the cocoa butter? Getting a whiff of some soon-to-be-drama? What you're really hearing and smelling is savoring is what may just be the foxiest new show of the summer. Or at least the sunniest. It's the new lesbian surfer reality series, CURL GIRLS, which is coming in a couple of weeks, on Logo (starting Monday, June 18th at 10pm). (I'd link to the show's site, but it's not live yet. File it under "Coming Soon!" Like, tomorrow.) I'm hoping this series is gonna be hawt; as of yet I haven't seen any of it, but I did get to meet an couple of the women in April at the GLAAD awards and they were fun, and funny and friendly and wildly cool.

And it's soooo time for queer women to have a cool, foxy reality show on their own terms. And they look amazing in bikinis, but not the least bit airbrushed or boob-a-licious. They're just real and sporty and surfing and awesome-looking. What's not to love!????

More Curl Girls -- and VIDEO -- after the jump!

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Art Alert: Paul Mpagi Sepuya's Amorous Subjects

Woodrow & Eric, two of Paul Mpagi Sepuya's "beloved" subjects.

I’ve posted about the photographs of Paul Mpagi Sepuya before, but the Brooklyn-based artist just keeps gathering steam. He creates the self-published art photography ’zine Shoot, which is sold in cool art bookstores all over. He was featured in the just-closed and much buzzed-about exhibition “The Male Gaze” show at Brooklyn’s PowerHouse Gallery (alongside such esteemed and kicky emerging artists like Jack Pierson, Slava Mogutin, Ryan McGinley, Bruce LaBruce, etc). He was included in The New York Times' big write-up about the show, and it’s examination of “what is gay male art, like, now?” by Guy Trebay. And he’s featured in the Hot List in the current issue of Out Magazine as (alongside fellow artists Scott Hug and Paul Lee) as an up-and-coming gay artist to be reckoned with.

And—hooray!—tonight sees the opening of Paul’s first solo show in NYC, “Beloved Object and Amorous Subject” (which pretty much nails what you’re gonna see) at the Envoy Gallery on the Lower East Side. Come and gaze and his intimate, sexy and disarming photos of men he knows and admires, shot simply and beautifully.

You can look at more of Paul’s great work at his website. (And yes, there’s nudity. Hello—it’s art!) See you tonight, perhaps.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Self-portrait of the artist as a young man.

iTunes Get Upgraded & Schooled

Wanna upgrade?

Remember those announcements a little while back about how Apple was going to offer DRM-free music, so you can listen to your tunes on your iPod and other digital music players and an unlimited number of computers, like all you want, like, unrestricted? Well, the time is now... iTunes Plus has launched so you can get high quality 256-kbps AAC-encoded music now via the online music mega-store. So, yep, you can go crazy!

And if you need to upgrade your current muzak, you can do it for 30¢ more per song. So first, you can decide if it's worth it. For now, it's all EMI music (Coldplay, Lily Allen, Joss Stone, Corinne Bailey Rae, etc.) offered via iTunes Plus. But other big record folks are expected to follow.

And if you want to get schooled this summer, iTunes U has launched, which offers lectures, language lessons, lab demos, sports highlights and all things collegiate that you can buy and download. At present, big-deal schools like Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Duke University and MIT are participating. So you can reap some benefits of these school's curriculum without having to enroll. Or live in a dorm. Or endure Hell Week. Brainy, eh?

Hey, sleep through class! You can download it later...

And She Thought She'd Never Be On The View Again...


Kathy knows we love her.

“Let me just say this!” Being a good gay and all, I love Kathy Griffin, but I've been loving her even more lately! First off, you should probably watch the premiere episode of the new season of My Life on the D-List on Bravo’s Web site ASAP.

It’s amazing, of course, and I’m glad Bravo appreciated that some of us can’t wait until the show officially premieres on June 5, along with Kathy’s new standup special, “Everyone Can Suck It.” Waiting for that is hard enough, and I’ve re-viewed all of her other standup shows so many times, the prospect of a new one is very welcome.

But anyway, Kathy’s been busy lately! Since Rosie’s early departure from The View, the whole drama of which I cannot get enough of, even though I’m sure most everyone else has, Kathy has co-hosted the morning show twice, and supposedly producers are tossing her name around as a possible Rosie replacement. I’d be all for that!

She was so great on the episode following the infamous feud because she just would not drop it. (And she looks way skinny!)

Watch it here, if you prefer. She even stands up to Barbara!

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Scarlett and Lindsay…We Heart Endorsements!

Scarjo2_3 052307_57

Scar-Jo and Li-Lo...They can be models too!

So the whole celebrity-as-model-spokesperson for high-fashion…I’m not feelin’ it.

Recently, Beyonce’s signed with Armani for their new fragrance campaign, and, even though it's not high-fashion, Ashlee Simpson still has those Sketchers ads – which I hate.

I just found these pictures of Scarlett Johansson’s next wave of Louis Vuitton ads. And then there's Lindsay's campaign with Jill Stuart.

I think they’re…OK. I don’t know. There’s just something not quite there in these pictures for a high-fashion ad. (I’m going to pretend for a minute that my religious viewing of America’s Next Top Model qualifies me to have an opinion.)

I guess it’s because they're not really a models. I thought there was something missing with Scarlett, like she was someone trying to imitate a model, in her commercials for l'Oreal as well. But maybe I’m too hard on her, because, I’ll admit, there’s something about Scarlett that just kind of bugs me.

Well that was fair! Anyway, I also read that Miss Lindsay was vying to be the next face of Chanel, but Karl Lagerfeld didn’t want her ass. Oops. However, Jill Stuart (who again?) got her to pose for their new ad campaign. I do think Lindsay is super-fashionable, but I’m glad Chanel is sticking to people who really know what they’re doing.

More model rants and more pictures, after the jump!

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Rick & Steve...Already on the Guilty Pleasure Radar


Don't let those sweet, plastic faces fool you!

So someone told me that Logo’s upcoming show, Rick & Steve, was like a gay South Park. I didn’t quite buy it, but that’s not to say I wasn’t ready to be educated.

I just saw some clips from the pilot episode, and even though it reminds me more of something from the Adult Swim lineup than of South Park, I can already tell I’m going to be obsessed with Rick & Steve.

Check out the Web site here. The show will premiere on Logo for real July 10.

It does manage to be pretty damn offensive, but so many parts are so pee-your-pants funny, I feel like it can get away with anything. I’m expecting great things!

Jordin Sparks Takes the Idol Crown!


I won, suckas!

Even though you could have made a very good argument for there being no reason to watch American Idol Season 6 after Sanjaya left, 74 million people still voted for the outcome of the two-hour finale last night.

And they (not surprisingly) named Jordin Sparks the next American Idol! Can you believe she’s only 17?

Her new single, “This is My Now,” is actually already out on AOL music. Well, that didn’t take long.

Check out a blow by blow of the finale here, if you’re interested - and some pics of Jordin from her audition days, up to the last night.

Congrats Jordin! I thought Blake was a tool, anyway!

Bowie Bags a Webby

240x360_davidbowie Ff_232_lonelygirl1_f_2

David Bowie and Jessica Lee Rose a.k.a Lonelygirl15 are among the Webby winners.

Feeling so gay, feeling gay.”

Those whispered five words from the end of his song, “Fame,” could be what David Bowie happily utters when he accepts recognition at the 11th Annual Webby Awards in New York City on June 5. The rock legend, queer icon and all-around innovator will be honored with a special Lifetime Achievement Award at the Webbys, hailed as “the Oscars of the Internet” by The New York Times.

Unlike the Academy Awards, however, the Webbys famously – and mercifully - limit winners to a succinct, five word acceptance speech.

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, which presents the Webbys, will highlight Bowie, whose career has pushed the boundaries of art and technology with properties like BowieNet, UltraStar and BowieArt.

Ziggy Stardust a.k.a. The Thin White Duke has also stretched the parameters of identity and sexuality, but that trophy will have to be reserved for another red carpet.

Bowie, at 60-years old, may seem more apt to sing about “Golden Years” than succumb to them. The Grammys honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award last year, and most recently, he was the inaugural curator for the new Highline Festival, an annual arts and music assemblage. Bowie helped found the festival, which celebrates the public park soon to be created out of abandoned elevated train tracks on New York City’s West Side. He selected acts such as Arcade Fire, Air, Laurie Anderson and Deerhoof to perform for the event.

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Rosie-Elizabeth Catfight! What Guest?

Oh my god...I think this is so funny/ridiculous. The Rosie-Elizabeth feud on The View has gotten out of control. They got so pissed at each other today!

Once Rosie corners Elizabeth about Rosie's supposed "soldiers as terrorists" comment, all hell breaks loose!

(Skip to the halfway point if you want to cut to the chase. I particularly like when Rosie says she doesn't want to argue because the media will remember, "Big, fat, lesbian, loud Rosie attacks innocent, pure, Christian Elizabeth.")

You have to see it!

Noah's Arc Season 2 Special Features...Very Special!

3trey_2 4trey_2

5trey 6trey

Shots of Trey’s abs and package...surprisingly versatile. Each enjoyable in its own, special way.

Noah’s Arc fans – rejoice! Oh yeah, Logo will now be airing special Season 2 episodes each week with "new pop up trivia about the show and cast.” I remember Pop-Up Video…Anyone else? What ever happened to that? Well, anyway Pop-Up Noah’s Arc sounds wonderful! And of course, hearing the guys talk about their characters is always welcome.

And the DVD box set is on its way, so any fellow Noah, Chance, Alex and Ricky fans out there (Well, I’m actually more of a Trey man) now have an excuse to watch those fav episodes just a few more times. And you know, you might as well pre-order the DVD now, since you’re buying it anyway.

Actually, there are two excuses to I ever needed them. Season 2 episodes, along with a truck full of special features, will also be available on Logoonline and will include “a sneak preview of the exciting behind the scenes content on the forthcoming DVD.” OK, that June 12 release day seems a little less far away now. Whew.

And since you aren’t paying attention to anything on this page other than these pictures of Trey right now, I should probs address them, right? Well, the extra calendar shoot pics are just a little reward for the Noah-loyal, in case the upcoming Logoonline episodes and features weren't enough.

So many costume changes, so little time – so if you haven’t gotten your Gregory Kieth fix yet, check over at AfterElton, because you know they've got pictures too.

More Noah's Arc Season 2 features after the jump!

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Jaslene is America’s Next Top Model!


ANTM Cycle 8 winner Jaslene and ever-available Bre from Cycle 5.

Jaz wanted to be the first Latina Top Model and the girl, in her words, brung it! She’s come a long way from being a 20-year old online college admissions adviser in Chicago – or she will have until Cycle 9. Oh, I’m sorry. Caridee is totes swamped with work!

Not to be a hater, but I wasn’t feelin’ any of the girls this season – certainly not the top three. Some might say this isn’t a bad thing, but Jaslene looks like a total drag queen in every one of her pictures! She’s a sweetie, though.

Nata/Nene after the jump...

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Video Lunch: Lily Allen - "Alfie"

Today's lunch video (culled from the current roster of music vids featured on Logo's NewNowNext Music video show) may give you the munchies. It's Lily Allen's tale of her pot-smoking, wank-happy layabout lil' brother "Alfie." Turns out, Allen does indeed have a little brother named Alfie. And evidently he refused to appear in the video... (Hmmm, wonder why?) But he is played by a spunky/crazed little stoner puppet. And they've censored this bit, but perky Lily busts into his room while he's getting, er, busy with a girlie magazine. Urf!

More with Lily and "Alfie" after the jump!

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The Beautiful Screams of Kristeen Young

Kristeen Young (the band) features drummer Jeff White and singer Kristeen Young; She's now touring with Moz. Cool, eh?

It’s not just anyone who can impress Morrissey, that legendarily morose – and celibate – crooner from Manchester. But Kristeen Young, which is not just one person but actually a pair of upstart, glam-ish rockers from St. Louis, have managed to win his damaged and fickle heart. The crown prince of mope rock has handpicked them to be the supporting act throughout his current tour.

Question is, will the last of the famous international playboys hate it when his friends become hugely successful?

Kristeen Young are a piano and drums duo, composed of the coveniently named pianist/keyboardist/vocalist Kristeen Young, and drummer "Baby" Jeff White. Sure, they offer hints of that other Midwestern girl/boy twosome, the White Stripes. But what really strikes ears, like a Steinway tossed from the ninth floor, is how Kristeen Young echoes the dramatic vocals of Kate Bush and the piano chutzpah of early Tori Amos.

More on Kristeen Young -- and "Breasticles" -- after the jump!

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Video Lunch: The Bravery, "Time Won't Let Me Go"

Today begins a new daily feature from the NewNowNext blog... Hungry for a "Video Lunch?" Yep, each and every workday we'll toss up a video clip featured on the current week's NewNowNext Music show. Ya dig?

Not sure how you feel about those fetching lads from The Bravery... They gots lots of buzz with their first self-titled debut album, which was a pretty slick and tasty confab of New Wave sounds and beats. Some folks ragged on them for being a bit too pretty and a bit too slick; and then there was that whole feud with Brandon Flowers and The Killers, too... Poseurs or not, I always found their first big tune "An Honest Mistake" pretty irresistible.

Their new tune "Time Won't Let Me Go" hails from their upcoming album, The Sun & The Moon, out on May 22nd. Sam and the boys are a bit less eye-lined and New Wave these days; they're looking more crunchy, low-key rockin'--not that there's anything wrong with that. Of course they're still very good at this mopey pop/rock thing. (Poor Sam Endicott never had a "Cherry Valance" of his own... Poor thing. How very Ponyboy of him.) Watch 'em in the video above! And see "Making Of" the video stuff here! And they're touring all over... Watch out!

And for a flashback, here's a super-gay interview that lead singer Sam did with Genre Magazine about two years ago. He talks about kissing boys and stuff. Awwww...

The Bravery: Purple Reign?

Out At The Office? Lambda Says "Clock In!"

These folks are out at work: (clockwise, from top left) Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe; Nate Berkus (with boss Oprah); Miss J. and Mr. Jay from "Top Model"; and Rosie and her View crew.

I hope all is well with you today at your workplace! Question: Are you "out" at work? (I don't mean "out"-side on a cigarette break...) Today, May 15th, the do-gooders and civil rights advocates at Lambda Legal Defense Fund encourage you to be out at work! Yes, it's "Clock-In For Equality!" It's time your bosses and co-workers learned to respect your gay self! And it's time to start asking questions about whether your company provides domestic partner benefits, and treats its LGBT employees fairly.

So, today, across the U.S., Lambda is hosting events and panels and workshops and get-togethers to instruct you on how to take action in the workplace. Heck, even if you just talk about your same-sex partner to Elaine in accounting (who's always going on about her husband Ron, and her bratty kid Dakota), make sure you demand equal time gabbing about your personal life. Take a stand!

At Lambda Legal you can even print out a fact sheet about workplace discrimination, transgender rights at work, and more... Start a fuss!

Of course, if you're workplace is actively un-friendly to LGBT folks (like, the US Military, for example) you might wanna be careful. But hey, if you get fired, those non-profiteers over at Lambda Legal can help you with that, too. They're really good at this whole gay-lawsuit thing!

Anyway... If you're out at work, be extra out today. Like "Rosie" out... Like "Miss J" out... I'm talking "Just Jack" and Lea DeLaria out... Own it! And "Clock In!"

Bonde Do Role: Brazilians Wax Naughty and Gay

Bonde Do Role: Cute Brazilians making fun gay-ish mashed-up dance music; and shooting laser beams out of Jesus statues!

If a great beach blanket of ’80s tunes were shaken over Brazil and specially filtered through South American sand, Bonde Do Role would be the sound of pure fun that resulted. The up and coming trio from Curitiba, Brazil, plays baile funk, a booming party music born in the rough and tumble favelas of Rio de Janiero, where Miami bass was imported in the mid-80s and revved up with local drums and naughty rhymes. Band members Pedro D'eyrot and Marina Vello, both MCs, and DJ Rodrigo Gorky, who is openly gay, amplify the good times with samples that remind one of rummaging through cassette tapes from 1989, and yanking everything from bubble gum drum machine beats to hard-charging metal bass.

More on BDD's sunny sounds -- and live dates and queer opening acts -- after the jump!

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Logo Inks Deals With Lance Bass, More "Big Gay Sketch," Robert Gant

Logo is loving Lance Bass (shown here with songbird Mika), "The Big Gay Sketch Show" and out actor Robert Gant!

Logo's just announced some future programming news, and it involves Lance Bass, a second season of The Big Gay Sketch Show, and some foxy new action/comedy stuff from Queer As Folk's Robert Gant.

So... Lance Bass will work with the gay TV network on a reality show, which will have something to do with the music biz. Sadly, that's all I know, although I'm willing to start whipping up ideas of my own about this one... A "Gay American Idol" perhaps? Maybe he'll assemble an all-gay version of the Pussycat Dolls? Or maybe it's Lance searching for a boyfriend, a la "I Love New York." Hmmm... Has anybody got a copyright on the title "I Love WeHo"??? Or maybe Lance will revisit his dreams of space travel (in a co-production with the Discovery Channel maybe?)... Listen, I'll let you know what I know when I know it. But the show is supposed to be somehow music-industry related.

Good for Lance! After Reichen scored a deal to join the cast of "Dante's Cove," we're glad Lance will not be outdone. Though he'll probably be wearing more clothes...

More on Season 2 of "The Big Gay Sketch Show" and Robert Gant's new show after the jump!

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Cowboys, Superheroes, The Apocalypse & Lindsay Lohan

"Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Watch Movies about Gay Cowboys"... Spider-people rule... Zombies return... And Jane Fonda gives Lynette & LiLo a workout... (see below)

A 12 year old girl’s grandparents have sued the Chicago Board of Education because a substitute teacher allegedly showed Brokeback Mountain to the class last year causing, apparently, psychological distress in the eighth grader. And yet for everyone else it was just hot and sad.

Spiderman 3 became the year’s highest grossing film, after it’s initial record breaking $151 million opening weekend, proving that men in tights (or in this case a full body suit) are still where it’s at with fans. Or possibly it’s the appeal of Tobey Maguire, whose boyish good looks are hard to pass up. But personally, I vote for Kirsten Dunst because of Bring It On and because she thinks that, “if everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place.”

Critics can’t decide whether 28 Weeks Later is a disappointing sequel or an awesome zombie film with disturbing parallels to the world we live in. I haven’t seen it yet, but I can’t wait because (even though Cillian Murphy’s not in this one) there will never, ever be enough movies made about the apocalypse and zombies. Seriously, love ‘em.

Now Georgia Rule is not usually the kind of movie I’d even think twice about. The preview looks sappy and unfunny. But how can I pass up Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman AND Lindsay Lohan? That would be a ridiculous exercise of my limited will power. Felicity Huffman wowed me in Transamerica. My mom and I used to do Jane Fonda’s workout together; I even wore pink leg warmers. And as for Lindsay, who doesn’t like a party girl?

Maybe they should have just made Charlie's Angels 4?

SlowTrainSoul: From London (And Denmark) with Love. And Funk. And Soul.


Morten Varano & Lady Z: Givin' you a ride on the SlowTrainSoul.

Who would have thought that a Danish dance music producer/club manager pairing up with a lesbian, freestyler-songwriter from London would produce something so trance-y, immersive and funky? Listening to SlowTrainSoul’s “Mississippi Freestylin,’” I feel like I’m sitting in the back of a smokey, humid dive, both really messed up and really chilled out… And even a little freaked out. Really cool stuff.


Lady Z on vocals and Morten Varano on keyboard make up the SlowTrainSoul duo, who have proven themselves in Europe, where they are touring now, and are gaining an underground following in the U.S. with their sophomore album, Santimanitay.

Described as a combination of “deep dance floor funk, Bluesy Jazzy Afro Soca House and Swampy Hip Hop,” the band’s music has attracted crowds from the Roskilde Festival in Denmark to Radio City Music Hall. The duo’s tracks have been added to compilations for hotspots such as Buddha Bar and Hotel Costes in Paris, and their songs “The City Never Sleeps” and “Shine” were both featured on Ugly Betty and Entourage, respectively.

More on Morten, Lady Z and their righteous tunes after the jump.

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Stevie, Dixie, Cary: 3 Women to Celebrate!!!

Three reasons to love NYC right now: Tupperware titan Dixie Longate, Downtown Dazzler Cary Curran & Rockin' Gold Dust Woman Stevie Nicks!

In New York City there's always stuff going down... Amazing theater! Wild parties! Crazy gay nights! Tupperware! And right now, I want to tip you off to three killer happenings rocking gay Gotham...

First off, up in Hell's Kitchen you can see the all-American (in the nice sense) phenomenon that is Miss Dixie Longate, the #2 salesperson of Tupperware products in the U.S., and the #1 drag queen show appearing just about any where right now. Yep, the California-based perfomer has a her delightful one-woman plastic hodown, "Dixie's Tupperware Party," raging Off-Broadway at Ars Nova right now, and it's hilarious... And haven't you been in need of a salad spinner or "cake taker" (which can also hold jello shots!) for awhile now? Read the Dixie's raves in the NY Times and her glowing profile in The New York Post. But do check out this gem of a show, the brain/love-child of And be sure to buy the sealed tumbler cup. As Dixie puts it: "If you rear-end the car ahead of you, you won't lose a drop of that martini!" And buy drinks at the show; you'll buy more!

After the jump: Cary Curran's "Cocky" Fabulousness and Stevie Nicks Party Mania!

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Bravo's Got A Gunn. And He's Got a Sidekick!

Tim Gunn's got a new female co-host lined up for his upcoming Bravo reality show. But don't worry... It's not Rachael Ray. Or Paula... Whew!

Oh dear... So much sturm und drang for Tim Gunn. The Project Runway style mentor/two-minutes-left-to-work/garment-disser has a lot on his plate lately; no one can get enough of him! He wrote a new book, made two cameos on Ugly Betty in February and he signed onto his own Bravo reality show. I don’t think that, however, means he needs any help; so I’m wasn’t happy with the decision to give Mr. Gunn a co-host for his upcoming show on Bravo, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.

Then, Bravo actually selected model/former-NYC-"it girl" Veronica Webb as Gunn’s counterpart. Can she hang with the Gunn? Well considering that Ms. Webb is a veteran runway diva, former regular contributor to Paper Magazine, and a friend to every NYC fashion queen from Andre Leon Talley to Robert Verdi, and on to global queens like Sir Elton John, maybe she’ll manage just fine. Back in the 90s, Webb was one of the world’s top black models, usually mentioned in the same breath as Naomi and Tyra. So we’ll see...

One of these three women is Tim Gunn's new co-host-to-be... Whoa...

More on Tim Gunn after the jump!

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Kate Moss' Clothing Line a Bust?

Kate Moss shows up for her clothing line launch at Barneys last night; and the decor is all-Kate all over the place!

Kate Moss may be getting plenty of work again and people may have stopped calling her "Co-Kate," but I’m still not a huge fan –- mainly due to thephotos of the hard-partying supermodel with bizarre boyfriend Pete Doherty.

I have to say, though, some of the clothes she “designed” for her line for British chain Top Shop, which debuted in the U.S. at Barneys this week, are actually pretty cute. I really like some of the non-skanky cocktail dresses, of which there are a few, especially the asymmetrical white one and the black evening gown with the waistcoat. But I’m not sure the critics agree with me.

More Kate and her crafty creations after the jump!

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Loving John Waters; Spinning with DJ Men; Helping Printed Matter

You can actually have a date with John Waters in NYC next week; plus spin to tune courtesy of DJ Men (Le Tigre's JD Samson & Johanna Fateman).

Who doesn’t think of John Waters at least twice a day? Whether it’s a poignant moment from Desperate Living or a glimpse of him on his new show, Court TV’s 'Til Death Do Us Part, or just the mere thought of his pencil thin ’stache, this Baltimore gent permeates our daily world by constantly doing something new and perverse.

Waters even released a Valentine’s compilation CD of all his favorite love songs, A Date with John Waters. I could tell you what’s on it, but he has some amazing and suggestive liner notes of his own. There’s even a video of him reading the liner notes to you! But basically the CD is a crazy mishmash of everything from Dean Martin to Tina Turner, with a little Edith Massey thrown in for good measure. All guaranteed to get you swaying, clapping, snapping, and yes, even making out.

But currently Mr. Waters' is showing some love to artists by hosting a Printed Matter benefit on May 15th in New York City. (FYI: Printed Matter is the largest non-profit dedicated to the promotion of publications of artists). This sounds like the artsy VIP event of the century (or at least this month) with performances by Terence Koh, Peaches, Flaming Fire, and the DJs MEN: JD Samson and Joanna Fateman of Le Tigre. I would say they're queer nobility, except thsi shindig sounds more rowdy and raucous than that.

England's Next Top Gay? The Pink List 2007

Power Out-age: Among the most powerful gays in the U.K. are (from left) TV mogul Russell T. Davies (#1), witty comic/actor/writer Stephen Fry (#2) and amazing actress Fiona Shaw (#21).

The U.K.’s The Independent released their “Pink List” last week, ranking the 100 most influential gays in Britain. Am I a bad person for being impressed they came up with 100 people at all? Well they did, and Number 1 was screenwriter and Queer as Folk (the original British one, anyway) creator Russell T. Davies. This British TV honcho also revived the sci-fi series, Doctor Who single-handedly, and its gay-tastic spin-off Torchwood. All right; I’m impressed. Then comes Stephen Fry, the BBC comedy quiz show QI, or Quite Interesting, host, followed by Sir Elton John, not surprisingly. Ooh…he’s Number 3, down one spot from last year’s list. But they still honored the legendary singer-songwriter, who recently celebrated his sixtieth birthday. He is also the founder of the Elton John AIDS Foundation charity, and, in the past few years, has opened stores known as “Elton’s Closet,” which sell his second-hand clothes to make money for his foundation. A little weird if you ask me, but if it’s going to his charity, more power to him and to the people paying top-dollar for his stuff.

More powerful gays like George Michael, John Amaechi, Magneto, "Velvet-Tipper" Sarah Waters, etc. after the jump!

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Tyra's Warm, Fuzzy Freakout!

Tyra Banks is lovely. She's a dynamic, magnetic beautiful human who campaigns to make women feel good about themselves (unless you're a contestant on America's Next Top Model) and empower them to be proud and fierce members of society. (Of course, I say that before I've seen today's episode of The Tyra Banks Show entitled "In Love With a Transsexual." Hmmmm....)

However, maybe Tyra ought to reconsider hosting an episode of her talk show where some zookeeper/animal-handler type brings on fuzzy animals to show her audience. Because that's when La Banks full-on loses her s**t and freaks the hell out, like she did last week. And she makes up words like "rat-coon" and goes tumbling wildly over the back of her onstage sofa completely wiping out. Really. Wait for the slow-motion versions toward the end. Trust.

Via those clever kids at VH1's Best Week Ever, comes the above clip, sure to make your morning. What the hell?


That Lovin' Feeling

The Feeling's Dan Gillespie-Sells. He loves to make pop music. And it shows.

I have a soft-spot for any musician who embraces their music purely as pop. That’s why I’m really feeling The Feeling. Let’s take back the term, guys! It was a definite plus to hear that the British group love their unabashed ‘70s-style pop and draw inspiration from The Kinks, The Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac. Love it!

I also have a soft-spot for anyone who says something like, “I have a proper boyfriend,” which openly-gay lead singer Dan Gillespie-Sells shared with Chartrigger. Apparently, the skinny guitarist snagged his new BF this past New Year’s Eve.

More feel-good Feeling goodness after the jump.

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Pussycats in Peril?

Kimberly Wyatt, Ashley Roberts, Nicole Scherzinger, Melody Thornton, Carmit Bachar and Jessica Sutta, aka the Pussycat Dolls in NYC last month. Will Asia ever really join them?

So everyone makes fun of me for having watched and actually been in invested in The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll, but I don’t care – at least not anymore! There’s a rumor, a wonderful rumor, that the show’s winner, Asia (I know…) Nitollano, won’t be a legit member of the group and that The CW is bringing the show back for another season! Yay!

OK. OK. The second season is supposedly to start a whole new group, but even a rumor that Asia isn’t going to taint my beloved PCD's is good enough for me. A rep for the show insists Asia’s standing with the Dolls is just fine, but here’s hoping.

For those of you who don’t know, I was bitter and moody for nearly 48 hours after the season finale because, let’s just say, I did not approve of Robin Antin and Lil' Kim’s choice for the seventh member of the PCD's.

Here’s a link to their newest video, “I Don’t Need a Man,” which I’m obsessed with. Asia had better not mess this perfection up.

More Doll dish after the jump!

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Hal Sparks, Who Are You?!

Hal Sparks in his new rock guy mode (left) in Zero1, and back in gayer days (right).

We all remember Hal Sparks from Queer as Folk as the boy-next-door, comic-obsessed, Brian-obsessed Michael. His character was admittedly irritating at times, but only because he was more like us. More fallible, more prone to long-term relationships, less edgy, less Brian Kinney.

Since Queer as Folk ended (now living in reruns on Logo), he’s mainly stayed in your face due his endless series of chattering talking head appearances on VH1. (Yep, he loves the ’80s, and the ’90s, and so on.) But I also remember Hal from way back when, hosting Talk Soup on E! (If any of you were “into” Talk Soup, take this quiz to see which host you’re most like. I got Hal, but maybe you’ll get Greg Kinnear!) Anyhow, it’s the Talk Soup persona more than the gay Michael persona that makes his actual persona all the more shocking. A very straight and very nineties-ish metal band called Zero 1 is his new career. The band’s MySpace pictures show him posing menacingly with a devilish goatee, black rocker T’s and his guitar. The music is… Well I’d say '90s metal about sums it up. But for kicks, there is a video from that reality show, Celebrity Duets, where he got to sing with Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider. Twisted!

Miami Heat: Miami's Juicy Gay & Lesbian Film Fest

7th Heaven alum David Gallagher starred in The Picture of Dorian Gray which opened the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Fest. Say cheese!

The ninth Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (, wrapped up this past weekeend (running from April 27-May 6), and was one big juicy affair, from its dripping orange logo to the parties, packed screenings and South Beach’s sweaty weather. Our very special correspondent Lawrence Ferber was on hand for part of the shenanigans. Here’s his report!


This year's gay film fest was kicked off by festival director Carol Coombes (that is, “quirky” fest director, according to Miami’s local paper – and that’s just how we love her!) who proclaimed orange as the new pink! Things stayed interesting too, as the fest's opening night feature was not your typical gay romp of a flick either. The Picture of Dorian Gray, directed by Duncan Roy, transplanted Oscar Wilde’s famed story, about a vain pretty thing whose portrait ages while he stays young and flawless, to 1980s NYC. Former 7th Heaven pin-up David Gallagher stars as the evil but hot little Gray, whose image in a video installation gets all gnarly, old, and deathly ill while he sleeps around and commits horrendous acts. (The film is also slated to open NYC’s big gay NewFest on May 31st. Get info here.)

Much more major Miami fest coverage (and pics) after the jump!

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Stage Buzz Bits: Bette in Vegas, Rent Stars Return & Saved! The Musical


Time for Broadway and stage-related news, ladies & gents...

Bette Milder’s taking over when Celine Dion wraps up her show in Vegas. Yep, the Divine Miss M will start tearing up Caesar’s Palace in her own flamboyant way in February 2008.

Nice gay performer Anthony Rapp and nice straight showboy Adam Pascal are heading back to their original roles in Rent on Broadway. It’s a nice way to commemorate the show’s anniversary.

Speaking of Rent, Anthony and Adam are gonna be joined by American Idol-fave Tamyra Gray. Yep, she’s joining the show as Mimi on May 29th. Whoa... Broadway’s just getting crammed full of ex-Idol kids, eh?

Joey Lawrence (whoa!) is joining Broadway’s Chicago. Tonight! I’m guessing he’s not playing Roxie. Or Velma. Blossom must be proud.

After the jump, news about "Saved! The Musical," Cherry Jones, Young Frankenstein, Hedwig and more!

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Berries & Cream! Little Lads! Remixes!

"Berries? And cream?"

So, you've seen the Starburst commercial with the dancing "little lad who loves Berries & Cream," right? Well, the "bus station" TV spots have garnered all kinds of fans (gay and otherwise). Not surprisingly YouTube is littered with video remixes which are completely ridiculous and inanely fun.

First, watch the original...

After the jump, dancing tips from the "little lad" and remixes!

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Music Buzz Bits: M.I.A., Klaxons, Justin Timberlake & More!!!

Fun new music is out from M.I.A., her man Diplo, and those Klaxons boys.

Britney’s comeback shows aren’t the only bit of music news out there today...

M.I.A.’s got a new track you can hear... It’s called “Hit That” and it’s produced by Bangladesh and it’s currently up on his MySpace page.

Speaking of M.I.A., her main man Diplo (they’re still a thing, right?) has piled up a crapload of your favorite tunes and slammed them into one mixed-up tune (a la Girl Talk)? Then check Diplo’s “MegaMix” on MySpace.

Klaxons have a cover of Justin Timberlake’s “My Love.” Hmmm... I like it better when they sing “Golden Skans” and float around in ribbons, frankly.

Plus: Justin Timberlake, Cat Power, the Madonna and Smashing Pumpkins tribute albums, Sinead O'Connor and more after the jump!

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Björk Does Radio City! With Antony!

Björk onstage last night at Radio City. Photo by Kathryn Yu, via Flickr.

Yep, Björk evidently turned out a blissful show last night at Radio City Music Hall here in NYC. There's lots of good blog coverage out there, and cool pix, too. Our pal Lee Waters attended the show; his great write-up is after the jump.

A highlight of the night came when queer-tastic performer Antony Hegarty (of Antony and the Johnsons) took the stage with Björk to sing their from her new album, Volta, which folks have said "sounded like a missing hymn." Awwww... has the entire album's worth of Volta streaming online now. You have to register to hear it, but go for it. And if you're game, you can listen to this weekend's concert from NYC live on Saturday, via Kinda sweet, right?

You can see some sketchy amateur video from last night's Radio City show on this YouTube page. But below is the clearest clip... It's Björk doing "All Is Full of Love" and will give you a little idea of the vibe of the show... Enjoy!

For a full-on, personal report of last night's show, read on!

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Lil' Mama Gets Up Under Rihanna's Umbrella: Remix!

Rihanna gets some help holding her "Umbrella" from Lil' Mama. It's poppin'!

For the last few weeks I've been absolutely living for Rihanna's "Umbrella." And I've also been way into the new teen rap & hip-hop whiz kid, Lil' Mama. Her "Lip Gloss" is the best raw nugget of sweet beat-slammin' fun to kick it after-school in ages...

So, imagine my glee to discover there's a new remix of "Umbrella" which features some vocals and help by Lil' Mama herself. It's all over the internet, and with good reason. Lil' Mama's frantic, crunky rap intro (she pretty much just replaces Jay-Z) perfectly kicks up the energy on this tune. It's crazy... and by the time you get just over halfway through the tune, you'll get more rappin' from Lil Mama, which is amazing. There's a line about a "Magic School Bus" which is nuts and then... "You better look out your window, because them haters' coming down outside!" Helleaux!

But the best comes when Lil' Mama just goes off during the bridge, with some lines that culminate with her spelling her own name when the chorus comes: "Press button, shoulders up, over us, cover us, boy you rockin' with the best... It's L-I, L-M A-M-A under my umberrrrella!"

Trust. You just have to hear it.

Kelly Clarkson's "Never Again" Video: Are We Feeling It?

Kelly Clarkson gets grabby (and ghostly) with a shirtless ex for "Never Again." Woo-hoo!

Now that Kelly Clarkson’s gotten the blonde hair out of her system (still waiting on Lindsay), we can all get on with our lives - or at least I can. And now that her new single and video, “Never Again,” is out, according to her, the rest of the world has a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Well, sort of.

Kelly posted on her official website: “I know this has been torture for you, waiting, and I hope you like the album. The album is the story of my life (intense, up and down). This is my favorite album I've done so far. It has some killer rock songs, and some fun soul tracks, and a few slower, intimate songs, and it's all me! The album will be dropping this summer (finally), and I'll be touring this summer too. I'm having a great day and as you can tell, I'm so excited today! THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT!!! WOO-HOO!!!"

Wow, Kelly. She deservedly registered pretty high on US Weekly’s Hollywood Ego-Meter for that. But I guess this post was meant for people who actually pay money to be a member of I’m just kidding; I do love Kelly.

Here's the "Never Again" video. After the jump, a full discussion of its merits (and other stuff, too).

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The Happy Return of Imperial Teen


Happy San Franciso/L.A. rock-n-roll news! The males and females of the queer-tastic late-90s/early-00s quartet Imperial Teen are making waves and saying that they've got new tunes coming out later this year! Woo-hoo! (Or, I should say "Yoo-Hoo!" which was one of their older tunes...)

The album will be called The Hair, the TV, the Baby and the Band which is a reference to all the stuff that the foursome (based both in Northern and Southern Cali) have been up to individually in the last five years since their 2002 release of On. For one, former Faith No More and Imperial Teenster Roddy Bottum has been making music for TV and movies, and spritely Will Schwartz has been keeping pretty busy with his off-shoot band, Hey Willpower. Meanwhile, the woman of the band have been otherwise engaged, too. Lynn Perko had a kid and Jone Stebbins has been running a hair salon--busy, busy, busy... Pitchfork has details about all of it, and you can get more on blog postings on the band's MySpace page.

The new release will be coming out from the nice folks at Merge Records, and it's due on August 24th. Here's hoping the Teen will be touring some this summer... No tunes to hear yet, but you can keep up with them via Roddy's MySpace blogging...

To amuse you right this second, here's a YouTube clip of the band's tune "Our Time" from the album On. It's by director Cam Archer (the dude who make Wild Tigers I Have Known) and features a cute skinny guy rockin' out and trying on clothes. And lipstick. Sweet!

Charlie's Angels In Five Minutes? Classic TV Gets Concentrated!


Sure, you love seeing old episodes of Charlie's Angels or Starsky & Hutch on TV, but frankly, they do tend to drag... Right? Worry no more, oh ye of the super-short attention span. Turns out the big-wigs at Sony TV (which owns scads of old shows like Charlie's Angels, T.J. Hooker, Starsky & Hutch and so on), are chopping the old episodes down to their bare essentials, turning them into three- to five-minute "minisodes." Sony then has plans to feed you these punchy snippets via MySpace in June, and later they'll live on their own Internet channel, to be called (what else?) the Minisode Network.

Here are how the chopped-down minisodes work for the viewer, as Sony's Steve Mosko tells The New York Times:

“ Charlie's Angels, they have a meeting, Charlie’s on the intercom telling them what the assignment is, there’s a couple of fights, and then a chase, and they catch the bad guy. Then they’re back home wrapping it up.”

And narrative shows aren't the only things getting pared down. Old talk shows can get the treatment, too. Says Mosko: "Sony is even making a mini-version of Ricki Lake, one of its syndicated talk shows. 'It’s great,' Mr. Mosko said. 'The people get introduced, there’s a big fight, then they come together, and cry and hug. You get everything in five minutes.'"

Basically, putting these out there are a way to make new money off of old TV content that companies like Sony already owns, and which folks are familiar with and have an affinity for. And yep, due to those miserly TV contracts of yore, you can expect that Farrah won't be getting any new residuals for her classic gun-toting turns as Jill Munroe. But I bet she'll still look fierce on that skateboard.

Rosie's Already Got Offers! Turned Down ABC's $10 Million!

Rosie O'Donnell onstage in NYC last night with cute "Spring Awakening" cast member, John Gallagher Jr., leading a panel about teen sexuality. Also on hand were cast from "Degrassi."

Rosie O'Donnell may not be offering specifics on her next TV gig, but reports say that NBC and CBS are ponying up big money, trying to woo the merrily mouthy star to do a daytime talk show to rival The View, or so says this guy over at Fox News. Meanwhile, other reports say that Rosie turned down $10 million that ABC offered to stay on The View.

Meanwhile, buzz suggests that Roseanne Barr has been approached to take over Rosie's View seat. Not likely, says the Fox News guy, but Roseanne herself has praised Rosie for serving up hard talk in a talk medium used to cookie-cutter "trophy wife" types who offer diet tipes and showbiz gossip.

Anyway, today The View features guest host Ricki Lake. Who's like a younger Rosie, but less political and less caustic. And no matter who takes Ro's spot on The View, it's bound to be less interesting.

Keep us posted, Ro!

Good Morning from Dame Edna & Sophie!

Sit back, Coco. This is gonna get real.

In case you're moving a bit slowly this morning (though it is a lovely day out), this might perk you up. It's a splendid duet featuring Dame Edna and British pop princess Sophie Ellis-Bextor (who I wrote about last week) delivering a punchy rendition of "Fame" that would put Irene Cara into rehab (or at least have her shaving her head).

Not sure why Sophie is kind of sluggish here, though. What's more fun than sharing a song with a large lavender-haired TV legend wearing a blue feathered fur throw?

Coachella Photo Madness!

And these aren't even the rock stars! Just some fun-lovin' women and Johnny Knoxville hitting the hot California desert for this past weekend's Coachella music-palooza!

I wasn't able to attend the big Coachella music fest which tore up the Indio/Palm Springs, CA desert area this past weekend, but that doesn't mean I don't have lots of photos from the big musical shindig. If you want to get the scoop on what when down and get fun show reviews, I'd say go to Arjanwrites (for a cool gay perspective) and Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan.

But for a million pics (okay, like 20-something), just keep clickin' on here!

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Gay Hobbit Marriage Now!

Why would anyone want to deny Hobbit love? Look how happy these little fellows are...

I'm moving offices for a bit today, so I'm just going to send you to this item from the astute folks over at AfterElton, for the time being! Turns out in a new Lord of the Rings video game, there was an option for players to marry their characters within the game, but when the creators realized that folks might be able to perform same-sex weddings within the LOTR game-land, the entire marriage option was nixed. You can check out the full story here.

Wha...? Surely Gandolf never wanted it to be like this! Will Sam and Frodo never be able to make their love legit? Who knew the Shire was in a Red State?

Check out the whole story. And til then, enjoy these lovely video tributes to the Hobbit-love that dare not speak its name...

Wouldn't they all make a smart and sassy wedding party???

Mr. Broadway: Gayest Pageant Ever?


This coming Monday night, NYC is going to see a fun little contest that just make for the cutest and gayest beauty pageant ever. Turns out that a bunch of boys who are all appearing in Broadway shows are going to take the stage (on their night off) and compete to win the title of Mr. Broadway. The guys competing are high-stepping lads from shows like Mary Poppins, A Chorus Line, Tarzan, Mamma Mia! and so on.

Yep, there are different areas they'll compete in (including a swimsuit competition) and you know they'll be singing and dancing like crazy. Plus, all the lads competing are so squeaky clean and perky it's kind of nuts. Get full details here!

You can learn more in this CBS News on Logo clip below (the Mr. Broadway segment follows the SoulForce news bit)...

There's more footage that Jason Bellini shot with the Mr. Broadway boys on his vlog. And even better, all of the money that the Mr. Broadway shindig raises will be donated to the Ali Forney Center, an NYC organization that provides housing for LGBT homeless youth.

So, show them support and attend this Monday. It's bound to be a hoot.

Rufus Wainwright: Video Premiere Tonight, Tour Underway, Movie News & "San Souci" Clip

Rufus: Shot at MTV/Logo studios last week.

Rufus Wainwright is going to town! Meaning, he's busy and all over the media right now. He's begun touring the U.S. doing shows for his new album, Release the Stars. He kicked off this current batch of shows this week with Seattle and then San Francisco, and by all reports, it was pretty fantastic. This weekend he does Coachella, which you can watch live on AT&T's BlueRoom site, if you're unable to hit the California desert yourself.

And tonight at 8pm, he's gonna be all up in Logo's grill when the "Making Of" special for his "Going to a Town" video airs on the channel, accompanied by the world broadcast premiere of the video. Cool, right?

Here's a little preview:

More on Rufus and a pirate video of him doing the tune "San Souci" from Release the Stars after the jump!

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TRIBECA FILM FEST: Alexis Arquette's Family Film

Alexis Arquette flanked by her film's director Matthew Barbato and producer Nikki Parrott; and at the Dirt TV premiere earlier this year with his brother David and sister Patricia.

Yesterday was a newsworthy day for transgender Americans. Mike Penner, a sports writer for the L.A. Times announced he's taking a leave of absence, only to come back in a few weeks as Christine Daniels. Read Penner's awesome editorial. It's a very cool, brave and eloquent statement by another amazing individual being true to themselves, in the face of a world who doesn't always get it. Congratulations, Christine! Hurry back!

Meanwhile, yesterday in NYC, on the first day of the Tribeca Film Festival, I saw one of festival's first offerings, a documentary about transgender actor/performer/party girl Alexis Arquette. The film is Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother, and chronicles Arquette's journey over the last few years to transition from male to female. Arquette, an indie film actor and sibling to Rosanna, Patricia, David and Richmond, was for yearsknown around L.A. as a party fixture, a drag queen, a club performer in addition to starring in films like Pulp Fiction, Grief, Wigstock, The Wedding Singer, I Think I Do and Last Exit to Brooklyn. And while, back then, Alexis was always an outspoken, openly gay actor, most people weren't aware that he always knew he was truly more female than male. As Arquette herself put it today at a post-screening press conference, "I was out of the closet [as gay], but I was still in the closet, too."

Lots more Alexis and film dish after the jump!

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Rihanna's "Umbrella" Video: Let's Get Soaking Wet!

Rihanna: "It's raining, men."

Bust out your ballet shoes and your galoshes, 'cuz Rihanna's on point in her new video for the "ella, ella, ella"-fabulous tune "Umbrella." Yep, the new Cover Girl spokesmodel splashes around, gets wet, pulls some balletic poses (which you gotta presume was partially filmed by a stunt dancer, since we don't see Rihanna's head in the tippy-toe scenes). Regardless, it's still pretty sweet. My fave part? The ending, when it rains sparks and stuff.

Just 'cuz... More rainy clips after the jump!

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Lil' Kim Raps Back! W/Diddy, Keyshia Cole & Co.


I don't know how you feel about Diddy (some folks dig him; some folks loathe him) but he's got a new single which features some prominent rhymes--including Lil' Kim's first post-prison rap!!! And that's kind of reason to celebrate. The tune, "Last Night," is floating around the Net (and it's on Diddy's MySpace page; and you can download it here), and it swipes the beat of Prince's dirty classic "Erotic City." The song also features singing by Keisha Coles and, annoyingly, some input from Busta Rhymes (who I'm not really a fan of).

Kim kicks it off with a hot bit like this: "Just left the club in ATL/ Message on my Blackberry and my cell," she raps. "Go outside check the voicemail/ N---a said, 'I'm mad as hell'/ When I was locked up you ain't visit me/ Nope, not one letter sent to me/ You was in the streets playing P.I.M.P." Nothing like a no-good man to get some beats going...

Cheers, Kim. Welcome back!

New High-Flying Harry Potter Trailer!

Poof! It's the new Harry Potter trailer.

It's Voldemortifying! It's Harrylicious! It's Hermionious!

What it is is the new 2-minute-plus trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And no Harry's not naked. For that, you gotta go to London. But he is looking more grown-up and kinda toned. At least in this pic below, anyway. Check the trailer above. Harry's ready to form a teen wizard army! And fans are all a-twitter about it!

Hoodie Potter!

Mrs. McGreevey Does Oprah, Kept Sleeping With "Gay American" Hubby

Dina Matos McGreevey's unhappy tale; and the former First Couple of New Jersey back when they were clueless and, er, happy?

There’s no way this whole Jim McGreevey vs. Dina Matos McGreevey divorce/custody battle mess can be done nicely. This past week Mrs. McG has claimed that the former NJ Gov has nudie male art posters in his bedroom, and that that is a bad thing. And Mr. McG claimed his wife knew he was gay and married him anyway. And they both have books out about it. Urf...

Today, the NY Post says that while taping an appearance on Oprah, Dina Matos McGreevey (who’s on the show plugging her book, Silent Partner) explains that even after McGreevey made his “I am a gay American” speech and came out, the couple shared a bed for months. And weirdly, she seems put off that he wasn’t frisky in the sack anymore? Ummm... Wha?

More McGreevey messiness after the jump!

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With a Name Like "Sissy Wish"...

Blow out your candles and make a Sissy Wish! Siri (above) will help you!

I stumbled across this blissful bit of Norwegian pop online (via a tip on FluxBlog) and what a sparkly, refreshing afternoon pick-me-up! Sissy Wish is the buoyant pop act brain-child of singer Siri Wålberg, and it's delightful. It's like electro (circa Stereolab) meets pop, wearing a cute pink sweater and green sneaks. The single "Float" begins with a basic enough groove, but a minute or two into it the whole thing rises up with a roll-the-car-windows-down, happily melodic zing that's darn near irresistible.

Watch a docu-video from cute Sissy Wish below (which includes some endearingly dorky dancing). And get more peppy, perky Scandinavian pop after the jump!

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Best Theater Ever! FROST/NIXON


Okay, maybe that's overstating things, but I did get to see the new British stage import, Frost/Nixon last night, and it's one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen in a long time. It's very smart, very wry and funny, and brilliantly acted. And it's 70s-tastic! Plus you might even learn something watching it... And yep, it's scoring really good reviews all over.

More on this shag-a-delic production after the jump!

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Rosie to "View": I'm Outta Here!

Rosie's View bubble burst. Meaning she's just not renewing her contract and leaving the show full-time in June. How will Elisabeth cope? Oh, the drama...

Rosie O'Donnell's leaving The View. Or as Rosie just put it on the show, "I'm not going away... I'm just not going to be here everyday." (Watch a video clip here.) Basically, it seemed that her agents and the folks at ABC couldn't agree on a contract for another year so... Rosie did say that she'll return as a guest host and she'll do hour-long segments for ABC about autism and depression and other topics she likes. But as of the end of June she won't show up to "do the everyday thing," as she put it.

Barbara Walters joked on the show that maybe Dick Cheney was the one negotiating on ABC's behalf for Rosie's contract; but she also expressed her sadness and said she wished Ro could stay. And Joy and Elisabeth chimed in, too. And as much as Rosie and Ms. Hasselbeck have sparred over political issues this past year, I think the two actually do like each other, in a sort of big sister/kid sister way.

And yes, there are already delusional, ranty, self-aggrandizing comments from Herr Trump taking credit for all of this. But I will miss Rosie on the show. I liked that she was a big loud, out, lefty presence. Sure, she's usually less than eloquent and often daffy and a blow-hard and knee-jerky in her take on things, but she kept the show, er... interesting. Maybe Rosie will post some haikiu-tastic message on her blog about all of this later today.

And surprisingly, Rosie's announcement on the show didn't go anything like this clip below... It was more low-key. More's the pity.

Ellen's Coming Out All Over Again!

Blogonly_ellen_timecover_2 Oxygen TV is celebrating the fact that Ellen DeGeneres came out on her sitcom (and in real life) ten years ago. Yep, she was gay... Remember? Time Magazine and the media firestorm and all that? Oxygen is giving Ms. D props and having an all "Ellen" marathon on Monday, April 30th from 8am til 2pm. That's ten years to the day that "The Puppy" episode aired and Ellen Morgan proclaimed her gayness and her love for Laura Dern to an entire airport and an entire planet.

Oxygen will air the one-hour "The Puppy" episode at 1pm during the marathon, and I've gotta say, it holds up as one of the best TV episodes, like, ever. Watch clips of it below.

In the first clip below (these are long; be warned) Ellen meets her old pal (Who's actually Henry from The L Word! He's not got a great track record with women.) then they're joined by Susan (Laura Dern), then Susan thinks Ellen's gay, and then Oprah shows up! And Ellen smokes in bed!

And next comes the big airport scene. It's pretty fantastic, still. But watch out for that microphone. And wait for Melissa Etheridge and the toaster oven to show up at the end. Classic!

Ahhh... Memories. And can't Audrey come back with her own show? I miss her.

Big Gay Sketch Show Premieres Tonight


Lots of stuff online today (and on The View and in the papers) about tonight's debut of Logo's Big Gay Sketch Show (at 10pm EST time on Logo). You can watch the entire first episode over on AfterElton, and lots of cast interviews here... But I just thought I'd post one of my favorite sketches from the show here. Ready for "Tranny Poppins?"

Enjoy, Beeyotches!!!

And after the jump, some pics of the BGSS cast at a promo-party at NYC's Therapy bar this past Sunday. They're, like, cute and fluffy in person, too!

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Noah's Arc Season 2 DVD: Coming June 12!!!

Pull up a sofa and get ready for de-ga-ga! Noah's Arc Season 2 is coming.

Hallelujah and pass the popcorn!

Fans of Noah's Arc can get celebratory as a date for the DVD release of Season 2 of the series has finally been announced. Yep, the 8-episode season (complete with Ricky gettin' it on, Noah and Wade all over the place, super-cutie Dre , scheming Guy making trouble, Trey's big calendar shoot showing some skin, Rockmond Dunbar's cameo, uber-hottie Quincy mixing things up and so on...) will hit store shelves on June 12th. All of the drama and dishy doings will be yours to own and cherish, like forever.

An official press release went out today from Logo world HQ, which also said that the DVD of Season 2 will feature tons of behind-the-scenes stuff, including "special digisodes, extended episodes, commentary tracks, behind-the-scenes features including the Noah guys at the gym, deleted scenes and special photo features." To get primed, you can watch some of this stuff online already!

And you can watch a Season 2 online exclusive, in which Noah & Wade have one of their classic "should we or shouldn't we?" chats. In bed.

After the jump, more details, some Ricky "sex" video, and a few more Noah's pics to get you in the mood...

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Sophie Ellis Bextor's "Imagination"

Elegant and sassy Sophie Ellis Bextor is bringin' it back with more dancey pop. Yep, the gays in London love her; she chatted them up in the gay rag, Boyz.

I’ve worshipped Brit pop-fox Sophie Ellis-Bextor for years now. Her infectious 2002 hit “Murder On the Dance Floor” is one of the best twirly/grooveworthy tunes ever. And now the video for the second single from Soph's forthcoming album, Trip the Light Fantastic, found its way out on to the web this past week. The song, "Me and My Imagination," is a worthy follow-up to the ultra-catchy debut single, "Catch You."

Check out a remix of the new single after the jump.

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Pete Wentz Wants to Get You Drunk


Actually, the frisky, gay-friendly Fall Out Boy puppy wants you to know that he and some other musical buds (including members of Gym Glass Heroes, Cobra Starship and The Academy Is...) are planning to open a bar in NYC's East Village. The joint formerly known as the Orchard Bar (East 11th St. & Avenue A) is due to repopen in a week, newly christened as Angels & Kings (which will known to kids in the know as "AK-47").

NY Mag chatted up Wentz about it... And it doesn't sound awful. My favorite point he mentions: "Dudes can use the chicks’ bathroom and vice versa..." Sounds trans friendly, eh?

And he also wants to follow in the footsteps of Andy Warhol. And a cartoon baddie! He sez: "We’re not trying to make a pile of cash and have this place that’s written up everywhere —it’s just a cool idea. This communal thing, it’s a lost narrative in pop culture. You don’t have anything like the Factory anymore, and where people can come together and talk and get wasted. I want it to be like Shredder’s hangout in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2."

Cute. So when's gay night?

Tori Amos Discusses Her Endowment, Panty-less Starlets and More!


Tori Amos is promoting her forthcoming album, American Doll Posse, all over the place. Including The Netherlands, where this interview hails from. Be warned: Amos says some naughty things, which are kind of random and hilarious. Yep, she's still as outspoken and sharp as ever. And you gotta love the Dutch for putting it all up on-air so matter-of-factly.

Meanwhile, you can go here and watch Tori's low-budget video for her single "Big Wheel." And I'm with all the other folks out there... Of her different American Doll looks, I'm loving her martini-toting Helen Mirren drag the best. Very "M.I.L.F" (as she puts it) indeed.

Queen it up!

Rufus Wainwright Interview: Queens Rule!

Rufus Wainwright: He's got a new album, a new single, a new video, a nice boyfriend, and "behind-the-scenes" special this Friday on Logo.

Hey, art moppets! It’s time for another album by Rufus Wainwright. And it’s a good one. Release the Stars is its name, and while Wainwright evidently intended for this to be his pared-down, less orchestral, bare-bones, “just me and a piano” kind of record, once he arrived in Berlin to record it, it turns out the openly gay, witty and Wildean crooner got caught up in the romance of Old Europe, opera, palaces, lederhosen, and love. (Succinctly put, he met a nice German fellow and the two now live together.) The result is a wry and rich collection of articulate ballads, punchy up-tempo songs and even a musical valentine to Killers’ lead singer Brandon Flowers (the tune “Tulsa”), after he and Wainwright met in an Oklahoma bar.

And it’s got a slightly political-ish lead single, “Going to a Town” which begins:

I’m going to a town that has already been burned down
I’m going to place that has already been disgraced
I’m going to see some folks who have already been let down
I’m so tired of America

The song is a languid, lovely, luxe, and lacerating take on current events from an aesthete who takes the sorry plight of international affairs very personally. The song’s protagonist comes across as a petulant artiste, moping about how unpleasant and dreary the world has become—for him. It’s beautiful and melodic, decadent and satirical, much like Wainwright himself.

This coming Friday (April 27th), the archly decorous video for “Going to a Town” has a world broadcast premiere on Logo, as part of a 30-minute “Making the Video” special, which will air at 8pm EST time, which will surely delight any and all Rufus-philes. He he'll also be hosting Logo's NewNowNext music video show, airing on Sunday, April 29th at midnight, and he'll be talking about music and new projects and his life and more fun stuff.

Wainwright is already touring for Release the Stars, and he’s still got one more show of his big Judy Garland tribute series to knock off, which he’ll do at the Hollywood Bowl in September.

I talked to Rufus last Wednesday when he was at Logo doing press and promos for all of this stuff (you can read another dishy take on this at AfterElton, like, now). Tonight and tomorrow, Rufus appears in Seattle, Wednesday he’s in San Francisco and this weekend he’ll be onstage at the big Coachella music fest in Indio, CA. Check his site find out where you can catch up with him soon.


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Spring Fashion Top Five: Matt Bell

Beaches, flowers, beer, hammocks...

Today brings the week's final Spring Fashion Top Five tips, and today they come from NYC's own fashion PR dude/man about town, Matt Bell.

The lovely Mr. Bell is formerly the Senior Editor at GENRE Magazine and currently an Account Executive at fashion PR company MAO PR. Matt thinks a guy looks his hottest when he's not trying too hard: "It's about incorporating something current or chic into an outfit in a way that doesn't look too trendy or gawdy (unless you're a drag queen, then you go girl!)." Aside from fashion, Matt's other favorite things include kayaking, Modest Mouse, reading and hammocks.

Matt Bell: An expert on summer. And style.

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This Sunday: A Big Gay Sketchy Party

Just FYI: Logo's new comedy series, The Big Gay Sketch Show hits the airwaves this coming Tuesday (April 24th). Which is a good thing (at least according to some homo-riffic articles out there about it...).

If you’re in NYC, you can come whoop it up with the cast this coming Sunday night, April 22nd, at the midtown bar Therapy from 10pm on. Sunday is their weekly comedy night, and this time around they’ll be showing some clips from the Big Gay Sketch Show and the cast members of the show will be in the house, too. They’re all pretty fab, and New Yorkers may know local celebutante/party-meister Jonny McGovern; he’s on the show and he’s great. But they’re all great, frankly. Come drink and get sassy with ’em!

Get more pics and saucy video after the jump!

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Scissor Sisters New Video: "Kiss You Off"

You might have seen some pics online this past week, giving you a behind the scenes peek at the new Scissor Sisters' video, "Kiss You Off." Now you can watch the full on video, like, now.

More photos and video shoot info after the jump!

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Spring Fashion Top Five: The Seventh Heart

With spring comes yellow flowers. And sailors!

I’m feeling kind of West Coast today, and it’s not just because I’m listening to stuff like this or this or this...

It’s because today’s spring fashion head’s up is coming fresh out of San Francisco from Jess Cuevas the supercool lesbian calling the shots and curating the looks at The Seventh Heart in SoMa...

Friends from out west: Jess from The Seventh Heart; a bridge.

As Jess puts it: The Seventh Heart offers clothing for men and women. We carry Levi's Red Tab, Cheap Monday, some of our graphic t-shirts are by Heavy Rotation, Kindred Clothiers, basics by American Apparel and Alternative. Jewelry and accessories by Alex and Chloe and Horseface. We specialize in clothing and looks that you don't have to max out all your credit cards to afford.

For Jess' spring pics fresh from SF: Jump!

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NYC Women "Go!" For a Big Party

Heather Matarazzo and comedian Julie Goldman grace the Go! NYC Magazine bash with their coolness.

Last night in NYC, the city's preeminent lesbian magazine, Go! NYC, the monthly guide to all that's queer and kickin', hosted an award show/big party at Bowery Bar. Not sure who won what award (as my correspondent told me, after a few drinks it didn't seem to matter), but the event drew a veritable who's-who of the women who are rockin' lesbian pop culture right this very second.

Cruise through these pics to see what I mean... Cheers!!!!

More foxy photos after the jump. Really!

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Freddie Mercury Lives! Sort of...

"Galileo! Galileo!" Party on, Queen.

Nothing says "Happy Thursday!" better than same classic rock from Queen, so says I. So click on the video above to get a dose of classic "Bohemian Rhapsody" goodness. And if you really dig the late, great, amazing and saucy Freddie Mercury (who was pretty much the most flamboyant, wildly gay, over-the-top, mustached and hairy chested rock-n-roll front man ever), Logo's got a new documentary about his life that you'll want to see.

Click below for more hairy Freddie Mercury awesomeness.

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Spring Fashion Top Five: Oak!

Doggies and city flowers = Spring!

Today’s installment of what you might be wearing this spring/summer comes from Jeff and Louis, the guys behind the very cool upscale and hipster-tastic clothing boutique, Oak, providing clothing for men and women in Brooklyn, NYC. There are two Oak stores (Park Slope and Williamsburg) and they’re both a haven of what forward-thinking, killer togs you should be wearing now.

Here what they’re thinking you might wanna put on this spring...

This sweater is soooo YOU.

1. Thick-collared cardigan.
Because spring can still be chilly (just go outside, if you don’t believe me), you might wanna rock this before any heat waves set in. Caste’s handsome cardigan runs about $172. You can live in it, practically.

For more of Oak's Top Five spring fashion-y advice, click below!

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Out's "Glass Closet" Open for Mika?

200x300_mika0407 You all heard about Out Magazine's big gay cover story for their May issue, that features a cover story that sort of outs Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster? Yep, those tough customers at Out just aren't about to allow any celebs to remain in the closet who are really gay, but don't want to state it officially.

But then I heard in an off-handed way from someone behind the scenes that Out has conducted a cover story interview with rising pop star Mika (left) for an upcoming issue. Maybe that was the photo shoot that delayed Mika's in-store gig at the Borders here in NYC a couple of weeks ago (as reported by Queerty)?

As folks who've followed Mika know, the up-and-coming singer has heretofore been unwilling to openly declare his sexuality. He's even gotten death threats about his refusal to do so (which seems rather insane).

So, is Out putting him on the cover anyway? Are they promoting him and interviewing him even if he's not willing to discuss his sexuality? Or has Mika perhaps decided to talk frankly about his sex stuff in Out? Or maybe this is all a bunch of rumor and poppycock?

Guess we'll have to wait and see...

MTV Canada's Gay Kiss: "Snickers Who?"

"Dude, does my mouth feel dry to you?"

Leave it to those plucky folks at MTV Canada to raise the stakes in the gay-kiss taboo that was launched (lamely) by Snickers during their Super Bowl ad. Check out this video/commercial, which is... er, quite homoerotic. And strange. And naughty. And yep... There's a twist at the end.

The ad is supposedly meant to warn young lads about the perils of pot-smoking. Although, depending on what gets you going, it might actually promote some reefer toking...

Click thru here to see the full-on tongue-tangling commercial (via AdAge).

Anybody else got the munchies?

Bloc Party Covers Nelly Furtado "Right"

Kele and his Bloc Party playmates take on punchy Nelly Furtado... Pow!

Those cheeky Bloc Party lads may be the indie rock darlings of the millennium (or something like that) but they also love a good pop song. Witness this cover they cranked out during a UK radio interview, in which they serve up a glum yet sparkling version of Nelly Furtado's nugget "Say It Right." You can her their spare take on the tune here.

In other Bloc-Pop-Party news, evidently the band's lead singer, Kele Okereke, is also spreading rumors that Britney's new music is life-changing (or maybe he's just jerking the Klaxons around) and he's jonesing to work with Timbaland. Or maybe he just wants to get close to JT...

Spring Fashion Top Five: Kim Ann Foxman

Pretty blooms and the primary colors of the Klaxons come with springtime...

Today’s fashion expert and cool kid offering up her Top Five style picks for this spring/summer is Kim Ann Foxman. A super stylish NYC lesbian jewelry designer/style-meister who’s had her work seen in magazines like Nylon, Nylon Guys, Paper, XLR8R and others, and her wares sold in cool/arty/hip stores like Opening Ceremony and Oak in NYC, Base in Miami and Silverman Gallery in San Francisco.

Kim Ann Foxman on the streets of Paris. Oh la la...

Or as she puts it: "i am a jewelry designer, dj, and u may hear me singing a song on a project called hercules and love affair. I am a faggy lesbian who likes dance music, being a dork and traveling. my fashion is inspired by stylish gay boys i know that rub off on me. Here are my picks for both boys and girls:

Clockwise: Up top, two pattern-crazy looks from Alexander Herchcovitch; Oak's oversize safari tee; and April77's patterned skinny jeans. Rar!

1. Pattern prints on shirts and pants
Patterns can range from ethnic patterns to geometric shapes. Opening Ceremony carries Amapo, a Brazilian lesbian designer who makes cool clothes and Alexander Herchovitch, who throws together cool colors and patterns. Oak NYC also has these great oversized safari t-shirts. Crazy patterns are hot because they show that you are confident and just don't care.

Bright color up top and down below are the deal, yo.

2. Monochrome outfits, specifically bright colors.
Wear purple pants with a purple shirt or blue pants with a blue shirt. Cheap Monday, April 77 of Paris, and American Apparel make bright colored pants and shirts. Monochrome outfits will be hot this summer b/c they are simple but bold.

These bright jeans from April 77 can work for you, too.

Kim Ann Foxman's jewelry brings street style and foxy flash; which looks good on your skin.

3. Duh... Foxman jewels
Time for my plug... Foxman jewels are totally unisex, can be personalized, and you never have to take them off. Check out the gold and silver shields. Everyone needs some bling for their wardrobes. You can find them at Oak, Opening Ceremony, C. Ronson, and

Take it to summer school in this elementary stompers.

4. Oxford style shoes
Girl or boy, old or new, shiny or not. It all works. You can find them anywhere.

Pleat Mister, Pleat. Yep, pleated shorts are back this summer.

5. Pleated shorts
Top Shop and Top Man carry inexpensive black or plaid pleated shorts. Wear them baggy -- or not. You can order online until the store opens in New York City. Check out Barneys or Marc Jacobs if you want to spend a little more.

Kim Ann sez: Au bientot!

GLAAD Media Awards: Women On Top

Going Nowhere: South of Nowhere's Mandy Musgrave, Maeve Quinlan and Valerie Ortiz chat up the press folks.

The GLAAD Media Awards in L.A. this past weekend, featured lots of gay guys—Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, John Amaechi, T.R. Knight, Wilson Cruz, Eduardo Xol, Reichen and his new squeeze...

But there were some supercool women on hand. And some of them were even gay... Okay, maybe only a few of them, but here’s a peek at some of the female power that was on display at the big GLAAD wing-ding.

I snapped this pic of Sarah Paulson right as she entered the press/VIP/red-carpet area. She was nice and posed, but I felt like she was thinking, “Er, who is this clown?” And I had to refrain from gushing something stupid like, “I think you and Cherry Jones are the most amazing couple, ever!”

And of course, this little pic of Martina I ran yesterday...

Onstage Sarah Paulson and Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under, Brothers & Sisters) made a striking couple... When one female fan screamed out “I love you!” Rachel answered, “Call me later...”

Rebecca Romijn and Eva Mendes were flirty too, and made for a hot-looking pair. Eva seems transfixed by Rebecca’s chest. Who wouldn’t be?

Laurel Holloman, Rachel Shelley and Marlee Matlin were on hand representing The L Word. They were a tight unit hitting the red carpet and seemed to be having a blast together. It seems obvious that the women on this show really having fun working (and playing ) together. Helena (Rachel, but hey... Helena Peabody’s so totally iconic how can I call her anything else?) was wearing this long, gorgeous amazing dress with a very long train, that her costars kept stepping on, resulting in lots of fabulous gawky, funny, stumbling moments. They were classic Helena pratfalls. I love her! And I love how the sign for the restroom is in this pic. I was hoping they'd bust into some amazing L-Word-tastic cover of of "Meeting in the Ladies Room" by Klymaxx. Alas, that didn't happen. (Maybe that tune should become the new L-Word theme song?)

Wait! There were other real-life lesbians on hand... The stars of Logo’s totally scorching reality show, Curl Girls, about a crew of women who are friends, lovers and surfers. It debuts in June. Here are two of them... (from left) Vanessa Craig and Gingi Medina. I’m digging them already!